Is 20 too late for the innocent cute first relationship?

Is 20 too late for the innocent cute first relationship?

I don't want to kiss and fuck on the first date, I want a cute relationship but it seems like all the girls already outgrew all that and want to skip cute stuff. But I never had a girlfriend so I never experienced it.

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When I was in 6th grade the boys were fucking the girls on the first date and I never had a girlfriend either.

I don't think most normies know what a cute relationship is.

The only types of relationships I see in public are women who are overly affectionate with their bf in public (almost like they want to make everybody uncomfortable) and then relationships that seem broken or stale.

But that's how it appears in public at least.

I'm talking about the relationship where it's an achievement that you hold hands or stuff like that. To me it's those things that make that period the most interesting but sadly, judging by how I see it, girls seem to have outgrown that.

The cute shit is a myth dude. If you don't make a move on a girl fast enough she will just feel rejected and most likely stop talking to you and move on to the next guy.

Well asking someone out is making a move

No, retard. Real life relationships aren't like your cute little chinese cartoons, retard. Relationships are just advanced apes performing their reproductive function, it's nothing special and it's cringe af that you learn your social etiquette from anime. Dumbass.

Depends on what you call cute but I had my first gf at 25. Our first date was getting snacks at a store she likes and eating them in the park. Our second date was her making a picnic for us and I fell asleep in her lap. She's 6 years younger than me though.

Fuck off normalfag, please refrain from giving advice on this site.
Yeah that's that, you didn't just fuck her the first day. To me it looks like at my age dating is just a formality that takes you from point A to fucking and they want to speed it up as much as possible.

Finding any young-ish woman (18-23) who isn't raised like trash is probably your best bet then.

Yeah, now only to find some..

>Fuck off normalfag
How is being abnormal working out for you?
>still hasn't had a relationship
Yikes bro, I would have just killed myself at that point.

OP fucking BTFO!!!!!!

Do you have any idea what site you're on?

>muh secret incel club

>implying I'm an incel because I never had a girlfriend at 20

It’s dumb to act like the entire Jow Forums userbase is the same as you. But anyways it’s totally possible to get a nice first relationship at 20.

Where did I say it's impossible? It's possible and it's totally normal.
But it's not a reason to kill myself because I hadn't.

I’m confused, are you OP? Because if so, you asked
>Is 20 too late

My first relationship was at age 20, and it was pretty cute. I was an immature community college kid acting like I was still in highschool, she was 17 (legal here) in highschool. We were both edgelords but I had a lot of fun sneaking into her house to fuck while her parents were down the hall, hanging out at the park, going to shows, and just being bf/gf

I'm not I started replying at And the guy before that said that people who haven't had a relationship by 20 should kill themselves.

You’re being more autistic then he is. Did the gf cuck you or something? Why the long face?

Oh okay well I wasn’t that other guy. Not having a gf at 20 is perfectly fine.

Sounds good

Yes you virgin cuck

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Stop self projecting

Not at all. My first was when I was 24, and it was as perfect as I could have asked for. We were both very inexperienced, and we had so many cute moments holding hands spending time together.

What did you do differently compared to your teens and early 20s? I'm struggling

Lowered my standards. Started dating girls even uglier than I am.

Well I've no idea where I stand on the attractive scale and what girls are in my range.

All relationships are cute and magical for the first 6 months during the honeymoon phase. Especially your first. You just wanna fuck like rabbits and lay in bed all day. life is fucking great.

After that it’s downhill.