Can I replace my urge for women with one of these dolls...

Can I replace my urge for women with one of these dolls? I think I'll get one once I move out of my mom's place this year. Would it be weird to have one? Is it still not socially acceptable? Should I wait and bide my time until it becomes socially acceptable?

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>Until it becomes socially acceptable

user, women are taking more freedom away from men every day.

Soon you won't even be allowed to have a penis.

Why not just use porn?

If you're moving out then why not? Who cares if it's socially acceptable. It's not something your coworkers or peers need to know about.

who cares... get the doll and a convertable and drive around getting a bj

Porn fucks up your brain, besides I can cuddle with this cute thick doll all night.

At least with porn you can close it once you're done. With the sex doll you'll have a constant reminder of your failure to gain acceptance from the opposite gender. You'll probably get too lazy to clean it after a while and it will start smelling like shit too.

Bruh, women are cancelled until forever

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See, I didn't really fail. I've had pretty attractive girls APPROACH ME. It's just I don't know how to get it to sex, that's why I want this.

It's weird and not socially acceptable but you do you user. That shouldn't stop you if you want one.

And to answer if it helps replace your urge for women, the answer is no.

sex is easy, if they get to close... mount them. and they will either let you or reject you

But that's rape.

its not rape if you stop when she doesnt want anything to do with it,, if she gets that close.... she might really like you and welcome it or even want it

You really have shit taste in dolls tbqh

I will get a sex doll when I move from my mom's house as well. Actually a cheaper one but good anyway, also been thinking about building a fully functional sex bot.
And won't tell to anyone about it irl, if I'm asked about why I don't have a gf I'll say I just want to save money.

>cuddling a hunk of cold latex

People cuddle pillows, what's wrong with cuddling a beautiful doll?

Because it’s in the likeness of a person which is why it’s unsettling and creepy. Pillows are pillows and it physically feels nice to cuddle a pillow. I’m not fooling myself or imagining that the pillow is a person. Waifu pillows are weird but they’re still in the realm of fantasy, because it’s clearly a drawing. Getting a real doll and cuddling it makes you look unhinged and desperate for human contact. Which are 99% of people who own sex dolls

that tech (if we can even call it that) can't replace women. Until i get a robot doll that looks like one of my ex's and that can dominate me and make me lick her sweaty cunt and then suck me off... until then... the dolls are creepy.

I wish I could afford one of those.
I wonder what it feels like to fuck it.

Jesus, my dick would be sore fucking that thing whenever I came back from work. I could practice standing missionary with it too and increase my strength.

who gives a fuck what’s socially acceptable?
Using the internet for anything other than applying for jobs, school, and Facebook is socially unacceptable.

What type of logic is that?


its not logic... its nature

so yeah its rape

only if you force it or are blind to any of her reactions, guys should move in and test the waters... that is the natural way

and dont be a creep.

if u cannot read someones expressions enough to tell if they are into it or not.... then best just stay away from people in general

I just don't understand why people find them weird if other people use them. If you want one op why not look at smaller ones or reviews before buying one.

Who cares if its socially acceptable if you never have anyone over to your place?

>I've had pretty attractive girls APPROACH ME.
>It's just I don't know how to get it to sex, that's why I want this.
In other words, you failed on easy mode.

Not really, I'm only 18. I'm sure there will be other chances once I move out and am living in the real world. But until those chances come about, this doll will be good. I've lost damn near 30lbs and am very close to seeing abs and a jawline, I'm still noticing girls looking at me and smiling.

holy shit that's sad and pathetic

They actually have sex dolls with payment plans oh fuck yes!
Realdoll even Has attachable dicks for you extra kinky fuckers. Damn imaging the shame of having to clean your own shit off a detachable dick for a sex doll.

Ur life?

Big joocy ass, would pound all night in her asshole

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Funny seeing women feeling threatened by dolls already. You're finished once AI develops into sexdolls.

I just want a hologram like the one from Blade Runner to exist.

See They feel like fucking a corpse user. Cold, lifeless and your mind will hate you for it.

What if I soak her in hot water for an hour?

They're made out of silicon which has an extremely difficult time transferring and retaining heat. You would literally have to boil them in a tub shaped pot to get them warm. TPE versions exist but those aren't body safe. Cyberskin exists for certain orifices but they break down if you clean them with soap.

Darn, I've never fucked an actual girl so I'll have nothing to compare to anyways. Who knows, maybe fucking this doll will make me appreciate a live woman more.

I'd eat that dolls ass, no cap!

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>porn fucks up your brain
>snuggles up with a human shaped piece of rubber

alpha as fuck.

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Yes it's very weird. Also expensive.

