Is it possible to get a gf for the first time at 26+?

Is it possible to get a gf for the first time at 26+?
As in, has anyone ever done it?
A-asking for a friend...

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Why wouldn't it be?

>Is it possible to get a gf for the first time at 26+?

Yes I think so. I had my first serious gf at the age of 25 and I'm turning 26 that year.

>A-asking for a friend...


Lack of experience primarily. At 26 you're expected to know how to approach girls and not spill spaghetti all over the floor.
I was more looking for examples and stories of someone who's done it though.
Define 'serious' and 'first'? You were doing ok with women before that?
If you're on this board you probably get what this is about though.

But you're not going to if you stay cooped up in your house all day and never make an effort to communicate with women.

Take a cooking class or something.

I'm not cooped up in my house, I stopped being a shut-in and started college, got my driving license, etc.
Was just looking for some stories of other losers that 'made it' for encouragement desu.

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>Define 'serious' and 'first'? You were doing ok with women before that?

No I'm not. Back in 2009 I was a frequenter of Jow Forums and among the "basement dwellers" or "ronery". I believe there were no "incel" term back then. Then fast forward to 2013 (I was 25 by that time) I managed to talk with a couple of girls at a bus stop. One of them became my first gf.

I meant serious because before that I was going out with a girl but we didn't call each other as gf or bf.

Possible? Sure.
Worth it? Pfffttt

If you are spilling spaghetti at 26 you have issues, experience or not.

Yes, but it's largely a numbers game. You literally just have to ask out women left and right until someone says yes. Don't get attached to any one women and just keep blasting something like "Hey, I think you're cute want to go out." Of course you should at least attempt to develop so social contact with these women before popping the question but it doesn't need to be overkill.

Reason I say this is you're going to get the classic "boyfriend" response like 99 times out of 100 until something works.

keep throwing shit at the all until it sticks.

Btw what's this >A-asking for a friend..

Who's this friend and why is it any concern to you?

Don't mind it too much, it's just a meme manner of speech often used in questions that imply the asker is a loser.

>Don't mind it too much, it's just a meme manner of speech often used in questions that imply the asker is a loser.

I should stop giving advice to this board anyway. Half of the issues here are god damn bait which is what this thread is

No user, you just don't understand chan culture.
It's literally a term that's been used like this in this place for many years.

Yes, but the process is different from how it was as a teen. You are FAR more likely to meet a woman as a friend, neighbor, co-worker, club member, etc and know her for a while just as a friend, rather than hunting for a gf at parties and the like.

Look around you at the women you already know (or put yourself in places to meet women) and let friendship move toward romance

no it has never been done
no it is not possible as far as anyone knows

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I was a khv until I was 29. I’m married with 2 kids at 36 now

Not that same user, but imo using that meme phrase outs you as a pussy who has to hide behind le epic inside jokes rather than confront his own problems

user, everyone realises there's no friend. It's just an old meme.
As if I'd have any friends in the first place.

Mate I know it’s a meme, you missed the point.

Well, I know my problems user, I was just looking for some encouragement by means of success stories.

I had a girlfriend very, very briefly when I was in high school.
After spilling my spaghetti I was essentially a khv til I was 28
When I turned 25 I decided it was time to get my shit together.
I sold my gaming consoles and gaming computer. Those were taking far too much of my time where I could have been improving myself.
I went on an arduous journey of improving my eating, exercising and learning to talk to people.
But it's just just improving yourself and getting experience.
You're going to be 10-15 years behind the curve, and you're going to have to find a girl who's going to be patient with your inadequacies. So it's really important for you to put your feet in as many doors as you can. Girls will not come to you, you have to go to the girls. Expose yourself to as many girls as possible til you meet the one who's compatible with you

I've already changed alot ever since I stopped being a shut-in, it's nice not knowing what life will bring me.
That said, I was looking for success stories so I can at least draw encouragement and double down on my self-improvement efforts.
I've done alot in a very short time, but I still haven't hit the gym yet.

Working out is a huge confidence boost.
It'll only take like 3-4 months of dedication and you'll physically feel your clothes fitting better.
That constant feel will do wonders for your self esteem

>I meant serious because before that I was going out with a girl but we didn't call each other as gf or bf.
So this doesn't apply to you.

I'm in my 20's (male) and I find it extra sexy if girls are still virgins/inexperienced. (YES IT HAPPENS I'M NOT A PEDO).

