I'm a 25 year old female...

I'm a 25 year old female. I've only dated twice and it never really went beyond kissing since they were religious and using me as a beard, respectively.
I want to try online dating since I'm not meeting anybody in person, but would my inexperience at this age be a turn-off when such things would come up? I know a lot of people like virgins but I'm afraid my inexperience will seem like it's indicative of some greater personal fault on my part.

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Are you ugly

As long as you don't surprise anyone with it, and don't try to lose it in a hook up, you'll be fine.

I'm average.

At what point would it be 'surprising' someone?

>At what point would it be 'surprising' someone?

When you get to "the night" where you are planning to sleep with them.

It'll be a bit awkward but it's okay for you to have an honest, adult conversation with the guy and tell him that you've never done it before. There's a solid chance he won't believe you as girls tend to play this card regardless of the truth but don't be offended by that, it just means that he thinks you're desirable enough that it's hard for him to believe that you've never been with anyone in that way.

When you have this conversation is up to you. After a couple of dates is probably the earliest, 4-5 dates is probably the longest I'd leave it, depending on the guy and what his expectations for sex are (sex after 3-5 dates is considered pretty normal in the west).

It's worth having your first time with someone you like and who will take care of you. There is a huge emotional component to sex and the first time is invariably uncomfortable and embarrassing, so doing it with someone who will provide emotional support can make all the difference in whether or not you have a good time. Giving a guy a little bit of notice means that he gets an opportunity to decide if he wants to take on that responsibility and it lets him know in advance that you're going to be bad at it and that you're not going to be up for anything extreme.

What did you mean by them using you as a beard?

I don't really have an answer for you OP. You can try getting on tinder if you're only trying to lose your virginity...

Come see me. I’ll take that V from you. I’m not average. I’m well above. You won’t be disappointed. Post a neck down pic. Let’s see what you’re working with.
I’ll buy the ticket. I’ll even wine and dine you.
Only rule: you can’t fall in love with me.
It’s easier said than done. It never fails, you girls always want to love me. HMU if you can follow that one rule.

Thank you for your advice, user. That's a lot of important, good points I'd never had considered. I've copy and pasted it for reference.

He used me as a last-ditch effort at seeing if he could be attracted to females.
Is tinder really just for hook-ups?

Go check the other post in advice, talking about how she got warts while on a break with her bf.
spoiler: it was on tinder.

Consider another app. Bumble probably has more of what you're looking for.

There are plenty of dudes who will fuck you just for the chance to deflower you. It's not like they'll be setting out to hurt you emotionally or physically, it's just that they won't really have considered the impact on you. This is why losing your virginity to a hook up is a terrible idea. A bad first experience can do some pretty decent emotional damage that is hard to unravel in the future.

Use an app that's not tinder, find a boyfriend, be clear that a boyfriend is what you're looking for, and then use all of the deductive powers you have access to in order to determine whether he's doing to go on three dates with you, swipe your V card, then never speak to you again, or if he's serious about trying to make a relationship with you work.

I don't think he's very religious if he's tryna find out if he likes chicks. Lol. Anyway, ya tinder is pretty much for that. Nothing worthy of relationships there. Hinge seems to be decent for that.

In my humble opinion, you should try to just get a husband and have kids. Not saying wait for marriage, but lose your virginity to a guy who actually wants you and cares for you.

Don't worry user. Most guys find it endearing that you hold on to your virginity. It is not directly indicative of a character flaw either.

However if you let it get to your head than it will cause problems, i am not saying ignore virginity entirely but don't let it bother you. Try to simply think of it as a feature that will change.

And other anons are right, dont say it outright but dont hide it either. Some men will just to try to deflower you just to be the "first" while some will cherish the moment and make it feel special. It is hard to differentiate this from just peoples words or only a few dates but try to find a guy on the latter side. You might still not work out but it will be a pleasuring memory.

By the way in my country tinder is not just for hookups so your milage may vary.

I know how important protection is until you see paper proof the other person's been tested for things. I'm very inexperienced but I try to read up on sexual health things just in case.
I have a couple of friend who've met partners on tinder. I knew the hookup reputation but I thought it might be more than that. I should probably just avoid it and try different things.

Started looking at bumble, it really does look promising. Thank you for the recommendation!
I've already been emotionally damaged by my past relationships, I know that not being careful in this matter will fuck me more up.
Is 3-5 dates really the common for sex to happen? It just seems so fast... Maybe I really do have something wrong with me.

It's the figuring whether they really care for me or just want me as a novelty that's worrying me. But I guess most women deal with that problem, huh?

No, your inexperience is a plus. Your faults (which may or may not've caused your inexperience) will be faults.

Either way, there's no sense worrying about inexperience, because the only way ever forward is always from where you stand.

I'm not religious either. But cherish your virginity. Be very careful who you give it to. It means a lot, a whole lot, to men. And if you can give that to your husband, he will love you and be so much more loyal to you. He'll feel a greater sense of comfort and it'll pay off for you. It's really worth waiting.

