Is it feasible for a 27 year old to find a 18 year old gf...

Is it feasible for a 27 year old to find a 18 year old gf? I never did anything with girls and I don't trust single 27 year old females.

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Yes, a lot of young women date up.

Yes, but not if you're 27 and still a social retard or poor (like me).

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Why not try looking for a girl, regardless of age, and see what you find?

Not at all, unless you hit at least 6 of these:
>decently fit
>full head of hair
>good looking face
>somewhat outgoing
>can laugh at himself
>not social retard
>has job
>has car
>has his own place
Basically, if you are not "daddy" material, girls that age will give you even less chances than a guy their age

+18 and above only. Have you seen the hysteria on the news lately. Paranoia is rampant.

>thinking 18yo girl will be pure and kinder than a worthwhile woman your age

You can date down but you're in for a bad time. I wouldn't recommend it based on a few friends who date that far down agewise.

has is right. A girl that age who dates up is looking for a caretaker/wallet/accessory, not a lover, and will wring you dry of your worth even if they are pretty nice otherwise. They're kids compared to a 27yo, what can you expect.

For sure it's possible, but they're most likely going to be girls in a slutty phase fucking everyone who shows interest in them and who find it hot for an older guy to be into them.

This guy get it. You have to have the daddy vibe, and it actually should be pretty simple at your age if you aren't a total mess.

Not only is it feasible but it's actually pretty easy once you get rid of all other criteria.
If you think that as an anime nerd that you will find an 18 year old anime nerd then you are retarded.
Protip: Girls who date up aren't doing it because they can't find someone their own age.

Yea mon

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Yes tinder. I met my then 18 year old girlfriend on it when I was 26.

Bro, not worth it. They are a fucking handful and come with their own score of problems.
I'm 30, and my ex was 19. It was always a mess to deal with, mostly because she wasn't experienced when it came to dealing with actual life and its issues.
Any stable 18 yo, likely wouldn't be dating much older than 2 or 4 years older.

They are a pretty to look at, their skin still soft and smooth. They smell pleasant even they they think they stink. Physically a godsend, mentally a fucking mess.
A beautiful disaster.

You can try to find one, but as mention above you need to have something of much bigger value, they they have to just damaged enough.

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Nothing wrong with that age difference.
Just keep in mind that in case you think she's going to be more pure than 27 year old, you are wrong, at 18 she probably had around 10 cocks inside of her

I had only 3 of these when I met my gf who was 17 when I was 26. She's really cute, takes care of herself, loving and is a great cook and baker. I helped her with some stuff like getting her license and doing her taxes but that was because I wanted to. She's really nurturing and one of the best women I know. We've been together for 4 years now. I wouldn't do it if you're both American though. My family are Asian immigrants and so were hers but she was born here.

the normie rule of thumb is half your age plus 7 years is the lowest age. you will be called creepy below that. however if she is legal and youre ok with the hate then do it

Absolutely not. 18 year olds are attracted to 27 year old males because they're mature and have experience.

A 27 year old without any experience is worse than an 18 year old. You're immature for your age. The fact that you don't "trust" single 27 year olds proves that.

The rule of thumb is half your age +7, in your case 20.5.
That said it's a rule of thumb and not a law, however you should be more concerned about telling yourself that you with your lacking social skills can be attractive to an 18yo girl.
Women your own age are more feasible, if they are happy to date you then your being a virgin won't matter to them, they will think it's good that they can shape your expectations etc.

absolutely! I started dating my long time boyfriend at 17 when he was 25 (legal in my country) I was never able to relate to teenagers. For the first couple years I had to keep it on the low but now everyone knows + I’m sure I’ll marry him

Colleges. Go for a class and get pucci

As someone that finished high school last year, I would trust 18 year old girls even less than older ones.
Do you know how many of those girls have been on Tinder for at least a year before they're even legal?
I'd say 50% of the girls in my graduating class were on Tinder and actively seeking hook ups with older guys at 17.
You're fucking crazy if you want to try dating them as an older guy thinking you're going to be anything but a sugar daddy while they look to trade up.

Point is that I was stuck in my own world a bit. Now I'm slowly crawling out and actually "feeling" other people and it's fucking painful.

I can't drive due to nervousness issues.

27 I tried to get out with a 20 years old because she felt quite mature and responsible (I.E. not an 18 years old)
It tanked though. I either fucked it up or she wasn't really interested in me and just wanted to fuck
I'm not really a catch too
>not ugly
>not balding
>no job
>no money
>live with my parents
>not really socially outgoing
>I guess I'm kinda mysterious and relatively cultivated
I'm still salty cuz she was really beautiful she had an ASS like that and a gigantic pair of bonkers
And on top of that I liked talking to her
I'm sad it didnt pan out

you are nothing more that a closet pedo. get help!

Possible, of course, but it comes with its own risks. Not all young women are into older men and those who are often have a romantic idea of a confident, mature, accomplished man that you won't necessarily fit just by being older.

What's more, most eighteen year old girls are either actively wanting to be silly and free while so young, or if they do want something more serious they lack the life experience, impulse control and self-awareness to build a relationship that succeeds long term.

That and an age gap in itself can complicate a relationship. It's going to feel weird for her bringing her boyfriend who nears thirty to a party full of teenagers. Her parents are going to want to see her date someone her own age or maybe a little bit older, but not almost a decade older.

Why would you trust a single 27 year old woman at any age?