Got an STD and don't know how to break it to boyfriend

I don't know what to do.
>dating boyfriend for 4 years
>love of my life
>talk about getting married and having kids
>he starts acting crazy
>blames depression
>we agree to take a break
>no sex for days
>feel like shit
>finally decide to go on tinder for rebound
>sleep with a few guys with no condom (I have an IUD)
>genital warts
>fast forward a month
>me and my boyfriend talk things through
>we get back together
>finally things are going back to normal
>he wants to have sex
>tell him I'm on my period because I don't want him to freak out
I know I have to tell him eventually but I'm scared. Advice?

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You're an adult. Tell the truth because if you lie you will make it much worse.

>be OP
>be a roasty whore
>face the consequences of being a roasty whore
Tell him, he deserves better.

I am so sorry for you OP. It's ok! Everything will be alright. I am disgusted that jerk left you alone and forced you into your current situation. And now he wants to get back with you!? The nerve.

It's alright, if you have Discord we can chat. I'll try my best to help and hope I can support in any way possible.

It's alright, you're gonna get through this. My advice is don't tell him! ;P he deserves it

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Girl but why the fuck would you fuck a tinder dude with no condom

Play stupid games win stupid prizes. I have no sympathy for you. That being said my gf did the same thing (caught HPV) while we were in the talking phase and didn’t tell me until it was too late. So now I just cheat on her and barely fuck her.

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Am I having a stroke or is this entire thread copypasta

I have an IUD and none of them looked like they had anything.
How am I a whore? We were on a break and I was depressed.
I know, I just don't know what to say.

>boyfriend is depressed
>fuck random guys while he gets his stuff sorted out
>surely this will make him feel better and definitely act less crazy
do him a favor and don't get back in his life you useless whore

Your a big girl now OP. Time to put on your big pants

Can you not read? I said we were on a break.

What does someone who has an std look like?! There are really big problems with your thought process and i’m worried for you. I hope you will be ok. Just tell your bf what happened. Say what you did here. Except leave out the ‘he is crazy’ part

I mean when I visually inspected their dicks they didn't look like they had anything.

I want to tell him but I'm scared he'll leave.

He will leave.
Fucking random guys is how we call whores.

>How am I a whore?
>fucks strangers
>has tinder installed
>didn't even use condom
Oh but you felt sad, so it's perfectly fine to fuck random people. This even happens despite the possibility of getting back together. I'm sure he'll love hearing how the girl he loves fucks random people the short time he's not there. If I were him I'd dump you immediately upon hearing this, and you're so dense and selfish you can't even see this from his view. Disgusting.

..omg please read up on sexual education because i am still worried for you and ‘i cant see warts or hiv on their dick’ is not a good thing to say

.well, he will definitely leave if you give him genital warts. And he will be especially angry and tell everyone what you did to him, and then you will have knowingly made your bf sick with a disease. You can text him if you are afraid of saying it to hos face. You can do it

>we were on a break
and were the pretenses of this break that you could go fuck other guys and get AIDs?
or was that conveniently in the fine print

It's implied that you're allowed to see other people on a break, unless they explicitly say not to.

Bait thread

>Let's stop having sex for a while=you can have sex with others for a while
I would say the opposite. You should presume you can't fuck people during a break just like you would presume you can't fuck people in LDR.
Who cares, though? This is a very obvious bait thread.

This is "walk her home gently" tier. No, it's implied that you're going to get some damn alone time and hang out with friends and family.

implied by who exactly? you? did you tell him you were going to fuck other guys on tinder while he was working to sort his shit out to make the relationship more hospitable for your STI filled swamp ass?

I have the strangest feeling this thread is bait.
However, regardless, the story in the op is about a whore being a whore and receiving whorish rewards.
The man deserves so much better, but at the same time I can only feel so bad for someone so stupid as to date such a woman.

How would you virgins even know what the standard procedure for breaks is?

