Good Evening Anonymous!

Good Evening Anonymous!
It's Sunday night again! Got a problem with sex and relationships? Winter blues got you down? Maybe you'd just like to stop by and say hello! You can do all,of that here!

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Is it as creepy as it feels to talk to a girl as she's leaving the library.

That depends on your approach. How do you go about doing this? What do you say?

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I try to make sure there's context I guess, like usually a question.

I see nothing creepy about that.

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How do come to terms with being a genetic failure

Still wondering If I should write to my exgf, I dropped out on her at the end of August, just stopped texting her, wondering If I should approach again, already did this one time and she forgave me

Hello, I have to pee : )

Accept it and work around it to the best of your ability or be depressed about it and waste your life away. Life isn't fair to anyone, dealing with it makes for a much better life and death.

What would be the point? Please move on with your life, she's an ex for and a reason.

Flush afterwards.


Tell Roll he's still a lil bitch

My new girlfriend and I are really into each other but have no place to physically express that besides movie theaters or dark concert venues. So it goes without saying that we haven't gone far. We're not going to be able to see each as frequently for a while soon, due to her having to study for the MCAT.
I am considering asking her whether she'd be open to getting an air bnb together for the next time we hang out but I am not sure if there is a good way to float this idea without giving off a bad vibe. Is it a bad idea?

I'm going to Belgium to fuck hookers.
Change my mind. >:)

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Good evening, OP.
Stopping to say gello, as usual.

I keep being offered chances and I keep neglecting them. I don’t feel fully human, like a changeling switched with a human child at birth and sent to study the species. I don’t feel emotions the same way other people do. The strong, passionate, energetic reactions that exist in other people are simply absent in me. When I do feel something, there is a sense of abstract detachment to it, like I’m watching a performance. So far, I’ve been completely unable to form emotional connections with other people, even my own family members. I think the reason why I’m so fixated on a relationship is that it would serve as the ultimate proof that I can succeed as a human being.
Well, it’s not as if I’m the only one who’s fixated on them. I’m a tested genius, naturally extremely good looking, and stand to inherit several million dollars on top of my excellent career prospects. People say that I have a strange charisma, where I could say absolutely anything and they would believe it without question. There are a lot of girls who would like to get a look at what’s on the other side of that chasm, but none have succeeded. People say that I’m difficult to read, unnaturally composed, that my speech patterns are strangely precise, and that I just generally give off an unplaceable, unnerving impression. They know I’m not like them, and they know I know it, too.
It would be irresponsible for me to take on a partner in spite of the fact that I know I can’t provide for her needs, and that my mysteries aren’t quite as captivating as they appear from a distance. However, the gulf between me and the rest of the human race only widens with each woman who tries to enter my life and then departs in frustration when I fail to reciprocate.

I didn't think anyone was gonna show up tonight.
I'm glad to see you!

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That's actually a very good idea, imho. I say run it by her. You may be on to something really good!

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Why would I want to change your mind? It's your time and your money. I will suggest you be careful out there.

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I would suggest a mental health screening. Not that I think you're mentally ill. But I would be interested to see what a doctor's opinion would be.

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I am in my late 20s. So far i didn't have a single girlfriend.

I lost my v card to an escort, which i don't regret (it was only 3 months ago). It did take a chip of my shoulder. But not being intimate with someone i didn't pay still bothers me. I am not anxious about talking to new people, my hobby makes me meet people from around the world, although recently i slacked off the responsibilities from that as well.

I had delayed my university education greatly. I study mechanical engineering but it has taken 9 years so far to finish a 4 year program, money isnt an issue here since it is essentially free in my country. I am an extremely late bloomer maybe, i don't know. I am not conventionally attractive either, i am not ugly but just not attractive, so it is not like people will approach me.

I am fixing things, loosing weight getting into shape and simply trying to do better but the shadow of failure ever looms on me. I am lazy with my responsibilities and i become obsessive with stuff. I just can't seem to hange that, when i can do better i just shoot way short of target.

I am not lonely most of times i would like to think. I have friends i can chat and meetup and we regularly go out. I might be exaggerating my problems in my head which makes it worse. I just know things are getting better but dread remains. It is not just about a girlfriend either and essentially the cause of "not having a gf" why i am in this situation. I haven't had proper responsibilities so far, i was coddled but i can't blame anybody but myself. I genuinely feel like i failed so many opportunities, i am not in a negative situation but lack of positives is just dragging me down. I am in a mans body with the mind of a kid and i am capable of staying like this until i die. And it terrors me..

(20. Male. Uni student.)
I’m going on a date with a coworker, a woman I really like. I feel really good about this, I really like her energy, and she’s beautiful to boot.
I’m trying not to psyche myself out but something weird happens when I’m around her... it’s like anything I’m nervous about melts away and I’m able to do and say exactly what I want around her.
I just... want some advice, I suppose, on how to not fuck this up lmao. I want to work towards making this a long-term deal. I’ve known her a few months and now I’m moving towards being more than friends. I could really get some help. Thanks in advance!