Hopefully girls feel the same way :/

Yes it is, infact if you're working on building a career than you haven't even peaked yet. Work hard, go to school if you need to, make money. You will not be able to do this as a NEET.

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Yes. My older brother found his spouse when he was 26 - and to my knowledge he was a virgin until that point with no previous relationships. He was just like me and spent everyday playing games and jerking it to porn while living on welfare.

He eventually got offered some job training at our local public library due to his "computer prowess" which required him to register new books in their database, tag them, and take care of the basic logistics as well as other menial tasks. Somehow he hit it up with a woman working there and they became an item. A few months later they moved in together, put a bun in the oven and been talking about getting married for a year.

So it definitely can happen. Either you get lucky or you put in the effort to make yourself as desirable as possible and work hard to achieve what you want.

Oh and he doesn't like anime. If you watch anime like me, you're pretty much fucked. Sorry.

Nope. Its never been done in human history. Maybe if you're a little bit older, or younger. But never 26.

I got a young qt gf as a 26 year old khv neet and now we're engaged. She helped me find a job and we have a house together. I 100% think I got REALLY lucky though.

Yeah but she's fucking ugly dude, I want a hot bitch that can suck my dick good

Any more stories anons?

Maybe you know those guys that are like " I want a women to cook for me and to have sex with" accompanied by an alpha mentality most of the times. I imagine those types don't have lasting relationships but at least they get in some and I don't get the appeal.
Not to whiteknight or anything but I feel like females don't have the mentality that they had 10 years ago where they wanted someone's feelings instead of going after the highest testosterone filled guy possible.
The real question is now should I act more alpha and dominant or should I wait for the off chance I might get to know someone that will have my conservative thinking.

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Here we go, I was a neet for 5 years of my life since i was 18, joined the army, made myself a man, got some values, discipline whatnot.
Started hanging out with militar, got somewhat fit, fixed my image up and so on.
Met a girl eventually almost a neet, been for the last 2 years in a serious relantionship which led to the loss of both our virginities.

All in all, worked out nicely, Just get out there.

>on perfect life trajectory after highschool, literally could've been on a 150k+ salary, could have massive respect from another thing, was surrounded by culture to get fit, have opportunity to get some of the closest friends you can get in a male life, no shortage of gf opportunities
>just FUCKED up everything
>JUST'd my life
>nearly JUST'd myself permanently
>woops better fix things
>pick myself up after multiple failures and finally get a job, go to gym, then went back to studying
>be 27 now
>have a 20yo girl interested in me

These are uncharted waters, I guess if I was the normie everyone doesn't suspect me to not be, I should be on a very straightforward path to getting a gf soon. As it is, I have no idea what to do with the girl except pure instinct honed by years of studying greentext stories on Jow Forums and trying not to end up as a multi-(you)'d screenshot about a relationship or girl-related fail.

I will point out that I never actively looked for a gf, she was the one to initiate and the odds were skewed heavily in my favour since I'm at uni where I'm one of 4 guys in a cohort of 32 other girls. But apart from recently trying to show that I want to spend time with her, everything else I did that lead me up to this point was just personal self-improvement out of rage, regret, sadness, self-hate etc. I didn't even join the specific course at uni for the girls, it was out of sheer fucking desperation for a more fulfilling and better paying job.

So maybe I'm one more anecdote about how if you want a gf stop chasing them and focus on your own life.

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Yes, anyone can get a girlfriend at any given time in their lives. Which is why even ugly or very beta guys eventually end up getting married. But you're probably gonna be left scraping from whatever is left at the bottom.

If you haven't learned how to get girls by the age of 26, you probably never will. Meaning you'll eventually go out with some desperate, below-average chick who is easy to get. Attractive, high quality women will continue to go out with attractive guys or atleast guys who had the social skills to get an attractive girlfriend despite their own lack of attractiveness.

It's quite simply when you think about it. If you never managed to compete with other guys to land a chick, you'll probably have to settle down with a chick who never managed to compete with other, more attractive girls. If you're say a 4/10 guy, you can realistically expect to settle down with a woman in the 3-5/10 range. Basically your league plus or minus 1.

Yes it can be done, but the road is a different one from the one teenagers take.

1. It is FAR more likely that you will first know women as friends, co-workers, neighbors or the like and only gradually move toward romance.

2. It is at least a little more likely that any woman you meet will have had one or more significant relationships already, perhaps even a marriage, perhaps even with children. You have to adjust your expectations accordingly