Why does my ex girlfriend have to do this to me...

Why does my ex girlfriend have to do this to me? I was over her then all of a sudden she said hi to me at our university the other day.

Everytime I see her I get fucked up. We broke up a year ago & I was okay but then I saw her like a month later and it fucked me up.

Now it happened again & it fucked me up again seeing her. Wtf do I do? I miss her again any advice? I'm this close to texting her rn (she dumped me btw)

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You should find someone new.

Stay strong user. If she dumped you then the relationship isn’t gonna work the second time.
You need to me another girl to talk to, doesn’t have to be romantic.
Good luck, stay strong soldier

I've already tried that, I go out all the time and no one seems to stick. Women have gave me there numbers but it doesn't work, friends have hooked me up but it doesn't work, I get girls numbers but it doesn't work. Fml

get over your ex and also set up some boundaries with this girl. if it's not ok for her to talk to you then it's not ok for her to talk to you. be an adult and tell her if it's not cool for you two to be in contact.

Yeah she dumped me because she has depressed & other shit but I loved her, like it was my first love. I have talked to other girls, especially girl friends but it doesn't help when I see her fml and this time she actually said hi to me

Do you wanna chat user?

Bro the exact same thing happened to me. Girl left me then later in the year she started teasing me in school, I had a whole ass panic attack. I got back together with her but that was a bad idea. It’s not gonna work

I have already done that, I told her it's werid for us to talk, and it helped age was a total bitch too. This was like a year ago. Now she has the nerve to say hi to me? I thought she hated me (her depression)

Yes please, I'm so close to texting like "wtf I thought you hate me why did you say hi?"

Also for your guys information I never hit her, cheated on her, be cheap with or nothing. I did everything right but because of her depression and body dysmorphia she dumped me because she thought I wasn't attracted to her and that I hurt her... Fuck

Are you serious brother? That's what is happening rn to me... My friends have class with her so I see them to hangout & now she's saying hi to me? Fuck man. Why won't it work with your ex?

I think you just need to get back on the horse. She’s pretty mean for doing this shit to you and someone better deserves you. Sound like a solid guy.

Well she only did it to keep getting at me, like I had just started ignoring her completely. (Before I was like looking down when I walked past her and shit like that but now I just acted confident) i dumped her though because she started playing with other guys

If you wanna try privetly I can do that?

>Why does my ex girlfriend have to do this to me? I was over her then all of a sudden she said hi to me at our university the other day

She didn't do anything other than to be civil, user. You two broke up a year ago, you got to grow up of this

Thanks user I appreciate your kind words, I do so much for girls when I'm with them, especially for her but I guess she didn't care. How should I get back on my horse? I feel like something isn't finished with her idk what to do we both loved each other

Damn bro wtf that's good you did that. What did you get back with her?

I'm honestly too emotional & romantic, I don't like being in relationships for this reason. She went out of her way to say hi to me. Like I was hanging out with my friends and she touched my back & said hi. I didn't even see her. Like she purposely went out of her way to fuck with me because she knows I'm very emotional and I didn't want to see her

Sure, do you have discord? Or something like that

ok but
>it's weird for us to talk
is not the same as
>i don't want to keep talking to each other

you're circling around your feelings here. it's not her fault if you didn't clearly say that you don't want to talk to her. she can't predict that saying hello to someone will devastate them, especially after so much time. it's either ok for her to talk to you in some capacity that you can define for yourself or not.

>Now she has the nerve to say hi to me?
Most people say hi to each other. She likely didn't think anything of it.

>I thought she hated me (her depression)
People change especially after a year. You can't know people's inner thoughts and feelings unless they tell them to you. She may still hate you or may not even think about you. She probably just said hi without thought.


After I said it's werid for us to talk we decided that we weren't going to talk to each other again. Like she even made it a point that the does not want to talk to me. She said she hates me etc. Like I don't know what else to say bro. She knows I'm over romantic and stuff and that this would fuck me up to.

Like I said before she went out of her way to say hi to me, I would have said hi if we made eye contact but she snuck up behind me and did it. She had to think about it because I wouldn't have noticed her at all

ok i mean she may have thought you were over her or something, which is usually why people do no contact. she can't predict that you're still going to pine for her when she hasn't talked to you in so long.

beyond all of that with her why are you letting this get to you? you're acting like you're not in control here when you can chose to not be fucked up by someone saying hello to you. she's not responsible for the feelings you're feeling now, you are. your ex did something and now you're reacting negatively to her action. that's on you dude

I guess your right, I mean I thought I was over her too. I didn't know I would still feel like this after seeing her, I couldn't predict that. I can't control my emotions lmao I just don't get why she went out of her way like that to say hi to me, she clearly saw I was busy. But honestly thank you for your advice. I appreciate you responding.

>I didn't know I would still feel like this after seeing her, I couldn't predict that.

True if this wasn't an environment where you would expect to see her. The main issue though is that you're still getting really bent out of shape by just seeing her, meaning you're not over it.

>I can't control my emotions lmao
yeah you can, because you can control your thoughts that produce your emotions. emotions don't just happen out of the air, they come from your processing of outside events. like for this instance you could have felt happy by thinking about how she's showing that she doesn't hold any hard feelings.

>I just don't get why she went out of her way like that to say hi to me, she clearly saw I was busy.

you don't know these things unless you asked her directly. she might have been drunk and completely didn't think about it from your side of things.

I know, this proves I'm not over it which sucks. She was my first love after all. For some reason I feel like it's not over, like I have a werid feeling she is open to talk to me and see me after this experience.

I did not do anything to her, she is the one with hard feelings. I have nothing against her, I'm just surprised she is open to me now. Because of her mental illneses she hated me, like she would make stuff up I didn't do.

Your right about that, I don't know why she did that, maybe I should just text her tomorrow

I'm not saying she's open to you, I'm saying she may have seen you and just walked up and said hi.

I don't think you should contact her unless it's to say that you don't want to see her. You clearly need to work on getting over her so more contact is not going to help you, especially if you're getting upset over her saying hello.

Maybe it's both, she's open to me or she just wanted to say hi idk I just find this strange. I'm not upset I just miss her I guess but I know because of the way she is were not together.