Yeah. Dating these days is fucked. It's hard to tell if someone cares about you.

Yes 3-5 dates is pretty normal, depending on the time frame of those dates. It's one of those self-perpetuating bits of information though, like having to spend 3* your monthly salary on an engagement ring. Someone somewhere started the 3 date thing as a rule of thumb, other people heard it and adopted it, and now they spread it and it continues on.

I'm not saying that everyone expects it, just do be aware that some guys will be put off if you don't put out in a reasonable time frame. Those are the types who were more likely to pump and dump and you are dodging a bullet if you run into any of those guys.

At the end of the day, despite what else I've said, it's just sex. In some ways you need to rip the band-aid off because the older you get the more alien of a concept it starts to become, and the more anxiety you associate with it. Find a guy who seems nice and who you are confident is after the same things you're after in regards to relationships or being fuck buddies or something, let him know that you need him to be gentle and kind about it, and get it over with. Sex is not some huge mind blowing or world-altering experience, especially not at first, so don't let it become a huge road block in your life. Do it once so you can do it more and actually get good at it, which is when it starts to be fun.

Some tips on losing your virginity:

>manage your expectations, you probably aren't going to cum, and even the guy might not get to on your first try
>it will be uncomfortable at best and likely a little bit painful anyway, it gets better with practice though
>foreplay is important, even if you're embarrassed don't try to skip right to the main event, suck his dick, let him finger you and eat you out, kiss him, put your boobs in his face so he can suck your nipples, all of these things make sex a billion times more enjoyable than straight forward penetration could be
>shave your pubes if you don't already, seems to me that most guys aren't a fan and honestly smooth skin feels better, offering him a good experience makes him more likely to do the same in return
>make sure you are comfortable with him by going out on at least a few dates and by spending time with him
>do it when you have time to start slow and go slow
>don't be afraid to take the lead or ask for something that you want to try, e.g. a position or a sex act
>don't be embarrassed by how your bits look, he won't care
>cuddle afterward

>would my inexperience at this age be a turn-off when such things would come up?

The 'inexperience is a disadvantage' is a meme made by thots and whiteknights. It's literally one of the best traits of a person because getting laid is no longer an achievement, it's a choice.

Don't lose your virginity lightly. When you find the right person, you'll be grateful you didn't have XY dicks/tongues in you before. Immediate pleasure isn't worth the longterm happiness.

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I love how incels legitimately think this is the kind of guy women want

He talks like a massive autist and i'm the ONLY one who has responded to his INCREDIBLE OFFER

The 'virginity is a plus' is a meme made by bitter basement-dwelling incels.

just say youre not a virgin

Anybody who is a virgin after 18-19 has issues, either phisical, mental or both.
If I was you, I would get on tinder and fuck today.

Friendly reminder you're the worst troll and the worst poster on Jow Forums

>t's literally one of the best traits of a person because getting laid is no longer an achievement, it's a choice.

At least for men it's a mark of shame. It indicates that you're socially inept; because you can't get laid; which then makes you sexually inept, which then in turn makes you super self conscious.

Might as well start now. I had no experience at 20 and it fucked me over with my first girl

Why? I'm not trolling.

You're in denial my friend. Just because you wasted your virginity and can no longer hold it for a special someone doesn't mean you have to force it on others.

>What is conviction
>What is belief

Literally all it takes to get laid these days is a Tinder and low enough standards. You can be the fat sweaty uggo, but as long as you settle for 2/10 you can literally fuck today.

I won't even comment on the pretentious wannabe psychological analysis because that's worth about 14 keks.

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The only reason a guy might find a girl in her mid 20s to be less attractive as a romantic partner is because it can be hard to get a good relationship going with someone who has less experience than you.

Note though that I'm talking about relationship experience and not sexual experience. If you've been around the block and had your heart broken before, then dating a girl who has never experienced much of dating or heart break is never going to be able to understand your emotional position on the relationship. It creates a power imbalance that is often harmful, with the less experienced party being more invested than the other, leading to fights and resentment.

Virginity is simply a symptom of relationship inexperience. If you've had serious relationships in the past OP, just without the sex, then you should be okay.

We all thought like you when we were 15. You'll grow out of the Disney movie mentality eventually.

ok mr wizard; can't say losing my virginity made my life any worse as opposed to lifting what felt like a massive weight off my chest.

>comes to Jow Forums
>thinks guys won't like a virgin girl

You're on the same playing field as us, and come here to whine? Maybe they don't like your self depreciation, you can make a guy hard as a rock if you simply have your chin up chest out.

So in short, no they won't care. And at 25 it's concerning but overall understandable. just say you wanted to wait for the right one. I bet that lucky guy will be ecstatic that it will be him.

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Just sell your virginity online for millions of dollars instead of having some asshole basically do it for free.

You make it sound easy as if anyone could do it.

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