I repeatedly told my self I WILL STUDY TODAY I WILL, everyday and i still fail, wtf do i do?

I repeatedly told my self I WILL STUDY TODAY I WILL, everyday and i still fail, wtf do i do?

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Like force yourself to do it and then actually do

either do it or quit wasting ur time. if you dont want to do what ur doing enough to succeed. then best find something u like cause time stops for no one

Stop just talking about it and start making steps to study. Get rid of distractions first.

what comes first? action or motivation? the answer is actually action

Convince yourself of the worst possible scenarios that can happen if you don't take school seriously. Besides, if you make money you can buy everything you want. Money's the motivation, money's the conversation, you on vacation, we getting paid so, we on paycation, I did it for the family, it's whatever we had to do it's just who I am, yeah, that's the life I chose, gunshots in the dark, one ey closed, and we got it cooking like a one eyed stove, you can catch me kissing my girl with both eyes closed

just fucking do it

Because you keep telling yourself what you will do instead of just doing it.

Compromise with yourself and forgive yourself if you fail. Set a proper goal, and break it down (write check boxes down) into tasks you can measurably accomplish "i will open the book" etc, not "i will study", then properly reward yourself as you accomplish progress until you're good at it.

Using motivation to accomplish things only by using guilt and panic is the wrong way to live. Fear is a different neurological circuit than challenge


“Study” is a vague unmeasurable term.

You need to set specific goals Read and take two pages of notes, make a set of 25 note cards to help with memorization, run through the note cards three times... then you aren'tdone until you have completed that task.

What do you do instead of study? At least in my case, when I do time-wasting activities, it's because I'm rather upset or fearful about something and I just want to dull my mind. It's not because I actually enjoy those activities that much, or dislike what I'm supposed to be doing that much. It's avoiding coping with other problems or with anxiety or perfectionism about the thing I'm supposed to be doing, and yet when I get around working on it, I get immersed in that and feel much better.

Do you enjoy the subject you're studying? Why do you want to learn it? Can you connect your desire to succeed with the everyday act of putting work into it?

The answer is pretty obvious. You need to study. Just do it retard


I always study and still fail

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Try the Pomodoro Technique

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Start small. Set some easy task and build from it.

Get off the fucking internet.

Pomodoro technique, and study more with other people if you can. Easier to focus when people hold each other in line.

Just fucking do it you dumb cunt

Dopamine fast

Dopamine fast for sure. Also try spending a few days resting your mind, don’t think about the books during these days

start it right now. yeah it sucks, but do it anyway. once you start, you end up building momentum