Jow Forums vs /fa/

How true is this picture?

And how do I achieve /fa/? Jow Forums is just not me I don't like muscles, I'm fairly in shape considering my stats, I'm 19, 170cm, 49kg.

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They have a sticky, read it asshole.

Walk into a store (not a department store but somewhere relevant-if you want to look prep try j crew) and copy the mannequins. Get a decent hair cut and shave. Don't smell.

Voila, dickbag

/fa/ is actually full of ugly nerds trying to be popular.
Jow Forums is also filled with ugly nerds trying to be popular.
An ugly nerd trying to wear a popularity costume will always backfire because your personality won't match your looks and girls will quickly pick up on the fact that you are a poser.

>fairly in shape

Oh dickjerk
I'm not ugly at all I'm, I'm average, maybe above average but that doesn't matter much because I'm short so I'd say average.

I'm an average-looking lanklet and my ripped handsome friend behaves with jealous insecurity when I'm around his girlfriend because I've been friends with her for a long time. I love the guy but I think a fair amount of people lift out of insecurity

ask on /fa/
also Jow Forums is heartbroken in the pic because he's gay and wants to get with /fa/, it's canon

basically you have to slowly develop a sense of style - look at inspo, think about what you find appealing personally, try to work out which colors and proportions work well together, experiment until you get things right etc.

that being said, most women couldn't care less as long as you're clean and vaguely fitting clothes - most of them don't know shit about fashion beyond brand logos

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I just don't like lifting and going that route, I'm not a sports type so why should I try to be something I'm not.
My personality is way closer to /fa/ than Jow Forums

Good looks are mostly good clothing and hygiene.

I am just a few centimeters taller than you, as old as you and weigh as much as you do. My man, we are fucked. Being this skinny really isnt a good thing.

That was about the picture not you.
Those memes aren't made by actual Jow Forumsizens or /fa/ggots.
It's made by some nerd who wishes they fit in either category.

>Good looks are mostly good clothing and hygiene
Well I have good hygiene and I wear normal clothes I'd say. I'd say I'm average in all that, never had a girlfriend but I'm trying not to think much about it because I'm only 19.
The thing is I want to go the /fa/ route and better my looks, don't know how, that's why I asked.
Don't know about you but the weight isn't a big problem because I'm short, I don't look like a skeleton I just look younger.

I wish to fit in either category

>How true is this picture?
Very true. Jow Forums and /fa/ are gay for each other

But the cute anime girl is looking at /fa/!

>check out /fa/
>the biggest thread is all about dressing up like a 53 year old who hangs out at yacht clubs all day long

this is all a big joke right, like fedoras and everything

This but replace good clothing with genetics and hygiene with genetics

I can confirm being both at the same time is a pussy magnet. also add in ambition and humor to your personalty too. after that her pussy will be a waterfall and you can even steal girlfriends.

You can't be both.

it's an anime boy from lbgt

"Fashion only" has to be the most giga cope ever. If you aren't fit, then clothes on you will look like shit.

Look at pic related for example. The guy in a plain t shirt and jeans mogs the guy despite having better clothes. The truth of the matter is that being /fa/ and being Jow Forums go hand to hand with each other. Lift weights and you'll start to see how better clothes will look on you.

>but the anime girl is looking at him!
Usually this happens because some twigs have good facial aesthetics to make up for lack of a body. You won't be hot, but you'll be regarded as "cute". Most chads or men that women find sexually attractive will always be muscular too. Compare Harry Styles to David Laid and you'll see what I'm talking about.
>I'm 19, 170cm, 49kg.
Literal auschwitz mode. Go eat a hamburger.

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>An ugly nerd trying to wear a popularity costume will always backfire because your personality won't match your looks and girls will quickly pick up on the fact that you are a poser.

>Implying all /fa/ guy nerd or not arent poser

It’s /cgl/


well yeah only body build don't power lift or try to be a strongman.

The picture proves nothing.
You don't have to be muscular to look good you just need to not be fat, if you're skinny you can hide it.

>You don't have to be muscular to look good you just need to not be fat
And in addition have good facial aesthetics. Do you have that? Obviously not since you never had a girlfriend.

That is the opposite of what is implied faggot. ESL perhaps?

I'm not OP.
>Do you have that? Obviously not since you never had a girlfriend.
But I had my first girlfriend at 20 because I'm socially retarded, it's not that I'm ugly.
>And in addition have good facial aesthetics.
You have to have that anyway retard, going Jow Forums when you're ugly is just coping.

