What do i do if god is out to get me...

What do i do if god is out to get me? I tried everything and my life is literally my own personal hell and every time i find a way to make my life good god comes and strikes me down and destroys everything i like and then just finds everything i like and rips it all away from me flawlessly

Literally nothing i can do winds because god just snaps a finger and literally instantly rips everything away from me and I’m just fighting an evil monster that has all the power in the world and just uses it to rip everything away from me and destroy my life with no effort and he is fucking RELENTLESS and the most evil fucking creature i could ever imagine

I tried turning to Satan and doing everything and i dont really want to spend eternity in hell just to have god fuck off and stop ruining my life. I just want to be in control of my life and just go into darkness when i do with nothingness no after life

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man plans and god laughs.... there is nothing you can do except land on the right side of that battle

How do i kill god then? I cant take this suffering anymore i have to kill god

You have it backwards. Satan is ruining your life, God's probably letting him have his way with you within restrictions until you reach out and ask for his help.

i have no idea. if i had to guess i would say its not possible. life is not easy for anyone. just have to accept all things for the way they are and keep trying new things. try befriending god... having enemies and all the hate will consume u

I was praying to god every day and wearing cross necklaces and stuff and reading the Bible before my life became a living hell and even after that i kept praying to god and begging for shit to get better and even after a 1000 more disasters struck me down i still prayed to god until i just gave up and now its like my life is so fucking up from all that theres nothing i can do I’m trapped in this horrible curse god gave me and he made it so theres no way to escape it ever have happiness

Is there a way i can figure out why god is just after me and destroying me? I just want to be left alone i feel like I’m being personally targeted

if u have sin in your life its a conflict with god. you need to let him work in your life and not cut him out

him or her...not sure what god identifies as

But i see other people who sin and pray to god and nothing happens to them not like this i dont even ask for much literally all i wanted was to leave my small town and wait tables but god just strikes me down and forces me to rot away in my small town and every time i find a way out he just strikes me down and makes my life shit agin

You don't legitimately believe in God. You're just playing with religion. Start taking it seriously.

I’m not going to worship a single bible or religion i just thought there was one big entity ruling over shit or created shit and then i believed in karma like do good and good tings happen or you try to be a good person and good things happpen

I definitely don’t think my life should be this bad i do a little bad things here and there but i try really hard not to I definitely dont think I deserve to lose my whole life and have nothing but suffering like this

i could say the exact same thing... aside from waiting on tables. i just try to find new purpose and live in the now. accept that things never go as planned and maybe there is something good right here and now if i open my eyes

>What do i do if god is out to get me? I tried everything

You never tried getting rid of your toxic mindset that god is out to get you

>I just want to be in control of my life

How can you be in control of your life if you unironically believe and omnipotent force is working against you at every opportunity?

Do you honestly think like this? It's kind of fascinating but also really sad

>i just thought there was one big entity ruling over shit or created shit and then i believed in karma like do good and good tings happen or you try to be a good person and good things happpen

That's basically nothing. If I took some random guy off the street and asked what his beliefs are he'd say something vague like what you're saying:

"ahh yeah, what goes around comes around. Live and let live. Not sure if there's a God but I'm open to it..yeah. Loves the answer..just let people believe what they want...yeah nah I dunno aye"

That's not going to cut it. Actually start searching for God. Until then, your life is probably going to stay the same.

But.i actually found a way to make thousands of dollars DESPITE living in the middle of fucking nowhere and parents too poor to ever have a car and living like 20 miles from the closest source of shit where my only option would of been driving all day to wrk at Burger King for 80 dollars a week

I defied ALL that when god giving me literally not even a fighting chance and then after i made a ton of money god was jut like nope and flicked his fingers and he struck me down again

for how bad things seem and legitimately are... they could be soooooooo much worst. think of the good things and count ur blessings. ive heard the opposite of depression is gratitude. it does make sence when i ponder that... cause it distracts me away from my negative thoughts

if i was to sit here and focus on all the bullshit in life.... i could go down a pretty deep rabbit hole. and ive been down that rabbit hole. i dont want to go back

But I would literally rather be homeless then live here

Damn dude u been offline for a while... what u been up to... obv got a hobby these days
Have u tried biking

then moving is a goal and you need to try and make it happen

They banned me and its 0 degrees 9 months out of the year here

Ive literally done everything as soon as i find a way out and make some fucking 1/100000000 miracle happen god just strikes me down and snaps his fingers and its all ripped away and I’m even more stuck then before

You are not listening to God and you are not following his path so you are being punished. You need to educate yourself on who God is so that you can live by him. Simply believing isn’t enough, sorry.

so long as you are alive there is a chance of something decent working out for you. all it takes is 1 miricle

the only way to destroy god is to destroy, if theres anything the big man loves more than anything, its healthy mortals repenting from everything and eternally sucking him off.

how else would you get back at an almighty, faceless, narcissist? you destroy his own creations and make him regret creating you

Who says it was God doing the stuff and not Satan?