>inb4 why, toys etc
In general toys are kind of stigmatized for men because investing in your solo sex life implies you are not getting laid which men are supposed to according to social norms. But having a fleshlight is still far removed from being willing to pay A LOT of cash to get somewhat close to the idea of fucking another person.

Not to mention that many people tend to be freaked out by dolls and/or associate lifelike dolls with corpses.

honestly 10x more respectable then dating real women. guys from here are getting cuck'd by women every single day.

Just use one of the brothels popping up that have these. Buying and maintaining one of those things is a nightmare. Also you get more variety.

>that one with the red hair
Heh... w-what's that one called? Haha. Asking for a friend o-of course

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Good thing modern society allows us to be individuals and free from others judgements and harrassment.

>hurr durr march to the beat of your own drum

OP literally asked if it's weird/socially unacceptable. I am only answering the question with yes, it is.

Become ubermensch or live a desperate life trying to earn others approval. We no longer need to be apart of groups in order to survive. As long as you work, pay rent, buy groceries, you seriously don't need to be around people. Be as weird as you want as long as u have a place to go back to.

Fist of all, you're barking up the wrong tree, I think for an average (= not especially fortunate or talented) person nothing in life matters more than meaningful connection with others.

Secondly, you're missing the point, I don't disagree that OP should fuck whatever doll he wants if it will make him happy but whether society has a judgment and whether you should care about society's judgment are two entirely different questions.

Im 32 and I have a normal love life and sex life, had gfs, had one night stands, have a fiancee and all that.

I'm also really fascinated with VR porn. Psychologically VR porn is very convincing to the eyes and brain, it seems to do a decent job fooling your neurology. I get the same boost of excitement and heart rate when the 3d model gets to the good stuff.
I get the same excitement when the actress moves in for a kiss, and even find it hard not to automatically move to "kiss back" sometimes, and I remember one video that involved a vr cuddle which felt extremely calming like real cuddling does.

So having said all that, I do believe very strongly a high quality sex doll could be a very suitable replacement for a lonely fag. Brains are faulty, and human brains are easily fooled (see optical illusion) and even if you know it isn't real doesn't mean some deeper parts of your brain, particularly emotional and chemical producing parts aren't being simulated and pushed to work.

But I'd also recommend you try VR porn first... You can get a decent headset for your phone for under 20 bucks.. start there.

This would be perfect for me. I love juicy thick bodied women but my 4 inch penis prevents me from trying with those girls. This would be perfect to come home to, and I don't have to feel bad about my dick size.

Allow me to answer this question with a picture

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The guys with real dolls absolutely mog the other dollfags. I guess it's settled.

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If you have had women approach you and you didn't know how to make it to sex with them, you lost. There are guys out here doing 99% of the work to have sex with a girl even once and you're having girls do half of what's needed and you're still not getting it right. If you couldn't do it then, and you cant do it right now, you wont be able to do it in the future, and having sex with some plastic life like substitute wont help you socially with the women, or understand how to have sex correctly cause you're going to just be drilling something that cant respond. With every orgasm into that doll you will be more and more complacent with the situation you are in and will try less and less to actually find your way to socially interacting with girls to the point where they would have sex with you.

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I don’t understand why a doll is desirable. It can’t do anything, right? How is this different from a pillow with a picture of a pr0n star taped on?

Get a fucking real girlfriend and steer away from this uncanny valley sorta dead-eyed shit. This is an image of a woman and not an actual woman

I'm sure I'll get pussy in the future man, I'm only 18. Don't even have a job or car(will get in few months), and I don't have a place to bring them back to. All of that will change before the end of this year. I'm sure i'll get real pussy as I get wealthier and wealthier. The real problem is, do I want real pussy? Is real pussy worth it today?

I’ve had sex with women before trust me the doll is better.

>I'm sure I'll get pussy in the future man

Not if you get a sex doll. There's a few things in life that you can't come back from, and having a god damn sex doll is one of those things.

yeah right dude, we got incels and mgtows saying that jerking off is better than sex.

Hmm, why do you think I couldn't come back from having a sex doll? Can't I just throw it away once I get a real girl?

Better how? I don’t get it?

First off if you get one of those real dolls like in your pic, you wouldn't just "throw it away" when it costs like 5000$ or whatever.

More importantly it's not a physical or even monetary issue really it's all psychological. To get a sex doll is to tell your self "I have completely given up on getting a real woman".

It's like those sexually confused dudes who go out and have gay sex. You're not coming back from that, once its' done it's done.

Just get a fleshlight/pocket pussy. That is just like the male version of a dildo or vibrator. It's just something to stick your dick in. It doesn't have plastic soulless dead eyes for you to stare into while you make passionate love to it. It doesn't have a name nor will you want to name it.

