Hey guys. Me (24f) and my long-term bf(25m) have been together for about 2 years now.
3 months ago, we were talking about maybe moving to a new apartment/house. This led to a pretty big argument between us about how much each of us should be working.
We ended up not talking to each other for a week.
My girlfriends saw I was upset and took me to some bars and one club. At one of the bars I met the most attractive guy I've ever seen.
Long story short, we hooked up.
I felt both really bad but really turned on, too. I ended up seeing him two more times before I was willing to talk with my bf.
Well, when my period didn't come on schedule I started freaking out. I did a dozen pregnancy tests and each one came back positive.
I'm so fucking mad and sad and confused and I don't even know. Yes, it's been a month or two since I figured it out. I haven't told my bf yet.
I've been racking my brain trying to think of what's best.
Truthfully, I really hope that guy from the bar is the father. For as sweet as my bf is, I just don't think he's at the same level as this other man. Regardless, I still rely on my bf for a lot of things. I can't really drive (my girlfriend drove me to her house the night of the fight) and i only work part time at a nearby grocery store.

I really don't want to get an abortion. Not only that, I but I would have to make a whole day out of it because I live in a backwater and the nearest clinic is several hours away.
If I have the kid and tell him it's his, is this the best course of action? I really don't know who the dad is. My bf had sex with me not too long before the fight. We have had sex since then though....

If my bf asks for a paternity test I might be fucked. I don't know what he'd do if the kid isn't his.
Should I try to get back with the bar guy? He's expressed interest but he lives on the other side of town and it be a whole thing... plus I don't really know if it's his.
Hopefully you guys can help me out. I'm in a bad place right now

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follow the instructions in my next post

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kill yourself

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Thanks, incel. Very helpful. I'm sorry grownups have more pressing matters than wondering when mommy is br

*bringing home tendies
Fuck you

You're probably baiting

First empty a large bottle of c vitamine
Them do a flip of a highway bridge you filthy whore, tell your boyfriend he doesnt deserve you because you are a cheating whore btw

You will be a horrible mother and a horrible wife to a man, either of which deserve a woman who isn't trash.

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I'm sorry I'm trash because my bf was being a little baby and throwing a temper tantrum for a whole week. I'm sorry I have physical needs and someone was there to help me
Not helping or anything I haven't heard already. Fuck you

really hope this is just elaborate bait
there's no way women really are soulless automatons like this, r-right?

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It's bait, come on guys.

Grown-ups can drive and don't go out fucking random bar dudes while you're in a relationship, have fun getting your ass dumped out of that new apartment

ok so it is bait
you really had me worried for a second there

I wish it was, friend.
You are right about the driving part. Maybe I'll borrow someone's car and get it done. That way I can get out of dodge if it goes down

still bait but I bet this thread will get >80 replies

Whatever helps you sleep at night. Thanks for the help

>I have a relationship button i can just flip on and off like an apathetic psykopath

Srsly you should consider taking a job as helicopter ejectorseat tester you filthy roasty whore

If this isn't bait then you are a horrible person. This is exactly the sort of behavior that leads to all the incels on this board.

Be an adult and own up to your responsibilities, tell your bf you fucked up and own the consequences.

This is the second shitty bait thread you've made today that I've noticed.

I probably will if I can get my license. I need to be able to espace If he turns out to a psycho

Ok, let's clarify some stuff
1) I am not a whore because I had sex with barguy when we were on break
2) I do not know who's the dad (I was never on BC.. We were always very safe and didn't have much sex)
3) I am working on my license
4) I'm not killing myself
So for anyone who actually wants to offer suggestions, I'm all ears

While this particular story is not true the logic behind it has been used to justify passing another mans child as the child of another for 10's of thousands of years. While it may be in the best interest of the child it is the selfish wish of the mother to better her circumstance that is the root of the decision. For women this is not a betrayal but an option along with terminating a pregnancy. (some women do terminate pregnancy as a birth control method and more likely their partners child and choose to have the child of a lover they deem better genetically) For all the good advances in DNA research may bring for a woman it is a curse and why there are efforts to prohibit men from discovering paternity.

Assuming that this isn't bait: Don't get an abortion. Tell your boyfriend everything. He will break up with you. But don't worry, its fine. Wait until you give birth to the child. Are you done? Is it out? Perfect. Then you can proceed to kill yourself. How you do it doesn't matter. Either that or circumsize yourself and become a nun.

