Femanon here. what do you guys think of women? what do you want us to be like? just wondering

femanon here. what do you guys think of women? what do you want us to be like? just wondering.

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I like when girls have soft skin, and a pretty smile and love and accept me

Next time either use threads like this Or whole board dedicated to this topic

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Obedient, submissive, feminine, etc

For me, it's trust. All the girls I've been with won't have me as boyfriend due to lack of faith.

I like a femanon to be my gf..

But to be honest tough this user has it good. A women who likes me, cares for me and is supportive,acceptive. Not talking about mommy gf here, a relationship should be reciprocal. A partnership where both parties pick each other up and push the other to be better. Other than that just be feminine and dont be fat.

I want you to go away, and take my sexuality with you.

>what do you guys think of women?
Women are a bit like deers.
They are all over the place if you look for them, but they are not that common where I go. Sometimes I notice someone and I think they are beautiful. I have no idea what they do and what their motives are. They do not always act in their own self interest and when they jump out in front of me, I do everything I can to stop and let them through.
A lot of guys claim that real men hunt them, but I have no idea what they taste like.
If I were surrounded by them all the time, I would probably just realize they are not that special and they can't live up to what I build them up to be.

>what do you want us to be like?
I want women to be single, friendly and as soft as I imagine you are.

Not ignore me for the past 20 years .

For me the most important things are trust, willingness to go out of her comfort zone for me for the relationship, and that we get along well in everyday situations.

90% of a relationship is sharing your boring grey weekdays with someone else, if that works, 90% of the relationship works.
The rest depends on how much are we willing to get out of our comfort zone to face challanges. It's easy to love someone if you get from them what you want, but 10% of the time you won't, that's when trust and willingness to do sacrifices come into the picture.

pls be like this and bi so we can tag team dom submissive girls and boys. we'll scratch notches into our bedpost for our bodycount

pls it's my dream

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you're lucky, i'm bi. but maybe not as dom as you'd like me to be. oh well.

pic related

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Loyal honest and moral above all else. Anything else is secondary. Have these things and you've erased the cause of 99% of breakups

i want you to act like a man but keep being feminine and shit

yuck please stop being so insecure.

This. That is it. There isn't anything wrong with encouraging a lovers desires but its another when you try to change them into what you want. There's like 80 bajillion songs about that.

Every guy has different tastes

>has to be good looking enough to make me attracted to her, so when i look at her face it makes me smile and warm inside (good hair, clothing, decent skin go loooong way, but even if you have acne and braces you can look cute, t. have crush on female cashier in local store like this)
>doesnt expect me to be her personal clown to entertain her
>accepts my sometimes weird/unusual behaviour
>can take care of herself, doesnt require micromanaging 24/7
>cares for her health and longetivity, doesnt smoke, drugs or drink excessively
>is not trying to control me and play mindgames
>is attracted to me
>wants to have children in future, and wants to raise them in cooperation with me, and not on her own terms (often both sides fail at this i see)
>has good understanding of culture / behaviour, doesnt heavily flirt with others while being in relationship etc (i dont think i should even mention this)
>is not too adventurous, but also not total shut-in

I feel like women and men are having common goals, just not really same way of achieving it, but in general we all want to be happy, healthy, live long and in comfort.

Tell me if my exceptations are too far
also this is 26khhv perception

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Typically I like someone who compliments my own personality, but generally I just like a girl I can make a genuine emotional connection with. If you're trying to pull a guy with the intention to stay with him for a while, don't try and do what you think he'd like. No one beyond the most brazen psychopath wants to date themselves.

who the fuck cares what some incels who fail at life want a woman to be like

Handsome bouncer user here, girls ask for my number every day at my night job; More than anything i wish girls were authentic, I wish they were upfront with what they felt and what they wanted instead of trying to manipulate me.

I wish they were genuine and had integrity while still being feminine, it would be great if they would stop sleeping around and devaluing themselves as a long term partner. That would mean i get less one night stands but I'd trade that any day for a long term relationship with an honest woman who's time I invested into actually mattered. Ive never been happier than i was 5 years into a relationship with a woman who was supportive of me and my dreams, had only slept with me and and was still her own person.

Just want someone like her.


What happened, user?

This. But I feel like y'all's ingenuinity manifests moreso as, idk, for an example, "alternative" guys are usually alternative for a reason, but every alternative girl I've met seemed so ingenuine, posers if you will. It seems like y'all only do things for the sake and appraisal of others, very much moreso than guys do. Am I biased and wrong?

Nice analogy, stuck with well

this but unironically

“It is the duty of every man to uphold the dignity of every woman.” ― Pope John Paul II

Jez that robot tread sucks and is gross.

Thanks for the creep.

Womens are just humans that always take the best part in everything in life.

And when something goes wrong they always have possibilities to make up for it.. Ignores for 30 years guys then suddenly when Chads is done with them they magically turn back, well it's what's going on here right?