/fa/ is fucking retarded, don't go there unless you're actually into ridiculous shit like being 'fashion forward.' They'll tell you not to dress for girls, and instead try to get you dress in thousand dollar literal rags from Rick Owens, hawaiian shirts or like a prep student from the 60's. If you ask how to dress to just look decent and presentable in regular society as a guy in his 20s, they'll shit all over you.

Also, that picture is not true at all. A confident gym bro in athletic wear is very attractive. A confident skelly boy in fashionable clothes is very attractive. An autistic, shy guy with muscles in unattractive. An autistic shy skelly in full Rick is unattractive. Then ENTIRE point of lifting or dressing well for women is to improve your confidence to the point where you aren't shy and withdrawn around them. That's it.

Yeah but a guy who wants to better themselves must at some point go either route.
And judging by how well I know myself I'm more towards /fa/ than Jow Forums. I don't like sports and stuff and don't care about muscles.

>I had my first girlfriend at 20 because I'm socially retarded, it's not that I'm ugly
>It's not that I'm ugly
Kek keep telling yourself that, dumbass.
>You have to have that anyway retard, going Jow Forums
Yet a person who goes Jow Forums will be much more attractive, and more likely to steal your girlfriend from your autistic self. Chestbrah is pretty ugly face wise yet he has been with attractive women. I know you're only trying to make up excuses because you're too scared to pick up weights.

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enjoy being a virgin by age 40

I did try that and I hated it.

Alright man you do you, go cope and cry yourself to sleep by jerking off to strong dudes.
You're the very definition of a failed coping Chad

I replied earlier, but I've got a better response now.

Self-improvement is great, but if you think you can circumvent a need for confidence and an understanding of women by looking good, you're wrong. Sure, you'll pull shallow thots. Won't hurt your odds for meaningful romances, but you have shit taste if a life partner need only care about how you look.

No, you missed the point. The point is that /fa/ is BAD advice. They will lead you astray. You want to focus on clothes and fashion? Fine, go for it. Just DO NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES listen to /fa/!

Sometimes I forget it's Presidents' Day when I consider how many children there are on the board.
There are girls who want /fa/, there are girls who want Jow Forums. Usually, but not always, they are different. Big fucking deal.
You want to work on your sense of humor and your personality. This is what women like. You can be butt-ugly and still get women if you are funny and not an asshole. I know because I'm ugly as fuck, but I'm funny and not an asshole.
>but I don't want to change myself
Then be an incel. If you're not willing to accept that you can always be a better person, then you probably won't make it with the ladies.

I'm working on myself but I can't change the fact that I'm just extremely anxious.
Of course it would be easier if I looked good, then girls would look at me more and give me a chance, a personality and inside stuff are more important but first you have to pass the looks barrier to even get to show your insides.

>I did try that and I hated it.
Not my fault you lack dicipline and, quite possibly, the genetics to be Jow Forums. Sucks to be you.

>Alright man you do you, go cope and cry yourself to sleep by jerking off to strong dudes.
You're the very definition of a failed coping Chad
Wew get load of this wall of text full of projection

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>this whole board is American and you must all celebrate our retarded holidays

When did I say I don't want to change myself? I said I'm self improving.

Also how do you improve your humor and be more funny?

>the genetics to be Jow Forums. Sucks to be you.
Yikes, he actually thinks this

Most dumbest post ITT atm

Prove me wrong
Protip: You CANT.

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I understand you, man. I'm at a similar point in my life. Do what you have to do, but make sure at the end of the day you're doing things for yourself and not so that other people will think you're cool

Do you unironically think that guy looks good?
He'd look better if he didn't have the muscles, this way it's just uncanny valley

That pic looks like shoop, bit if I had spent a lot of time and pain in the gym to end up looking like that, I would regret my life choices.

That guy doesn't look good user I'm sorry

That's exactly my point. Even if you lift weights, you'll end up looking like shit if you have shit bodybuilding genetics.
Won't happen if you have decent genetics. Some Jow Forumsitzens go 3 years lifting and they end up looking like shit.

You're just braindead my man, what fucking "bodybuilding genetics" that does not exist, even if it those the guy in the picture has them.
You can literally photoshop any face on that body and it would look perfect.