>So for anyone who actually wants to offer suggestions, I'm all ears

here you go ^_^

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How is my story not true? And no, it's not about what's best for the kid. It would be best if the barguy was the dad and I was his gf
Not killing myself. Who would take care of the kid?
I can't read that. It's too small

I hope it’s not bait and I believe it’s not. You have the same reaction as my ex gf, she wasn’t pregnant at least. She used me to excuse her terrible behavior, cheating included. We broke up. Assuming it’s not bait and you want to do something good. Tell him the truth and break up with him. Then find yourself some professional help, what you did is terrible and it will impact the life of a kid because of your selfish and short sighted behavior. Don’t blame incels, you are one of many reasons why men are defiant against women.

> fucking some random retard in the club
> 2 year relationship with bf

Consider that relationship dead, I'd suggest telling your bf the truth. And if possible, own up to your responsibility as the mother of this child and take the bar guy so u can the dna test to determine who the father of the child really is. Honestly, just relieve your boyfriend of the emotional pain you're gonna cause him and leave him be. He deserves much better and not some filthy whore who doesn't value a relationship

>We were always very safe
because you didn't want a child with your bf but threw caution to the wind with a hook up. Tells us all with whom you wanted to breed with.

go away you aren't very good at this. My point still stands however for all the guys on this thread.

>being this mad because the truth hurts
KEK, the absolute state of women

Even if the op is bait, isn't it telling that guys either believe it, can't tell the difference, or can play along with ease? What has the world come to

1) Yes, you are
2) This alone makes you a textbook whore
3) You are not an adult if you can't drive and have a car
4) Would be the best you can do for the world

Now get the fuck off this site, we need no whores and no people who post shit bait to get (you)'s

huh, I said women do this just not this OP. This OP is a fabrication. Cannot you grasp this

I mean, my bf is like 5'10, a little overweight. Cute face. He's an engineer so pretty smart. The bar guy was like 6'3, pretty fit. Also smart, but he has is a business man or something like that. Both white
I would like to tell him, but I want to wait until I'm sure I have somewhere to go. If he goes nuclear (which I doubt) I don't want to get killed

i'm trying to be as honest and as polite as possible here
>I am not a whore because I had sex with barguy when we were on break
if break means not going back to your bf, then don't ever cheat. unless you're not planning to stay with your bf, then sure go hook up with someone else, but atleast have a proper break up with your bf afterwards. he's not some buddha afterall, even if he is, you should'nt treat him like that. you're a terrible person.
>I do not know who's the dad (I was never on BC.. We were always very safe and didn't have much sex)
have a decency to tell your bf, he deserves to know. it doesnt matter if he's gonna dump you because you deserve it, at the very least you're being honest to him. you could come to the barguy if it possible, but dont keep your expectation as low as possible.
if he somehow still wants to stay with you through all of this, then please think again. do you really want to spend the rest of your life with him? through the good and the bad shit? this time just dont mess up again, dont toy with his feeling, dont make him regret doing this for you.
i guess i couldnt care less about the rest of it because you're such a piece of shit of a person. hope it helps, femanon.

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You claim to be open for suggestions but when someone in this thread spits truth you just deny everything. You probably don't even think this is your fault.

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Thanks for the honesty. I understand what you're saying, and I do plan on telling him... after I have somewhere to go. I sent the barguy a message asking If he wants to get coffee and talk things over. I also messenged some friends asking if I could stay with them for a bit.
I'm in a really tough place. I'm sorry I'm getting defensive, I'm just under so much pressure. I understand I am partially to blame for this, yes

just please dont fuck the barguy again if you're hoping to stay with your current bf again. if you fuck him again, getting back with your bf will not be an option anymore.

1. You are entirely to blame for this
2. So if you dont have anywhere easy to go you will not tell him?
3. If above yes how do you not think you are a psykopathic cunt with litterally zero(0) morale?

I won't. I'm planning on a coffee shop and that's it. He said sure, but not today. Tomorrow sometime
1. Ok
2. Correct
3. I'd be doing what's best for me and by extension the kid. No one needs a disfunctional family, and single moms are not good at raising kids

I agree with this.

Also knowingly lying about a childs paternity is a crime.

Dont be a peace of shit to tour current bf by lying and dont be a piece of shit by lying to your child as they grow up. Its unfair to everyone but yourself. childish and selfish.

Are women really like this?


Man, this bait doesn't even look tasty.

No way this will result in anything but devastation for the child

If it is a girl she will lack a proper father because the truth comes out eventually always.
She will detest you and try to fill that empty void with the seed of a thousand old men

If it is a boy he will learn to fear women either becomming a mgtow looser or a basedboy agreeing to all things toxic masculinity eventually sexually assaulting some female with a sense of projected hatred for his slut mom

The best for the child would be you doing suicide by cop

I don't see how so long as either dad has no idea that he might not be the father. Sure, the kid could take it upon themselves to get a test, but why would they? If in all other ways the dad thinks it's their kid, how could there be any doubt about the situation? I don't think barguy knows I'm in a relationship.

