I cheated on my girlfriend and broke down and told her...

I cheated on my girlfriend and broke down and told her. I truly do love her but I got wasted one night (drank a shit ton of vodka before I even got to the bar, then this chick and her friends kept buying me drinks till I was near blackout) and ended up with her. I was disgusted afterwards with myself.

I just told me gf and she's at a friends house drinking and crying. How can I resolve this? What should I say? We've had problems with this in the past, like 2 years ago but I thought I had changed. I fucked up, what do

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You deserve absolutely everything that comes to you. Hopefully she will break up, because you would do the same in her position.

Alcohol doesn't make anyone do anything, it just turns of things that stop you from doing things.

No sympathy!

>then this chick and her friends kept buying me drinks till I was near blackout) and ended up with her.
You were raped.

>i did something and dont want to face the consequences
fuck off loser

I agree, how drunk was she op?

I mean she was also drunk, but I don't really remember if she was at my level or not. I don't really think it was rape though because as the anons above said, alcohol doesn't make you do things.

I guess I just have to live with the consequences. I think she still wants to be together, she texted me about going to therapy together. Also I have to give her full access to my phone and social media. But idk if she will change her mind about this and kick me out tonight. Never been homeless before, this ought to be interesting.

A sincere apology and some serious self reflection seems in order

If it's rape for women, it's rape for men.

>I fucked up, what do
Take the consequences and let her make a decision. Dont drink again because you obviously cant control yourself.

You did the right thing being honest about what happened. Don't try to make excuses though, just be legitimate with her and give her time to cope and make her decision.

"Hey. I just want to say, I really fucked up. And it is completely my fault. I'm sorry"

And let her be.

Whatever consequences happen, happen. You'll learn from your lesson though. Don't try to make her stay with you or make her feel sorry for you, don't try to make up a bunch of reasons it wasn't really your fault. Just accept your fuckup, be honest about your fuckup and live thru it

Therapy sounds like a very good idea.

It doesnt sound like you were raped to me, sorry to say that. When you drink and get flirtatious with another girl you know what you're putting yourself down for, even if when the actual sex happened you were already in a blur you weren't in that blur during the buildup to the sex. You had the ability to stop it and say no at any point.

She's probably done it to you a couple times as well so if anything you just got a little justice

Nope. Because when women use this excuse they get jumped on and told that it’s not. Fair is fair

Well it’s not, because if a woman used this excuse she would be laughed at

You're a piece of shit, so I hope she breaks up with you.

t. incel

Thank you, Satan, we totally needed your shitty dehumanizing opinion in this thread

>then this chick and her friends kept buying me drinks till I was near blackout) and ended up with her.

You shouldn't have put yourself in that position in the first place. Don't hang out with women at bars or parties if you're drinking/your girlfriend isn't there - women WILL encourage you to sleep with them, even if they know you have a girlfriend.

You lost control. It's your fault. If she breaks up with you, she breaks up with you. Cheating shouldn't be forgiven in the first place because the VAST majority of cheaters will do it again the second you forgive them.

just end the fucking relationship faggot. giving up your social media and whatever to put her mind at ease doesn't resolve the situation. Fix yourself, and let her go.

I don’t really understand women, I see a lot of cases where women see infidelity on the mans part as something they should work on, while men just drop cheating women wholesale.

I mean I kinda get it, a man won’t come home pregnant with someone elses’ baby, but still.