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28+ Thread

Old threadThe thread where struggle is still real. Anyone know how to attract green parakeets into my garden?

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grow sunflowers

25 year old here

Does it ever get any better? This year I'm going to try cut down my drug use as much as possible; go back to university and try to be less of a fuckwit but I feel like I'll never be happy.

There are periods in which I am happy for a while; but they are short lived and then I nosedive into the same old patterns again. I feel really drained and I just don't enjoy life and I haven't since I was a teenager.

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>25 year old here
Is it that hard to read subject titles?

That might be an option, what about if I left sunflower seeds on the birdtable?

How many partners is too many for a 30+ year old woman?

Basically, half my number was in university, after which I entered a 12 year relationship/7 year marriage. Last year I had some casual sex with some men after my separation and I kind of regret it. Honestly my ex made me feel very undesirable so I was absolutely looking for some kind of validation through sex. I regret it completely and have a clean STD test. How many is too many? Would you respect the woman for being upfront with you about it?

Anyone has been diagnosed with ADD as an oldfag?
I haven't been diagnosed yet, but I'm pretty sure it's ADD. Not trying to be edgy here, it just is what it is.
If I go they'll offer me the pills, and I've read so much bullshit on the pills that I don't even know what to think.
I kind of manage life, but still feel I'm about at 25% of what I should be if I was fully functional. The question here is if the pills really fix you up for ever without any major side effects. Or if it's just a honeymoon kind of thing followed by some sort of hell or just a worst life in general.
Experiences anyone?

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No one sane cares, sis. If he does, o even asks, dump him. You value doesn't lie in the opinion of a dick.

29yo NEET with no goals, no friends and no future. Gonna use the money I saved up from previous job to travel. Once I'm broke I'm outta here

>Would you respect the woman for being upfront with you about it?
If you've had many: No. Honestly. I rather live not knowing. It's not the number, is the telling me about the number.
Something similar happens with cheating, if you had the courage to cheat and now regret it, have the courage to hide it properly, cover all your tracks and stfu about it. If you don't then it shows you're a weak cunt that doesn't really care about the relationship. Not very respectable.

The only exception to not wanting to know your high number is if there are high chances that somebody else tells me later on. If that's the case then I'd rather hear it from you first.

The question is what is too many? 5? 10? 15? 30?

over 10 is probably too many

The question is why would you be interested in bringing this up?

imo, if you change your partner every 2 weeks, that's a slut level

Sound like a decent plan.
Any things in particular you intent to do on this trip?
May I suggest drugs and wild sex?

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It doesn't matter. I just assume every woman is like you and has gone on a cock spree because they just can't help it. Just don't try to bring it up. No guy will like your honest answer, some will appreciate the honesty but probably still see you as a liability.

Obviously I have regrets. And I want to be accepted for all that I am, even the parts I do not like.

36 years on this earth and the only thing I seem to have figured out is that I'm an idiot.

That is bad.

Good job user, ironically this just made you smarter than the average.

What is bad?

Maybe this can serve as an inspiration.


Just trying to help user

I'm an autistic medical school washout permavirgin with no prospects.
Do you think 28 is too old to start learning a trade? Like, plumbing or whatever?

Not at all.

>My Vegan SJW LDR gf caught an STD while cheating on me after she dyed her hair pink, why are women so useless and where can I get a virgin gf?

this fucking board holy shit why do I even come here anymore, is there even a single thread that isn't r9k tier bait with 100+ replies?

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No. You already know why and it's been discussed to death. The only option is to accept it.

Wizchan apparently is now for "vocels" and most them aren't even wizards.

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I'm not a wizard either though, it just seems like not even a couple of months ago this board was more genuine and the troll threads were the exception and not the role

It's more "genuine" now, in a very roundabout sort of way.

They asked for it when they banned hotwheels.

I remember hearing that story years ago. What exactly happened?


You just need to lurk moar, because EVERY board has always been mostly troll threads.

>because EVERY board has always been mostly troll threads.
This wasn't always true but at this point with Jow Forums's design, it's my word against yours.

bro I've been lurking since 2007 and I've witnessed the cancer rot Jow Forums from the inside out. It was never like this.


>Would you respect the woman for being upfront with you about it?
Never. 0 is preferable. If I can do it so can you.

You want salvation. You don’t want a relationship.

any of you 27 - 30 year olds want to shack up together some place cheap?