You’re a whore, OP. Kill yourself. Dont ruin the bf life because you give into temptation easily and have no respect.

I already said I'm not killing myself. From what I can tell, what he doesn't know can't hurt him

>All these newfags falling for shit bait
My god.
The sad part is some user will read this and it will twist his view on women.

There's nothing to twist. This is already how I viewed women

It's nit a bad thing really, you should always keep the possibilities in mind I guess.
The thing is, you have to be careful that it doesn't make you bitter.

just tell your bf and break up with him

I'm not bitter. I just have no expectations from women and therefore don't really find them attractive as anything beyond sexual objects.

>claims to be a muh grown up
>cant even drive


Even if it is bait, this is how women behave, they just don't talk about it and their friends probably defend her also.

Well then, sounds like you're golden!

>this is how women behave
Only if there is no man to dick or beat them into submission.

Which it sounds like the guy from the bar did, considering how she's still wet for him

Only there is no 'she' or 'guy from the bar'
This is bait, bad bait.

Can you prove that? Why would I take your word over OP's. You're a whiteknight and that's obvious. You've got an agenda and that's why you call it bait

Or he’s seen this exact same thread as I have before...

Well, still waiting for proof. As of right now I have a believable story and some random faggot saying it's wrong

Fuck off newfag.
If you think this is real you're dumb af.
OP has to provide proof since OP makes claims.
Proof is very easy and we have a good working tradition here which will not be twisted by the likes of your newfaggotory.
there are no girls on the internet

You're right. Maybe since op is such a whore, she'll provide proof. Hopefully she does

Keep your baby, love your baby &Zander do the best you can regardless of who the father is. An early paternity test can be done. Problems arise in every relationship and at some point somebody cheats... this time it was you. A life was created and should be cherished. Your baby is not a mistake!
Your boyfriend sounds like an asshole and you sleep with that other guy because deep down you don’t want to be with him. Leave.

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>Problems arise in every relationship and at some point somebody cheats... this time it was you.
Fucking kek
So cheating is the standard?

This is pretty much how I feel. He hasn't been great to me or made me feel wanted

Stop replying to this trash bait thread.

This is a troll thread. Posts like these have a purpose. Best thing to do is not to give the poster attention. They shall seek it somewhere else.
Nonetheless! Please euthanize yourself OP.

Hey, let me ask you first - how you ended up having unprotected sex with a stanger? Did your parents tech you to use condoms? This bothers me most, you had sex with bf - with protection, but then you fuck a random dude without it? Shit bait, otherwise

OP here. Can't beleiev I get all this replies to my shitty ass bait thread. Thanks for the (you)

imma go ahed and studdy now sew u later fags

I think OP should have somewhere safe to go, her bf will definitely be angry. That being said it is 100% OPs fault and the only way out of this is to own up to the fact that she isn't in love with him and tell barguy about the baby.

its already not an option. OP admitted she thinks her bf is a fat loser and she isn't in love with him anymore. Plus the whole broken trust thing. Stay ing in the relationship is very immoral at this point.

The kid wouldn't look like him, and humans are very good at detecting lies. he would eventually get paranoid and figure it out. Plus cheaters cheat and the next time you do it he'll catch you.

Not bait
Not a troll thread
Like I said, my girlfriends took me to a bar. I got pretty drunk and went back to his place. After that I liked him enough and stayed at his place for a day or two before going back with my friend.
My parents did, but I wasnt in a place to care. I have had sex with bf both with and without condoms. It never really bothered either of us. He makes more than enough money to afford a kid
You're not me
Yes, I will own up if I find somewhere to go.
Yes, I dont really love him but he makes my life easy
This is true. Like I said, I'm not sure who daddy is. Could be either.

Abort it you cunt, and break up with your boyfriend. What you did is WRONG and someone who works part time in retail, can't drive, and fucks around with strangers when the boyfriend doesnt provide attention and all that is not even close to being suitable to raise a child. Fuck you cunt, be ashamed and try to fix your horrible life

But if my boyfriend or the barguy doesn't know the difference, what does it hurt. Either are more than capable of affording a kid

>They both have cash that i can leech like a parasite succubi so that doesnt hurt anyone

>She wore clothes that i could easily rip off to rape her so that doesnt hurt anyone

Some women are this soulless.. -_-
I know I grew up a in a family full of them

Is this your mind in inceldom?
How is it soulless trying to find the best life for the child?

Oh yes it can when it all comes crumbling down. You're currently building a tower of lies. It grows higher everyday, and when he finds out and it all crumbles, he is going to end up under it. Kys.

