Are women even sentient?

Are women even sentient?

As in, it seems like they're no more intelligent than an amoeba in a petri dish responding to stimuli. I'm very skeptical that women can even construct a "thought" that isnt directly related to their immediate emotions.

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All worker ants are female. Male ants are born infrequently and only live a couple weeks

Do you feel better OP? would you like to go back into your pram? Is the big bad lady scaring you? there, there its okay.
Feel better?
Lets ask the real question. Why are you like this? is it because you've had a bad experience with a women? Or is it because you've done nothing but sit on your arse expecting a women to bend at the knee for your every whim.

i think its safe to say that u could remove the gender from that question and replace it with all living things

Have you considered that maybe women are essentially no more intelligent than a stick insect?

>Have you considered that maybe women are essentially no more intelligent than a stick insect?
No, but then again I'm not a worthless incel.

There's a reason that the straight female ideal has been distilled down to a single four letter name.

Ironically, you sound mad.

>tfw my name has 4 letters


Still smarter than you.

OP is right and men like you are blinded by your feelings of love.

I thought you were the kind of guy who believed in love.

No different for us. Have only met 2 guys so far who have expressed anything like the ability to think or God forbid, emotional intelligence.

Alas they seem to be a dime a dozen. Good luck OP.


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If you really want to know rather than wanting to act edgy online, read a novel by Zadie Smith or Lauren Groff or something.


ur momma is so dumb that you had to make this post

I feel like we need a ""sociology"" board so people can talk about this trash there instead. Not advice, OP

thats how bugs work

>claims women cant make a logical thought without basing them on emotions
>creates a thought topic thread based on emotions

Lol OP, by your own logic and reasoning, are you a woman then??

Take a critical thinking class, cuz damn you make no sense

Yes and no

A woman is a creature between man and beast

Wrong. It's a creature less than beast.


Women show flashes of true thoughts but they immediately sputter out into a gray fog of femininity

Nope. I don't think any woman has formed anything approaching what can be called a thought. Sorry bub

>"Synapses were quantified in the neuropil (i.e., avoiding the neuronal and glial somata, blood vessels, large dendrites, and myelinated axons) (23), and we found men to have a higher synaptic density in all layers (Fig. 1C). The smallest difference in density was found in layer II, in which the synaptic density was 18% higher in men than in women (Fig. 1C), whereas the greatest difference was found in layer V, where the synaptic density in men was 52% higher than in women (678 million synapses per cubic millimeter plus). Considering all layers, men also have a significant higher average synaptic density of 12.9 × 108 per cubic millimeter, whereas in women it was 8.6 × 108 per cubic millimeter. Thus, there was a 33% difference in synaptic density between men and women."