Hell yeah. Down for orgies, I’m a virgin and I’m down for any hole at this point, also down to get mine filled.

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wasn't necessarily implying anything sexual but okay. I like to play video games and draw and am able to wageslave, just wouldn't mind some company with similar aged introverts.

>be 26
>been on benefits all my life
>went into education to hopefully get into university next year
>scared that I will not succeed in university and if I do, I fear that I will not be able to hold down a job and fail

Due to this I feel like giving it up in a way just due to that fear but at the same time I am afraid of just being friendless and girlfriendless for the rest of my life and having nothing to aspire to due to being on benefits and alone in my flat.

I'm just in an endless cycle of fear and has made me think about aging and death.

>hanging out with other introverts

Why would anyone want this

because we'd just leave eachother alone and only socialize if we wanted to without being overly needy.

>without being overly needy
If Jow Forums and Jow Forums are anything to go by it'll be the exact opposite.

I was friends with other introverts. It was awful. 90% of the conversations were just people sighing heavily. You need at least one guy to get things going

maybe you just needed some girls.

Yeah that too but introverted girls are a million times worse than introverted guys.

A feminine sigh is a lot nicer to hear though.

it was always like this faggot. you just got old

At 29, am I worse off as a virgin or only having had sex with escorts/prostitutes?

introverted girls are fun at least. introverted guys are boring as batshit, well the autistic ones are anyway

Both are the same thing really. Prostitute sex ain't real sex.

>introverted anyone

Asking someone every 30 seconds what they think and what they feel like isn't much fun at all. Especially when the answer is always "I don't know" It's like dealing with a toddler and it's not cute like in the animes

So, should i just fuck an escort? honestly, I'm really doubtful I'll ever get a relationship. I don't have looks, or money and I never went to college so I can't exactly get a better job.

Chris chan had sex with at least one escort. Look at where he is now.

If you have the cash, you might as well. Can get addictive though

alright. I'd been sitting on the idea for a while now, Just been hesitant on the idea because I wasn't sure about having my first time being with an escort

Squirrels will eat it

Any guy who would give a shit about your past sex life is way too much of a manchild to waste your time with.
Adults don't have time to play games or deal with superficial issues

Way, way worse as a virgin.

>Prostitute sex ain't real sex.
You seem to have failed to understand how sex works

please explain why

>keeps going up
Why are these threads a fucking thing?

29khhv here
somehow matched a really cute japanese girl on tinder
going on a date in a few days
wish me luck

Because we men need to fuck.
Yes we could go by without fucking, just as we could go by just eating a bowl of rice a day.
But why choose to survive like that when you could just order a juicy steak?
And let's not forget that user still is a virgin at 29, that probably weigh a ton on his back. He should get it over with.
Fuck a profesional, at her place.
Most women are whores anyway, with a prostitute you skip all the bullshit.

oh, I'm sorry. I misinterpreted what you said. I thought you were arguing that virgin was better than fucking a prostitute

Take this humble good luck from a pitiful 27 year old, exiled from these threads

Saw your post from the front page

The only reason to wait is if you want your first time to be "special". If you don't care about that then go ahead and plow as many escorts as you want

I kind of did want it to be special, but I just don't think I'm going to get a girlfriend at this point.

Why do the same bullshit teen magazine problem threads keep being made?

Why the fuck do you feel the need of building an indentity around your problems?
I'm a virgin at 28 with tons of emotional problems, but the last thing I would ever do is giving myself a title like "wizard" for that or hang around to piss and moan about how evil life is and how fucked I am. None of that helps in finding a olution, and what else besides finding asolution could you possibly want if you have a problem?

It's not so much as having an identity as so much as having something resembling a support group with people that have similar issues as you.

I want to move into finance and get a job as a financial analyst. I was pretty successful in construction for almost 10 years (started straight out of high school) but at the end I fucking hated it. I did my MBA but I didn't know what I wanted to do so I never did any internships or work experience while I was doing it. I did pretty well out of cryptocurrency but now I've got no money left and have basically been out of work for 2 years. How do I get to be a financial analyst from where I am now? I also have basically no real friends anymore either because I put my work ahead of everything else until it was too late. How do I speak to people and get a job? Even if it's not as a financial analyst right away but I just want to get on the path and get out of this rutt that I'm in.