And if you are sure it's God, have you been learning the lessons from the hardships or have you ignored them to do bad shit and complain about the outcome?

yeah. but what the sence in just wrecking everything?.... doesnt it just feel better to take care of stuff if anything?

Oh lmao that explains things. You should build up a tolerance to the cold and then become a yeti

0 is nothing. thats tshirt weather

I’ve been begging for a miracle every day non stop

the fact that half of us are here is a miracle.

well if what you said is true, wouldnt fixing things just cause god to smite your efforts?
ever heard of the praise, the good die young?
unless you are overreacting and things aren't as bad as they seem

yea. there is truth to is all, and its perception that shapes your outlook. god does smite your efforts. the good do die young. makes sence, the young have less sin and maybe god thinks you should be doing differently

No dude trust me it’s pretty fucking bad

if things are not working out then they are not working out... that means its time to get creative

how bad? whats the biggest fear?

Perfect you’re halfway there then. Just go into the wilderness and live off the land, fully performing as a yeti

fear is a feeling and feeling are not facts. gotta keep the emotions in check and question them like the court system

i would totally do that.... but im on probation and im pretty sure its illegal

How long tho honestly. I know it sucks but you need to find a hobby

im pretty new to this site.... feels fresh lol i do have alot to keep me occupied other then this

Yknow the only reason I mention it is because either you’re the one who posts almost daily or you have a doppelgänger. I mean it doesn’t bother me but I’m sure you’re a good person either you’re a dedicated troll, or have a very repetitive mind frame

Just be happy you arent living in africa stop being a bitch

there are alot of people that come through this site im sure. and people are more similar then not. we are all exposed to the same things with this here age of internet. im just a yeti with an attitude:)

now there is a cruel joke, and a valid question i would ask god, why would you put the people with the darkest sun absorbing skin color in the hottest place with the most sun.... that seems cruel

God is either not real or not worth worshipping. God is literally a cuck and a shit father. If we are all his children and god is all powerful. God is by definition a being and father who watches his own children being raped daily and does nothing. Imagine how much of a fucking cuck youd have to be to have zues lighting in hand and just watch your daughter be raped and just sit there and watch. I honestly prefer the cold unthinking universe to a reality with some cuckold faggot god. What a fucking role model god is.

well its good that not everyone prefers the cold unthinking universe and operate with love instead of hate or that rape epidemic you speak of would surely double

The universe is unthinking. Humans came up with the idea of being decent for decenies sake, inspite of god. With proof, rapists should be killed in the street like dogs.

Your god is a cuck who watches his children be raped. That's a fact. He is a bitch ass nigga and faggot coward.

and you think dogs should be killed in the street.

your opinion is worth as much as anyones... no more and no less


Aw, two DUI guy, you turned to Satan? What will your poor mother think?

I've missed your threads btw

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Protip: stop blaming God?

yeah. stop blaming god... he gave you free will

he or she... whatever


what about it?

its not because of god. its because of me. i am gangstalking you. reply to me if youre aware of me and want me to stop, i will reply with terms that will stop the stalking


>another doomer thread
>approaching doomerdome myself
whatever you do, Don't stop going on user. for the very sake of simply not becoming another meme for these self aggrandizing dipshits, Fight on. Keep Fighting on, be it against god, yourself, or others whome you blame your grievances on. You give up now you'll only be remembered as an hero and that's no way to end a life, even one that you are losing a will to live for.

If god is out to get you, kill god.

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he would if he knew how

Everyone else is a fag

Lol. Ur smart

Absurd huh? You dont understand God or the world? Is there anything you can do, rationally?
Just give up trying. Trying to understand, trying to win. The only thing we, in our miserable existence, can do is believe. Believe though it sounds asinine, believe, though it seems nothing will come from it. There is no other option in our condition

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>the universe is unthinking
>you are made of the universe
>you are unthinking

Why are you such a pathetic little bitch? If you believe in God then let him torture and pulverize you to the ground all he wants, but then enact revenge after you die. Crush his dirty skull and rape him to cleanse his dirty soul with your dick.
Simple as that.

that doesnt sound like it would work

1) There is no god
2) Take some responsibility for fucking up your own life.

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op there’s no god. you’re just not lucky. either suck it up and hope it changes or kys

so even with evidence that earth was not crated 2019 years ago you still believe in god interesting

also did you paid for your sins maybe that what caused your life to be shit