>>I am in a mans body with the mind of a kid and i am capable of staying like this until i die. And it terrors me..

First, don't be so hard on yourself. Many adults never hit this level of self actualization. You're doing just fine. You are doing positive things for positive reasons. Don't dwell on what you think are failures and mistakes. Learn what you can from them, and keep moving forward.

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>>but something weird happens when I’m around her... it’s like anything I’m nervous about melts away and I’m able to do and say exactly what I want around her

Hehe, it sounds like I should be asking you for advice! But seriously, it sounds like you are comfortable and at ease around her. That's huge.
And if she's just as comfy as you, then that's a wonderful thing. Don't worry about fucking this up. You wont.

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I don't know how to feel anymore

Thanks, user. I didn't plan to be on here tonight, but here I am and it's nice to see your threads.

I genuinely am not doing fine though. I genuinely feel i am in a wrong place, it didn't get better when i lost 30 pounds. It didn't get better when i started to dress better. I dotn even know why i am doing it. I know life isn't a computer where you just do x and get y. But i feel distraught..

I just feel for the so many missed opportunities, i can only let so many things to just wash over. I don't know.

I just dont know..

Use you hands!

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How has your appetite and sleep cycle been lately? I ask because a disturbance in either of these things can seriously affect your mood

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I'm in kind of a predicament about whether I should ask a girl out.

She's in one of my (college) classes. Last week, I talked to her after class. The conversation went pretty well, it went on for about 15 minutes as we walked back to the dorms. There were no obvious tells that she was interested (like playing with her hair, that shit), but then again she's not the type of girl to give signals, very shy. All I know is that it definitely didn't seem like she was trying to get the fuck away from me, and she was willingly trying to keep the conversation alive. Then again, she could have just been "being nice."

The catch is, I sit next to her in class. The class is like 12 people, and the seats will surely remain fixed for the rest of the semester. It would be awkward as fuck if she said no and I had to sit next to her for the rest of the year.

So, is asking her out tomorrow worth the risk? Should I just casually talk to her again after class, wait a while, and then ask her out, to try to get a better idea of if she likes me? Or will she lose what little interest I may have piqued?

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Emotionally, smart ass
I feel as if I'm on the edfe of a cliff and over the edge is oblivion and on the other in is the world in all of it's flawed beauty. I just don't know if I want throw myself over the edge yet, no matter how bad I want to at times. Someone out there has it worse. I saw this video of a kid on vrchat who has a rare skin disease that makes his life nothing but constant suffering and I thought to myself "if he can suffer through that then what am I complaining about?", True I am lonely, but I have a family that loves me, and that's more than some, still I want my life to be better, I want to be the best me I can and I'm afraid that won't be much.
I'm sorry for the rant, but this has been on my mind for a while.

I suggest you make your move. If you wait, someone else might. If she says no, accept it and move on to the next girl.

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Sorry for my impolite reply. I figured that would get you to open up, and it did. The best you that you can be is gonna be good enough. It's gonna be just fine. Most adults go through an existential crisis like this a few times in their lives. Look at it as a sign that you are growing. Because that's what it is.

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Okay :)

But what it I end up alone for the rest of my life? I want a family and all of that, but my height and looks kill that dream. That is my main issue. I have all these grandiose dreams for myself that I never will fulfill

You need to learn to work with what you have. Accept yourself as you are. Shortcomings and good points together. Set some short term goals for yourself. Reasonable ones.

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My appetite is fine, i didnt lose weight because i stopped eating. I am aalways hungry, i just started eating less and actually started exercising. Sleep schedule varies a few hours here and there cause i dont have to leave home everyday.

This is not because of anatomy, really doubt it so. I wouldnt suppose i have a mental illness either until a professional diagnoses me. I just am aware of all the mistakes i make it weights on me, i am better from a few years ago, but i just cant get rid of overlooming dread.

Everything is just... i dont know.

I know my life is alright in most regards, i know i should have made better with what i have. But i didnt and i feel utterly full of failure.

You have to stop beating yourself up. It won't do any good. You also need to get your Seven Hours. By that I mean sleep. You can get away with less once in a while. But on the whole, you need the Seven Hours. I think if you just get more sleep, your mood will improve dramatically. What do you think?

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Op here.
I got a nice soundtrack for the thread here.

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I mostly get 7 hours if not more, sleep is fine. I said it varies a few hours by that i mean i dont go to bed at x hour everyday and wake up at y. Sometimes it is x+2 to y+2. But i wake up naturally 5-6/7 days per week without an alarm.

I am simply a person who overanalyses stuff, i am that friend who would go over chatlogs of entire conversations to see if he said something wrong. Sadly these stuff are almost about inconsequential things that are not really useful.

I dont think you can help me, i shouldnt have wasted your time. Apologies for that, this thread is not for me to wallow in my misery. Best of luck other anons, have a nice day.

Like I said, you have to stop being so hard on yourself. You did not waste anyone's time and you don't need to apologize for anything! But I must ask: did it help any to get some of this off your chest?