There are too many on this thread who think the only self-improving they need to do is growing muscles. Never meant to do suggest you were the one who did, OP, but it's good that you are working on yourself.
The hard part of being funny is being mentally quick on your feet. I'm not sure if you're around bigger cities or not, but there are classes available to learn jokes, timing, and physical things that can be funny.
Short of that, you can also try some older (pre 1980s) movies that are comedies. They don't have laugh tracks, and the humor is about the words and the timing. And keep at it. I was kinda funny as a teen (in many, many respects), but now that I'm an oldfag, the practice has gotten me places.

you're missing the joke
in the canon /cgl/-tan is /fa/-tan's imouto, and she's in love with him
yet, Jow Forums-tan is a fag and it's also in love with him, but /fa/-tan doesn't give a shit about any of them

THANK YOU! I'm so glad to be recognised for the best at something.

here. For me it's not even so much about aesthetics. That body just looks terribly uncomfortable and even painfull to inhabit.

Wide hips are a thing you low IQ mongrel. If you have a bad shoulder to hip ratio then you pretty much fucked. See how this guy who barely has any muscle utterly mogs this roided up bodybuilder? Genetics is important.

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Mate, this board is newfag central, I wouldn’t expect them to even know what /cgl/ is. But also
>caring about board-tan lore
>at all

speak english you filthy snow macaque

sorry mate

please read

Did I disturb the poor little incel who thinks the entire world revolves around him. I'm sorry. Perhaps you should go back to making roofies so you can get laid again.

ill let pic related answer that for you
/fa/ is not full of 10/10s just like how Jow Forums isnt full of 10/10s

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when ur balding so you'll never have a otaku gf cause they all like lanky prettyboys with thick hair

if this propecia dont work or break my dick im killin myself

am I, dare I say it, the most dumbest poster ITT?

What a mess of a thread. Love it.

Fit fag here

Plain fitting vneck that hugs your developed arms and traps / back
+ fitting jeans and shoe

Ultimate casual yet not too casual look

I got mired to all fuck by female coworkers when i put on shirt one size smaller

Im 6'2 200lbs lifting religiously for over 2 years.
Im not super aesthetic but broad shoulders wide back vtaper, forearms and arms are best fit man can get



You're just getting the shallow bitches, I don't think OP or anyone here with the same problem wants that.

That image isn't even close to true.
A pink haired cosplay slut like that would be jumping on both of their dicks.

Gain mass OP.
I'm 170 cm 75 kg from going Jow Forums
You can do it

Too fat, I'd be neither that nor OPs weight, middle is perfect.
Actually I'd rather be his weight.

BF% is low, you can be skinny and fat too look it up "skinnyfat".
just exercise and get heavy, you'll be more muscle and feel good

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Why do you dislike V-necks?

The only option is /fafit/ with a hint of /s4s/

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My problem with /fa/ is that you have to buy new set of clothes every year and throwing the old one. While being Jow Forums is something what adds up incrementally every year.

If you want to lift, do it. If you want to buy certain clothes do that.
Just do whatever the fuck you want idiot

Wearing an undershirt as your main shirt is just fucking retarded.
The V neck is there so you can hide it better with a button opened in your shirt as the round neck is visible.

My life is basically over anyway, I just want girls to talk to me. I will do whatever helps me achieve that.

Just wear what you like. A relationship based on cool clothing is the most vapid shit I've ever heard.

You need to be /fa/ and Jow Forums to succeed. More than wearing the latest trend styles and having the musculature to fill in the gaps, find your own personal look that makes you distinguishable out of a sea of guys wearing the exact same things.

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If you want to look good in fashion you need to be fit first. /fa/ is full of skinnyfat faggots who, much like most other regulars on hobby boards, have an elitist view which isn't practical.

But do you like socializing?

Not true at all. Girl would never pick the manlet basedboy smoking a cigarette to look cool who wears a dress shirt and tie like some cringe anime character. Guy on left might as well be wearing a fedora while we're at it. Height is the single most important factor in attracting women, period. It's like the difference between fat and skinny in a woman

pls list
>number of girls you've had
>number of girls you've approached
>if you have dated, number of relationships ended by them (and thus, not you)

>inb4 in typical Jow Forums fashion, simple questions become a trial to get an answer to

>21 yrs old
>1 girl approached
>2 girls dated / sexed
>ended both by me


>simple questions
It's called Ad Hominem. You're calling somebody's experience into question as a means to undermine their argument.

Not him but misuse of logical fallacies annoy me.
Your argument was just an assertion without any reasoning or data to back it up. In other words, it was an argument from (your own) authority. It's thus completely justified to call that authority into question.

Honestly for /fa/ short > tall
Average is the best though.

Not only /fa/ but Jow Forums too.

It's still a fallacious argument.
Also this is Jow Forums. These conversations are insipid and will be deleted in a week. Asking for data on a sample size of one is meaningless and transparent.

Well no, in this case it's not. When somebody's experience is the argument, it is logical to question it.