Just imagine, you could have told him on any day from the day after you cheated, until he finds out. But you didn't. That's going to hurt. Again, kys

I might be able to help
>ex did this when I deployed to Kandahar
basically, yeah, you fucked up. lie in the bed you made. be honest with your bf, don't lead him on. don't don't don't do this, please don't do this. You can redeem yourself if you're just honest, yeah, it's going to hurt, but it's going to be much worse if you carry it on and make someone believe something that isn't true. that's mental abuse. if you wish to become a decent human again, be honest. if not, then I hope you wind up dead in a ditch somewhere(I mean this sardonically).

Break up, then seek an abortion.

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This is bait. No real person can be this shitty.
> I really hope that guy from the bar is the father
> I can't really drive
Wanting to get back with your bf while hoping the other guy is the father is deplorable. If you think other men are so much better than your bf, then get another man. The fact that you can't drive and only work part time, yet think you deserve better is disgusting. Judging by your post, I'm convinced the two of you got into an argument because he asked you to work more.>I'm sorry I have physical needs and someone was there to help me
It was one week. Don't pretend any of this was outside your control.
>So for anyone who actually wants to offer suggestions, I'm all ears
Figure out who the father is, then tell them; or at least tell your bf you're pregnant and not sure if he's the father. I'm sure you won't take this advice because it's actually moral, what you really want is something manipulative where you end up with everything you want regardless of the secrets and other people who get hurt.

Btw, you are a white if you couldn't even go a week without sex. Stop trying to remove any agency you have in the decisions you made, it's pathetic.

People like you are why people hate women; it's not always because they're incels, or whatever deflection you'll use on anyone who calls you out on your bullshit. It's the fact that there are 4 people's lives and futures hanging in the balance, and all you can think about is how to best get away with what you did and come out on top, while being totally open to lying more and being manipulative in the process.All the while acting like you were a victim and absorbing yourself of responsibility. Nowhere did it ever seem to occur to you to act with integrity and honesty regarding this situation.

You are a whore*

Telling the truth to your boyfriend is the best course of action. Any other alternative is wrong and we'll make you a shitty person.

Will* fucking autocorrect


I hope that the worst thing that can happen happens to you. You are a terrible person and it's funny how you don't even see it.

Be honest with your about everything. Of he loves you he'll stay no matter what if not then you have a 50/50 chance of getting child support from him.
If in the end its not his then tell the other guy. There's less of a chance he'll stay considering you've known him for a shorter period of time but hey that's the way the cookie crumbles.
No matter which way this goes one things for sure, stop worrying about yourself and think about the kid. If your not up to get an abortion then you better start taking into account the life you're brining into this world and who this person is going to be with the "nest" you've set up. Good luck retard

Alright I'm gonna weigh in as a chick who doesn't hate you.

You've fucked up hardcore here. There's a chance that you don't end up with either of these guys. As attractive as bar bro is, you don't know him well enough to be sure a long term relationship will come about, and your current boyfriend has every right to break up with you. You *might* be able to get child support if you get conclusive proof that its one of theirs.

However, this wasn't a mature way to behave. To the extent that I half believe that youre a pol-tard trolling by pretending to be a massively shallow disloyal woman. You;

1. Cheated after a week long spat

2. Didn't use protection

3. Kept it secret

Understand that raising this child well is going to take a ton of growing up on your part. An abortion, frankly, might be what you need to do if you aren't ready for that.

Do the paternity tests, try to show yourself more mature than you've demonstrated here, and do your best.

As shitty as the decisions you've made this far that's led you hear, Im sorry for the situation you find yourself in. I hope things work out for you, and don't forget planned Parenthood does do counseling for making these sorts of decisions.

If this isn’t bait (as if) then here are the only options you should consider as a decent human being:
Get the abortion
Remove yourself from your boyfriends life, live with being a single mom and independent from him financially (you might even learn to be an adult)
Kill yourself

Anything else and you will have guilt for the rest of your life.

You’re a real piece of shit and straight trash. Don’t use your bf as an excuse, you should work it out with him, I bet he asked you to do more around the house and work and you objected.

Be honest and open with him because you fucked up. You not telling him is sickening.

>Trying to rationalize cheating

Wew lad

>He makes more than enough money to afford a kid
>I don't really love him but he makes my life easy

Ah, so you're a whore and a dependent leech? Gotcha


You deserve these replies and the worst

Fucking the barguy once isnt even excusable for a break - relationships don’t have breaks. But you did it 3 times. Now you’ve ruined 2, 3 if you have a kid lives - good job

> cant drive
> works at a grocery store
> fucks random guy without a condom
> is a whore
Abd you still have the audacity of blaming your bf just cause you refuse to pull your end od yhe new expenses
I agree with the frog guy kill yourself and that bastard youre carrying