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will you please stop appending hoes to your responses? it makes me feel inadequate.

Deal with your insecurities, nigger.

why the racism?

No, not it didn't. I am in the same point i was hours ago. If not worse.

I am not a bad person by the way, i try to specially not hurt and distress others in my life. I dont intend to be crude or rude, i just believe i am utterly lost..

I see.
What do you think would be the first step to take to be unlost?

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Op here.
We got off to a late start, but I still need to get my Seven Hours. It's well past Zero Dark Thirty here in Op City. So I bid you all goodnight. But I also give the nod to any user who would like to reply to anything here. That, my friends, is the foundation of our beloved Jow Forums board. Goodnight Anonymous, wherever you are!

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3 years ago i hook up with a girl (i don't know how desu). We were knowing each other from the past.
At that time i was 27 year old virgin who was jacking a lot to low down pressure.
After that we became couple.
She had experience in sex, i didn't so i've tried to get my theoretical knowledge as big as possible.
I've been foreplaying as long as she couldn't last and said she want me to put it in her.
But the problem was i couldn't last long. When she was giving me hj or bj i could last much longer (as long she didn't go into "fast and furious mode") but inside her it was like

I'm a 20 yo girl and my bf(26) sometimes has me give oral to a dildo when we have sex. It's usually when I'm on my back and he's on his knees thrusting into me. It's one with a suction cup and he mounts it to the wall next to our bed and has me suck it. I can tell he gets excited when I do it, so I don't complain about it. I'm just afraid he has a cuck fetish or wants to share me with other men. The dildo is bigger than he is, and I know most if not all of his friends want to have sex with me. I don't want to be shared, and I feel like a slut when he makes me suck the dildo. I never even had any sex toys until he took me to a sexshop and bought it for me. I love him and he's nice and takes good care of me so I want to make him happy. He also does other things to me sexually that make me feel like a slut, especially since I orgasm, and I don't know if I should talk to him. He's popular with other girls, so I don't want him to leave for someone that will do the things I don't like.

How do I get pussy


user, im not a cat rapist

My vpn bugged so i can reply only now. Although i am certainly less animated now.

Are you mocking me or what? If i knew how to find my way wouldny you think i would be on that path?

I know i am not beyond redemption, i know if i work on it stuff will happen. But too many waves crashing , or worse too little and i am just such low life that i cant make out the difference..

If only i knew the answer to solve, fuck i would be happy with a question at this point..

Alright girls.
If i dropped some hints here and there that i like this girl,
and she started to pro-actively making small chat, but nothing romantic/hinting, none at all, no asking out, or personal questions, just small chit chat.
What does that mean?
Does that mean the girl is interested too?
Or does that mean my "hints" flew over her head, and we simply gotten closer due to the interactions from the "hints"?

Also, this is unrelated, but something i had been wondered about.
if a guy confessed to you,
and you declined to it.
Does that mean it's over forever?
Like no more second chance?
Will there be a time in the future where you might say yes?
Or will it still be a no, because you don't want to seems wrong for declining at the first place?

real talk... 8 months with gf, fooled around but never had sex, my dick cant stay hard for the rest of the act.
although it happened in the past with other girls, i think i am just not that physically attracted to her
it pains me deeply to admit it, but even her herself she doesnt know how we lasted this long.
needless to say, i feel like a failure. I believe even though id get in bed with a hot af girl, i would still not be able to do it, so thats why the physical attraction theory might not tell the whole story.
Should I try to make it work or is it a dead end? It's bothering me a lot

Fuck you and your gay ass larp

I feel like I've come to the realisation that I don't want a girlfriend, I just want to get laid. Thus finding a fwb or ons is more important than doing the usual social routine to get something I don't even want.

Does it sound like I'm on the right track or am I missing something?

I nut within five minutes. I know when I'm vlose for the most part, but sometimes it's like I hit a sensitive spot and activates ny nut's eject protocol. Idunno what to do. It's not an insecurity thing (at least with the girl I'm fucking atm) but I get annoyed that the only thing that seems to make me last longer is alcohol or opioids.
Stopped porn for a month, nothing. Stopped fapping altogether for a month, made it worse. I have no clue what to do to desensitize my dick.
It's not a libido thing either, far as I can tell. Every time we're both in town, we have sex 4-6 times a day, sometimes for several days in a row. My refractory period is pretty short but it's still frustrating because once I nut, it's shut down for like 5 minutes at minimum wherein I'm also overheated and want nothing to do with another person. After that, it's basically back to normal, with minimal if any improvements in my nut timing. Think the longest I lasted sober was like 12-15 minutes on the fifth time, pacing myself heavily (which is kinda hard since she wants me to jackhammer her).
Idunno lads. Wtf do I do? How can I defeat my dick?

I like the vote of confidence but, I keep getting nervous. I think she’s nervous too, she wasn’t as talkative to me for about a day and our date is really soon. Any tips on staying grounded and present, for the future?