I already have a pocket anus, I just want some big titties and a fat ass to smack. What's so wrong with that? Pretty sure in 10 years there will be actual fembots that look and move like a real woman anyways. Are you saying that the men in the future that buy those will all be losers too? Are you saying you wouldn't buy one? I don't even care about relationships, literally all I see when I see an attractive looking woman is her tits, ass, and face.

You'll spend $5,000-$10,000 to buy one
Have sex with it a few times, and realize that the doll isn't fulfilling what you actually wanted from women

Cuddling with a cold piece of human shaped rubber that doesn't show you any affection isn't going to solve your problems

All I want from women is their bodies. Refute that.

No, that's what you think that's all you want.
But there's a lot more to female companionship than sex.

Did I say anything about wanting affection?

>What's so wrong with that?
Like I said, that's you telling yourself "I have given up"

>Pretty sure in 10 years there will be actual fembots that look and move like a real woman anyways. Are you saying that the men in the future that buy those will all be losers too?

Absolutely, yes. 10-20 years ago Real dolls weren't a thing and sex dolls was just like a giant balloon that would inflate and somewhat have humanoid-like shapes to it. The people who bought those were losers, the people who buy the 5000$ real dolls today are losers and the people who will buy sex bots 10-20 years from now will also be losers. That means you've completely give up as a human being.

>Are you saying you wouldn't buy one?

No, I wouldn't buy one.

>I don't even care about relationships, literally all I see when I see an attractive looking woman is her tits, ass, and face.

Fair enough, but that is the face and ass and tits of actual human women, not pieces of plastic or rubber or silicon that are trying to imitate the human form.

Look guys, I'm probably not like any of you. I've been watching and masturbating to very hardcore porn since I was 7. I don't really see women as equals or as anything more than sex receptacles. I literally don't understand why some of you want "relationships"(you really just wanna fuck that bitch, don't you?).

>Look guys, I'm probably not like any of you. I've been watching and masturbating to very hardcore porn since I was 7.

That actually sounds like everyone on this site who's under the age of 30.

So we all don't see women(besides our female relatives) as people?

just get one and never talk about it in public
or do you also go around telling everyone you post on Jow Forums? that's not socially acceptable either

Damn, someone in my electrician class actually caught me browsing Jow Forums. I was very surprised, but he didn't make a big deal out of it.

I'm sure he's judging you now and thinks you're weird

I guess, I don't know, I forgot what you were talking about actually.

You want to sound cool cause you're misogynist on Jow Forums? Yeah man you're not like all the other guys

Is it bad to be a misogynist? It's not like I actively go out and try to hurt women. I just don't really interact with them. Isn't that a win-win situation?

Nah, he looks like the kind of guy that browses. That's why he probably knew. He probably didn't expect me to browse it though(I'm kind of attractive).

what sort of existential philosophy debate are you trying to drag me into here

Is it fuckin weird to own a sex doll? 100% yes absolutely. Thread's done

Not trying to drag you into anything, just explaining how my world view is set up.


As a bonus you develop immense traps, abs, and biceps from doing all of the lifting, even smaller dolls.

To repeat:





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Why is your doll so petite looking? Your not into pre-teens are you? It would be very worrying if you were.

>All I want from women is their bodies.
All women can offer is their bodies. And don't listen to that guy, I got my doll for $1400.

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>expert on women who paid 1400$ for a piece of plastic

ultra chad with three (3) dolls in the back.

I hope you're not OP. Anyway, people get small dolls for different reasons. Lifting the 80+ pounds of OP's bimbo becomes miserable. Smaller dolls are significantly cheaper and easier to hide. And yes, to some people, small dolls can be whatever the hell one wants to imagine they are.

Those are B-cup breasts. If those are uncomfortably small for you, move to Australia, where liking small breasts is a thought crime, and then kill yourself.

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>Hey why don't you like the same things I do!?

Yo, how flexible are their backs?

Uh, their backs? You can't arch her back for doggy style if that's what you're thinking. The back is pretty immobile. The hip and knee joints bend, but the spine in a doll skeleton is a steel rod from what I recall.

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shoulda known this was simply advertising. dolls are just creepy, if ur not getting laid and buy a doll... you would probly never get laid if people knew

i would buy one as a joke but never to actually have sex with. looks we are at this point in time lol

I wish the male dolls weren't so fug.

Why not just get one of those ass-shaped fleshlights with 2 holes? They're cheaper and easier to store/hide.

I used to have dreams about these things when I was a kid. Just having a lifeless body to do what I want with. is that creepy?