Can your gf flirt with other dudes

My gf has one male friend in particular who I think she has a bit of a crush on. They've flirted in the past (he knew her before I did) We went out drinking together recently and she was definitely flirty with him, nothing super bad but she had a clear attraction toward him. We were walking outside at one point and she wrapped her arms around his arm and mine at the same time, and that just put a bad taste in my mouth. Is it normal for women, especially drunk ones, to be flirty with other dudes even if they're taken? And if it is bad behavior how do I go about mentioning it? I feel like saying nothing is bad cause I seem like a pushover but if I bring it up I look insecure, so I don't know how to go about it

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I don't know if it's universal, but my last gf is the type that gets very flirty with other people when drunk. She also has a lot of mental health issues though, a lot of childhood trauma that while doesn't excuse the behavior, explains that she's damaged goods.

I say that because she gave me a bullshit reason for us breaking up after just a week before telling me she wanted her whole life with me, and is now dating that guy I was concerned about.

So from now on if I'm ever in a situation like yours, I'm going with my gut feeling and calling it out. I learned my lesson, hopefully you won't have to as well.

>I feel like saying nothing is bad cause I seem like a pushover but if I bring it up I look insecure,

It absolutely does not matter what other people think in this case. You decide for yourself where the line is with cheating when you're in a relationship and that's a conversation you're gonna have to have with your girlfriend. You might assume you see eye to eye but then stuff like this happens and she might not see it as stepping on anyone's toes but you hold negative feelings about it.

OP something you're going to have to learn through relationships is that you have to be 100% honest about your feelings to your girlfriend. As much as that sucks because it's scary to be vulnerable with people, it's what your girlfriend likely expects out of you. Not doing so will effect a lot of different elements to your relationship. When you say that you're worried about how she'll view you, that should be a red flag to yourself that you're not comfortable talking with this girl honestly. Your needs in the relationship are just as important as hers, and you shouldn't be afraid to share it.

This, 100%. From experience, I now know I should drop a bitch like that immediately, but I doubt you’ll listen to us, so get hurt and find out the hard way like we did.

they can and almost certainly will

Fuck no, if someone i was dating kept doing that im out. If im not more important than some dickhead friend im not going to stay and get fucked around.

You know, I'm usually understanding about this kind of things, maybe because even if I'm in love and i never cheated while in a relationship i still appreciate other girls, and even if i always try to not cross the line, some interactions may objectively be seen as kinda flirty, so i'd be an hypocrite to get mad if my gf did the same. But i think this situation is different, your gf was too much blatant and did it right in your face. It's very disrespectful to say the least, and you should definitely talk to her about it.

Your response to that situation should have been a break up right there on the spot then proceed to hit on other bitches in front of her.

Sorry to hear that my dude. She sounds pathological. Hopefully she ends up in a nut house before she ruins someone else’s life.

If she acts like this with you in tow you can bet its full on when you aren't around. Soon as he reciprocates you are gone OP. If anything taking you with her that evening was an attempt to make him jealous not you, she doesn't care what you think.

maybe you should just bring it up with her politely and tell her how it makes you feel. she’ll probably think it’s cute that you’re jealous.

>Is it normal for men, especially drunk ones, to be flirty with other girls even if they're taken?

What do you think your girlfriend would do in this situation.
Or maybe a healthy functioning human in general.

Drop the cunt, just move on without saying anything man.
You gotta cut cancer quick before you die a slow and painful death.

>she wrapped her arms around his arm and mine at the same time
2 female friends of mine do this to me quite often
of course we've fucked

Say 'you're mine' while fucking her, that's it. It doesn't matter what she is doing to other guys while she fucks you exclusively, they're the orbiting cucks in that situation.

Every relationship has different boundaries but generalizing I'd say flirting on occasion when drunk is completely normal, holding on to an active friendship with someone you feel on-going attraction towards is not. That's quite different than complimenting the bartender.

drop the cunt before she cucks you, if shes not already doing so

>letting your woman in drink
>having to ask if physical intimacy with anyone but you is bad
Some people simply deserve all that happens to them. You are one

To defend OP, I didn't either. I knew she did shady shit before but in my eyes we clicked in every single way and I thought she was past that behavior.

Ironically her mom cheated on her dad for two years and she hates her for it, but defends her when I say that I didn't believe people like that are capable of change.

I trust my gf because I think she is truly in love with me, but there's something about this dude I don't like. I can just sense the flirty vibes and I can hear it in her laughter. I'll talk to her about it but Im not gonna just dump her cause of this one drunken incident

my ex was really good about shutting down/turning down guys if they approached her and etc. she tended to keep contact to the bare minimum if the guy was from work/school or a mutual friend of sorts. she would tell me about this stuff unprovoked but i appreciated it. i think half of it was her wanting to brag about getting approached by a guy for her ego and the other half wanting to be transparent.

it was towards the end of our relationship that she became less and less diligent about that sort of stuff. a dude from work would message her on a regular basis and i told her i found the frequency at which they exchanged messages odd, she got irrationally defensive about it which was unlike her. not long before that, we were at a party with some of her friends and a dude approached her while i was getting drinks. previously she would be real blunt about having a bf, this time around she "humored" him and was okay with this guy obviously flirting with her and putting his arm around her.

then she broke up with me cause she "wanted different things and felt like she was a different person" after four years.

so yeah user, be careful.

>one drunken incident
but you don't see how she acts with him when you aren't around. Without you there she is much more forward