Womens just get away with anything.

Sometimes they're so fucking spoiled by the world that they get rotten to the core and becomes no good no more.. Often rude and careless just hateful.

That's not what I see them as but if I really accepted them as what they really are then I would hate them and call them out for what they are.

But today when I look upon womens I always see, sweet creatures of kindness and prey for the world to have mercy on them, somewhere I always make sure that they're safe and sound, you know real safety, you know you can trust them and it's strong. I try my best to put them at some equality no matter pretty or not, I value 3 first words better than 3 attraits.

I wish to know a girl one day.
Also I wish I had meet her sooner to know if she would have always loved me for who I am or because of who I became.

But I think nobody in the world understands me, so that's it for womens by far, shit's confusing.

Also, I don't like psychopaths, that does weird shit with they're man (like weird shit with other dudes to make you come back or meh..) I mean everything but immorale stuff is godlike.

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>what do you guys think of women?
I can't figure out what the fuck you want from us other than be confident.

>what do you want us to be like?
All I really want from women is for them to tell the truth. Stop lying all the time. Not just to us, but to yourselves. So many chicks wreck their own relationships because they believe shit about themselves that aren't even real.

i think most women are self entitled. i however just want someone who is ab equal to myself mentally and emotionally.

I think of them, mentally and emotionally, as being children; I don't treat them like real adults but rather grown kids.

Personally, this is the only sane way to deal with them, having the same expectations of a woman as you'd have of a grown man is a recipe for disappointment.

All girls are “bi”

The girl that i like i see her as perfection
Cause despite suffering she took out time for me and is absolutely gorgeous.
I just wish no one hurts her if she does not want me

I fear, admire, hate, and don't understand, sometimes wish dominance from, sometimes wish were subservient, thinknyou can scheming masterminds but also braindead stereotypes and I really like how it feels when you're either sucking of riding my dick.
I have hope that one day I can date angirl who isn't either retarded or a whore but no such luck yet. The hunt continues.

>femanon here. what do you guys think of women?

For the most part, I think they're fine. They're just a different version of human like men. In real life, I get along with girls just fine. I've met some really wonderful girls growing up, that were like sisters to me. In social groups, women add a material difference to the feel/culture which makes it more interesting than if it were just guys. Mature and wholesome sexual tension is really good too.

Intellectually however, I'm becoming more wary/frustrated with the female gender in aggregate though. Collectively, they seem to be making absolutely terrible decisions. E.g. most of the people that voted in culturally incompatible migrants in Europe were women, while men in general understood the danger - which has come to pass. A lot of the ideologies that are absolutely destructive and based on wishful thinking, are driven by women (eg 'sex self-id').
I cannot stand how unproductively emotional women can be - and I say this as a very emotional and sensitive man. Despite our difficulties in doing so, we need to vaunt rationality. The welfare of our entire species depends on it.

>what do you want us to be like? just wondering.
In a general context, do and be whatever you want. My only request is that you make an effort to be rational whenever possible. I would also say, please be realistic regarding roles. Nature has not distributed general morphologies equitably, and until we advance more technologically, we are going to be bound be these prescriptions. Trying to defy them prematurely is going to hurt everyone.

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>what do you guys think of women?
I love women. They are very different to be around than guys and spending time around girls that I like, platonically or romantically, is absolutely fulfilling. It's like going home after being away for a while and recharging on your family's energy.

>what do you want us to be like?
Soft and smooth and gentle, feminine, intelligent but with a touch of naivety to show that they aren't bitter or jaded.

I also want girls to be able to take a joke and dish them out. Smile and be happy. I want you to genuinely laugh when I say something funny and I want to be able to return the favour when you do it.

I want girls to be honest, with us and with themselves. I want you to enjoy the things you enjoy without feeling the need to disparage men for enjoying the things we enjoy.

And above all I want girls to make an effort to understand me, even though it's difficult and I hardly go out of my way to make it any easier.

>It's like going home after being away for a while and recharging on your family's energy.
I can't ever say I've felt that way around women. Even around my own family, it feels like walking on eggshells. It always feels like I'm in a constant cold war with any woman I'm around.

I mean everyone has a different experience with women. For me I'm decent looking and charming and funny. Not everyone gets my sense of humour and sometimes I have trouble turning the charm on or off when I need it, but by and large these things mean that throughout my life of dealing with women they have, more often than not, liked me. Not always in a romantic way of course, they just like me. I know how and when to flirt and banter and how and when to stop short of crossing the line and it means that spending time around my female friends is like recharging on positive female attention.

I've talked about it in other threads on Jow Forums but because positive attention from girls (as opposed to the usual BOYS ARE DUMB treatment we get) is hard to come by it feels really good when we get it. Which is why I like to maintain some friendships with a few girls so that I always have access to a bit of flirty banter and ego stroking to refresh me.

>lying on the internet
>what a loser