And most people assume taking a break means you're breaking up but want to soften the blow. I didn't even think we would be getting back together.

Oh okay, it's definitely bait.
Thanks for clarifying you retarded faggot.

>retarded woman doesn't know condoms are for more than just birth control
and nothing more to see here folks

Ya ok, I don't give a fuck. I don't need advice from here anyways, it's clear you're all just misogynistic dipshits who want to tear me down. I'm gonna tell him I was raped.

Did he sleep with other women? And you decided to RAW DOG thirsty tinder Chads?

You’re a fucking slut and deserve what you got. Leave him the fuck alone so he can get his life sorted out, id be depressed to if I had to deal with an idiotic bitch like you everyday.

Keep your health and fix those emotional issues you got going on. The warts might go away in two years but if I were him I’d either leave you and even if I got back with you I would have no respect for you, and you’d have to be 100% on your best behavior or its the streets for you slag.

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I've had like actual sex, like something that lasted more than 30 minutes probly a dozen times in my life and I am almost thirty. I really want to kill myself, but reading stuff like this reminds me of how worse it could be. I turned down many sure thing whores strictly out of paranoia for STD. Only actual random one night stand I ever had was with a normal girl , like by normal I mean not popular / Stacy / has some morals / literally takes care of retarded people, and her pussy was great . All the people I turned down were people you could look at for a second and know if a dick was in them last night. They were people who everyone bragged about fucking. They were "part of the cool orgy". In private I was able to get multiple cool orgy people to admit their STDs, and they were all like BIG DEAL ILL JUST PUT CREAM ON IT! Maybe some of these people really did just get something curable, and maybe everyone cool has at least hpv, and these people seem to be having a better time. I dont have much to fall back on though so the humiliating doctor experience, random flare ups, discomfort from both the disease and the betrayal of a human not warning me, and the small chance of something more serious is enough to justify my "half vol half in celdom".

>Letting strangers nut in you
Phew, you are retarded, but it's not totally your fault. nu-Feminism has systematically brainwashed females of this generation into think hey can have everything with no risk and no sacrifice. Fucking tinder, phew, welcome to the bottom rung of society, you'll be here forever.


I actually almost had a second one night stand once, this girl came up to me while I was on vacation which never happens so I went home with her. We made out a lot, luckily I didn't get mouth herpes but she had a clean face and people ive seen that have herpes are actually easily spotted sometimes, but when I got got her naked I was fingering her and was about to lick her pussy , then I got this weird smell combined with the fact that her pussy was stretched by Chad's girthier cock, and I immediately lost my erection because I had a better idea of what was going down at that point - this girl needs sex for validation from anyone, including well endowed chad pussy hunters who have obviously collected a few diseases, and there was nothing about me that had anything to do with getting invited to this girls bed. Sucks cause she was hot and cool and I literally would have dated her, and she basically ghosted me the next day. I'd say I dodged a bullet there. Inspect that shit niggas.

Fuck you bitch

Unironically fucking kill yourself

Honesty is always the correct route

>no sex for days
wow that must have been terrible, no wonder you needed the cocks of multiple strangers inside you with absolutely no protection!

Got an STD and don’t know how?...
Tinder would be my guess. My Brother has given so many chics herpes on there, it’s seriously not fucking funny. Let’s just say you got your pussy trolled. LOL! If you don’t tell him before he will definitely find out after. Better be careful, I would fuck you up if you burned me like that and knew it. Just saying. You might want to go ahead and spill the beans. Or warts in this case.
Damn I’m glad my girl actually has some class. Thanks, you just made my relationship that much better.

He’s still going to break up with you. No clean person wants a dirty person. It’s over, just get it over with. Enjoy being single, forever.

>Get depressed because I don't get dick for "days"
>Have unprotected sex with strangers
>Contract STD
>Decide to get back together knowing you have an STD, just putting him into an even messier situation in which you'll just have to break up a second time

If I was him, I'd have lost all respect for you for needing to feel validated "days" after a break up caused by his mental health issues. I say this with as little hate as I can, but you need to get YOUR obvious impulse control and validation issues sorted out.

