Is it just me or do all women have the same bio on dating sites? It always goes something like this:

Is it just me or do all women have the same bio on dating sites? It always goes something like this:

Hi my name is user I love to travel blah blah blah I'm very family oriented blah blah blah I love to explore new places blah blah blah I love staying active blah blah blah

There's no real material in these bios. I'm looking for something I can use for and Icebreaker but it's all so vague I just don't know what to say. I've tried commenting on those vague interests of theirs but those never work. Any tips?

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Women aren't expected to develop characters or substance. Stop being a faggot and become attractive or move out of the way

That's not how it works dumbass. Being attractive doesn't give you a fast pass to pussy and even if it did I honestly don't fucking care. If all that matters to them is how I look than any relationship I establish with them will fall the fuck apart in one month.

Quit your hitching cuck. Pussy smells the beta on you a mile away. They don't want anything to do with you and that's why relationships would fall apart

Men's profiles are all very similar too, you just don't look at them. People are by and large attracted to the same qualities, and you want to make a profile that doesn't instantly give away things that are too personal.

Besides, look around you. Most people have the same hobbies, wear similar clothes, ask similar questions. What's individual and unique about someone is usually a lot more subtle than can be summarized in words on the spot.

Just ignore their interests if you don't have anything to say about those specifically and say she made an impression on you and if she enjoys [whatever activity you'd like to do]. Online dating is a numbers' game, unless you come across someone you REALLY like don't agonize over what to say.

Yes, they’re all traveling, foodie, adventurers. Pretty fucking boring desu senpai.

Why would they be anything else when they can just enjoy life, post about it on Instagram and then get free money?

>he thinks this is what happens

If you want to be an influencer or whatever you have to post content every day, and forget about a blurry pic in a hoodie. Those pictures where they are "drinking tea and relaxing" are the result of photo sessions, they are not actually drinking tea and relaxing.

Wanting to make money that way is a hard business because it takes almost zero skill so the competition is as big as the amount of young, attractive women. You only succeed if you let your life revolve around this shit (and sucking up to other people in the network), give up on privacy, be charming and flirty with followers you find annoying and so on. So no they are not living the dream while being handed free money. It's just their job to pretend they live the perfect life. It's a pathetic existence, like living in a movie décor.

You make a bit of a point. The very act of talking to them first and showing interest could be a turn off. But if I do that I'll end up waiting a million years for them to approach me.

Might be a good idea to just drop the whole online dating thing and do whatever the fuck I want. I'll be more likely to catch one along the way then looking for it online

>AHAHAHA I see those guys on TV all the time.

*ahem* anyway - I think it's because, how to say, cultural bottlenecking? Sorry I'm inarticulate but I mean something like this:
We're told ABC qualities is a woman so as a young impressionable lady I emulate ABC until I am ABC without much deviation as that would invite acute scrutiny and criticism from my peers be it real or imagined. Its a bottleneck as their is not much representation of the diversity of women especially in the media as most modern young folk hardly even go outside of that aspect of society - but that is changing so maybe we'll see more and more uniquity in this regard as time goes on but that's just conjecture on my part.
I dunno, that's just my quick wild guess at the moment but I have seen that homogeneity in just women in general.
In any case, it seems to get better as women age and get some real character.

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I see. I'm aiming for women that are more concerned with how their peers see them than what they actually want to do or pursue. So if I'm not someone that will give them higher social status, I'm not worth recognizing. I'm aiming for women in their early 20's (22-25 like me) btw.

If that's so, then even now it would be a good idea to just focus on myself and passively reach out to people I'm interested in instead of aggressively searching for someone like fisherman out on his luck.

>Hi my name is user I love to travel blah blah blah I'm very family oriented blah blah blah I love to explore new places blah blah blah I love staying active blah blah blah

I've literally never seen anyone with shit like that in their profile. What are you, lurking the 35 and older single Christian websites?

Here's a challenge for you user.

Make a female dating site profile. Do absolutely nothing. See how many replies you get.

Do the same with a male profile, put as much effort as you can into it. See how many replies you get.

As a girl, you don't need to do literally anything, so why bother? People are going to swipe right or whatever from the simple fact you have boobs. Nobody is even going to read the profile you write anyways, or if they do it wasn't going to make a difference.
>inb4 but I do
and you're 1 out of a 1000 people I wasn't going to reply to anyways. not because I'm some heartless bitch, but because I have 1000 people messaging me when I put up a blank profile and a picture of my dog.

Sorry for the wait. Yes, I'd say so. The very act of looking for one signals desperation. Now, if like I said, you were attractive, this wouldnt be a problem. But since you rely on more than looks or natural confidence, desperation is negative.
So stay away from it. Someone will either take a liking to you or you'll die alone. Those are the options

Nope. 22-25 range. None of their profiles have any kind of personal touch. It's all the same 5 general interests in different words.
I don't have to try that to know that's a fact. Since that's so though, the only way you'll get attention is if you're fucking perfect or something. This bottleneck is insane and basically makes my dating value fucking 0
I'm not an ugly bastard but I'm also not a solid 10/10 Chad. I'm as average as they come desu.

My best bet the would be to just have natural confidence, not look like shit, and not put women on a pedestal which instantly cripples my chances of success.

>22-25 range
I've never seen any girl say that they're family-oriented on a dating website unless they're some psycho Christian bitch

Anyways if online dating is bumming you out this much, just try regular IRL dating instead.

I think 4chans/Internet ruins people lives and is quite the opposite to what happens irl....

real life is better, anons should try it once in a while

mine just says “i’m a virgin who can’t drive”

Yup your age bracket is when people in general find out who they really are. especially the vanilla woman.
You should focus on yourself but also be aggressive to those that interest you - but not so much like the fisherman. Have standards and boundaries. You don't want to miss any chances as this is literally the best time of your life to find someone, don't waste it but also don't do it to excess.
Good luck OP, it took me a while to get the balance myself.

Thanks user. I will try to find that balance. I shouldn't be afraid of rejection and in the inevitable event it does happen, I shouldn't make it or how often it happens a big deal.

being aggressive to those who interest me instead of just casting out a big net like a fisherman sounds like a good idea. Also yeah everything in moderation.

With that kind of attitude I think you'll do great! Have a good life. Peace~