Basically feeling like I've got nothing worthwhile going on and that I'm pretty powerless at the moment, so I'd appreciate any guidance


How do you deal with being lonely af?

wait 2 years before posting, youngster.

Not sure what you mean, but if you're talking about volunteering I haven't really heard of it in financial companies, seems like it would be a big risk for them. Do they actually do that though?

If you're talking about the 2 years not working yeah it was pretty much voluntary - 1st year was finishing off my MBA and second year I was blowing through all my crypto money, would have loved to have withdrawn it all in January of last year instead of holding

Didn't they tell you what you should be doing when you got your MBA?

I'm turning 28 in a month. A couple weeks after that I'm going to meet a penpal. She told me that she wants to fuck, but if we do, if I ever have a girlfriend afterwards, I will need to stop talking with her.

It sucks, because she's basically my best friend and the girl of my dreams now. I guess I'll need to chose one.

I turn 28 in less than 4 months. How do I find a career path? I've been working the same boring office job since I was 23, I need more money/challenge in my life. I dropped out of college before and have failed many classes. How do I figure out what to do? I can't keep going on like this.

The two extremes are

>Just follow your dreams bro

>Just learn a trade bro

The former will usually have you become a starving artist, and the latter will pay your bills but also drain your soul as you daydream about all the what-ifs and could-have-beens.

IMO the best option is somewhere in the middle where you can land a career that pays well and has job security while also not being completely removed from what your dreams are.

As to what your dreams are? You tell me.

How do you see this is solid advice?
She literally said she's the type of person to seek external validation. Do you want someone who will effectively sabotage you because they get the insecure bent to do so?

Hi, I posted a thread here but your advice seems applicable.
How does studying a trade work? Is it like an internship, where you actually get paid while you study, or is there a coursework component?

No, I just had to sort of figure it out. Which is what the problem is generally.

there's nothing really special about the first time, especially for a guy. even if you had a girlfriend, the most prominent thought in your mind would still only be that you're about to have sex for the first time. not that you're about to have sex with this particular person.

Different for america maybe but in the uk you can search up for apprenticeships on uk gov's website.

I'm actually an Ausfag.
But it looks like this might be a viable career path even in my country, even at 27.

No worries.

Any other Aussies here fell for the trade meme? I threw away my 20s on this shit and there's no room to progress. Should have gone to uni. Fuck this I wasted the past 10 years.

No aussie or didn't fell for the trade meme but isn't supposed to be lucrative? Aren't plumbers and builders in big demand these days?

No. It's mind numbing repetitive shit that will destroy your body.

I'm doing both, also Ausfag. Did fitter trade from age 20 to 24, job there ended when my 4 years was up. Couldn't find any other work in my specialization, so got a job doing something completely different (in electrical industry) realized I'm missing out so enrolled for uni at age 27, just starting second year now while still working 30 hours a week. But down side is still living in family home.

If I'd started the trade and/or uni earlier I'd be in a lot better position age wise but meh, better late than never.

and coming from a unifag; it's a similar problem minus back breaking word

>tfw did a watered down medical degree and now my only options for meaningful employment are further study; which gains no more chance of ACTUALLY getting employed
>then if I actually get employed I'll be on less than 50k a year anyway
>friend of mine did mech eng
>now he's studying a whole new degree
just go work in the mines for fucks sake

If there is anything I've learned in my years on this earth, it's not what you know, it's WHO you know. And having gone to uni for 1 year now I've had more opportunities and "opening doors" thrown at me than in 6 years of working in industry. Going to uni is probably 50% about the degree you get at the end, the other 50% is about the people you meet and connections you make. There are opportunities to be taken and if you missed them then that's on you.

Sure buddy. It's that easy. That's why I was on a first name basis with like; 70% of my professors over like 3 years.

Definitely doesn't have anything to do with the field you're in either; that's why all the job expos I went to; at and out of uni; employers told me ''if you don't do extra study we don't even consider your resume''.

He's not exactly wrong about networking though.

Male 28 year old here still living in my moms house after moving back 4 years ago. Only good thing is I snagged a job last march making $24 n hour plus overtime. Made 55k in 10 months.... saved 20k of it so im hoping to have enough by the end of the year for a good down payment on a house. Still lonely and depressed as fuck tho....

why do women have such strange ways of navigating around HYPOTHETICAL rejection? it's not even shaming the person who rejects at this point, it's invalidating a reason that is just as good as any other.

Be careful not to just sit on the money.