Be honest with him. I'm serious. Don't sugar coat it. Be honest. Because if you claim to care about him, telling him the truth and letting him move on with his life is worth more than the inconvenience/discomfort of you having to out yourself as the type of person that you are.

Just tell him the truth, if you hide it, it will be much worse.

>sleep with a few guys with no condom (I have an IUD)
You did an incredibly stupid thing. I'm not talking about the causal sex if you are into it, but about the fact you did it unprotected, and you keep mentioning you having an IUD as if it makes it less dumb somehow. Sure you didn't risk a pregnancy, but you left the door open for anything else.
Now, you have to tell him. And by doing so, you'll have to tell him about you sleeping around as well, unless your bf is an illiterate moron. Be prepared, it's not gonna be an easy talk

No condom? i mean did you even really care about your boyfriend at all? WTF kinda human being cucks her boy like that and expects to come back scott free.

you're just a shitty girlfriend, poor guy deserves better

>boyfriend doesn't want to have sex for a few days
>goes and fucks multiple other guys; catches STD
>"h-how am I a whore, I was sad!! that's my excuse i'm totally the victim, guys!"

frankly, you deserve to have an STD

Please tell him the truth, OP. If you truly love him you have tell him.

>misogynistic dipshits
>"I'm gonna lie to him and say I was raped!"
go back to plebbit or unironically kill yourself already


>op says the boyfriend is a love of her life and that he wants to marry her and have kids with her
>op then proceeds to fuck bunch of random guys when they're not together

I really fucking hate this society. I don't blame you OP for being brainwashed with this culture, but the fact that this kind of behaviour was made at least remotely normal in todays society makes me extremelly sick in stomach. Like watching kittens thrown into garbage disposal sick.

I'm just going to be another one to advice you to tell the guy. I know what love is and I know that I'd forgive, but you need to realize whether you want to be happy in longterm relationship or you want to keep seeking immediate pleasure from random hook ups whenever you guys take a break, because you surely can't have both. Realizing that what you've done is extremelly fucked up beyond comprehension is a first step you can't go further without. There's no point in saying sorry if you're unwilling to change the way you do things.

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I love the premise of this post.

If it's not obvious, the premise is that OP suggests she's always desiring cock, it's a endless hunger, it's always there; but the only fabric restraining this beast is that she's in a relationship. Take away the relationship, and you free the slut.

Meanwhile she talks about it so casually like arresting this beast is no big deal. It's like a lightswitch you an just flick on and off. "Relationship on, relationship off"

Well done 7/10 troll.

Sharia laws can't be implemented soon enough in the West desu

My advice is to break up with him. You need to sort your shit out and you can only do that alone. Fuck off with this halfassery.

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Just tell him you're a degenerate whore who got an STD. It's that simple.
Accept who you are.

Also, depression is a form of narcissistic neurosis. Don't expect others to feel pity for your degenerate behavior.

And you're clearly looking for attention here, because you're a narcissistic neurotic whore.

Read Freud.

Tell him the fucking truth. Then track down the asshole who gave you herpes and cut his fucking rotten dick off.

Tell him. If I was in his position, I'd want you to tell me. Would I be mad? Yes.

Would I decide it's not worth it anymore? No.

He had a depressive episode, and you should've stuck with him, but ultimately sometimes those are best resolved solo with support rather than actively with another. I won't really pass judgement one way or another.

Just be honest with him, and well, if things go badly, we'll be here on Jow Forums to complain to while you eat icecream and complain.

Should have just masterbaited, nd bathed in your sadness

Terry Davis was right when he said that the world was perfectly just. He said a lot of nonsense, but he was right on that one.

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>>no sex for days
Oh what a horrible horrible fate!


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GREAT bait. I copied this and will use it in the future. 10/10 OP. Im even taking some of your replies.

You don't know what bait is, do you?

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Most of you focus too much on OP's fucking around when the larger issue is how selfish she is. I know how this ends a very selfish woman did it to me. OP doesn't tell, she has sex with her bf despite the risk (remember she has a habit of risky sexual behavior) and her bf catches the STD and then she lies, blaming it on him during the "break".

step 1: make excuses, "let's take things slow", whatever, until the warts aren't visible anymore
step 2: continue as before

Op you should probably just not tell him. It's not worth ruining your relationship over

Roastie or beta... can't tell

She won't tell him and will take the risk. She is no stranger to risky sexual behavior, thats a fact.

>girl has sex on break
>risky behavior
Incels should commit to a suicide pact and all die at once

Are you stupid? I have no issue with her having sex with whomever she wants, she wasn't in a relationship. Risky behavior, because she had unprotected sex with people she knew little about and it has bit her.

But I guess you must be so goddamn retarded you cannot see the difference.

I don't think it's retarded to care about her needs, no. And calling her needs "risky behavior" is offensive

Kill yourself and tell him you're a whore. Nice bait thread.

thats why you don't date black guys you retard. Hope it itches, hope it burns. Think of it as penance for your dirty lifestyle. You better hope he has no self confidence or he's leaving you.

tsk tsk is all I can say.

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he gets warts, and they both get depression and will be forever estranged to sex and hang themselves or be a literal incel cause infecting more means more misery. And jail time. OP is probably not answering cause shes done tying the noose lol.

Yeah you're an idiot. Again, she can fuck a busload and thats her prerogative but to do that unprotected is risky as she has found.

she won't hang herself. she's missing because she's fucking her bf right now giving him her little gift

Nope. Fuck off

>having sex is a crime

Hey! Can you post your discord I’d love to talk about my boyfriend :(

PM'd you

juicy bait, looks like youve reeled in some biters

lmao woman are stupid

Not all women

God, this is depressing. Why are women like this?

Something you want to talk about, bud?

Simple. Have sex with him and when he gets warts on his dick go, "SURPRISE!" Then tell him about how you got bukakkeed.

or just blame him for the warts. Accuse him of cheating

What if he didn't have sex with anyone when they were on a break though?

She can just say he did. Everyone would believe her over him regardless of fact

True. All she has to do is continue to insist it was him and it will be believed. In fact her bf will start to believe it, he will never believe it came from her.

This. Problem solved op

I don't understand retards that have unprotected sex with random strangers. Like whatever, you enjoy one-night stands/random hookups, it's not my thing but I'm not gonna judge you for it. No condom though? Absolutely idiotic and you deserve all the scorn in the world.

>b-but muh IUD/BC pill/vasectomy etc.

STDs are still a thing.

lol it doesn't matter if you have an idu most STDs have no visible symptoms and most people are carriers who don't know they have anything... protect yourself lol don't let tinder guys have that much control over you. and don't say they dont have control because one of them literally gave you an STD. be better.

No fuck you, asshole. She shouldn't be penalized for enjoying her time

>She shouldn't be penalized for enjoying her time
Too bad STDs don't care about that.

Haha, roastie can’t go a few days without sex and has to pay for it. Well guess what, you made your bed with hundreds of other guys, now sleep in it. Slut.

>bf I’m sorry I was such a nasty slut but I got an STD while you were faithful on our break and now we can’t be together.

Fuck you
Fuck you
And most certainly FUCK YOU

This is bait

Roasty Toasty.

Like they fucked you? Nah, I’ll pass.

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What you don't want aids?

Can you comprehend that you’re now infertile? Sucks to be you (like you did their dicks)! 20 something and now you can never have kids because you had no discipline and got an STD. Now if you ever pass one out of that gaping roastie oven of yours they’ll catch whatever you have to and hate you for life. You don’t deserve love, degenerate.

No, I’m not a demon.