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get it off your chest

i miss you a.

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I wish you cared about me. I don’t know what you want from me. I feel empty now.

Can’t be mad that you gave up. I know I didn’t send the right signal. My fault. I just wanted for you to try one last time but you’re no longer interested and now I can’t get you out of my mind...

I do care...


How can I ever know if he cares?

I am very lonely. It's not that I want a gf or can't get a gf, I just can't find somebody who I have a real connection with.
I had one, but she left me. I don't want her back. Knowing what I have had, there's nobody with whom I can have the same (or better) connection with

On what?

if you look at things with the perspective of "torture him, make him so miserable he kills himself" things make a lot more sense.

Why did she leave you if you had a real connection?

LDR didn't work out. We live in the same town now though, but she hasn't said a word and won't talk to me.

what're the right signals

All I wanna do is get high and travel.



sorry my caps key was on
fuck you

Ok about what?

Sick my barnacle infested dick with ya mommas lips.

Finally gonna get child support baby kek


I wishfully think we could have been great together but we could never get in sync. Unlike you, I do not think badly about any of my exes because if they were not wonderful people, then what would that say about my choices? Even though you are not technically an ex, I still hold you in the same regard. I never put you on a pedestal and have always been aware of your relationship boundaries with me. Truth is, I am fucked up so whenever you said you wanted to see me, my internal conflict pissed me off. I was conflicted because I wanted to date you, to have a relationship, and you did not. So logically, I wanted your requests to indicate you wanted the same thing, and would have to squash any hopes because I knew this was entirely one-sided on me. I lost interest in the sex bc I need that emotional connection for it to be good. And the routine of you being naked under the covers killed the passion I used to feel. Truth is, I enjoyed you. And would have put forth the effort to have a fantastic relationship with you, but stepped away because my feelings of wanting more with you left me unfulfilled. And I could not take it anymore.

Anyways, enough rambling. I sometimes miss you and try to check up on you through Google but you know you are a ghost on the internet. I wonder sometime if you miss me. I wonder if you are happy. I wonder if you got back with the hoe bag you told me you were only friends with (until you moved her into your house /s). But, whatever I guess. I miss you right now. Who knows how I will feel tomorrow.


Trying to use fake piss for a drug test and it's so nerve wracking. The hardest part is keeping the temperature warm enough, that's the only problem since the piss actually works. The fake piss guys need a device that keeps it warm enough because this hand warmer shit is too primitive and I dont want to take any chances. Fucking burgerland

It makes absolutely no fucking sense why I don't get more supporters.

What I offer is something no other artist on my level offers. Detailed critiques and personal interaction. This is something people pay thousands for in workshops and they don't even get to talk to the artist at-fucking-all.

Makes no god damn sense. I should be doing an hour of these a day. I should be making thousands, given how many professionals and amateurs I have inspired and influenced. They should be lining up for this shit.

but you cunts don't think this is "real" work. Even though artists on my level make $75/h, they get paid more than you cunts do.

it's not realistic at-fucking-all. None of this is. I should be making more than enough to make a living doing exactly the same shit I am right now. But since you mother fuckers fuck me over completely, I'm not. And I can't.

You won't even let me get proper medical care. I have sinus infections, ear infections, stomach and digestive issues. I go to the doctor and they just shrug their shoulders saying "you're alright."

I can't go to a psychiatrist for help. I can't get therapy. They are just torturing me hoping that I'll kill myself and they will get my money. That's all this is and you mother fuckers are all in on it.

I have every right to defend myself but if I do, they are just going to fuck me over even more. I have to wait before I strike. That's all I can do.

I’m giving up and moving on. I’m sorry. I’ve given you so many chances to change my mind. It must be what you want... whether you know it or not. I love you.

Let the games begin mf!

You most definitely need a psychiatrist. Why are you convinced you can’t see one? You need meds more than most anyone. Please get treatment.

Had that same thought myself today and already putting plans together. Good luck to you

I want a gf. The only women that have ever remotely showed interest in me are single moms on tinder that "aren't looking for hookups". Call me an ass but I think the only reason they're talking to me is they job I've got listed.

I don't want to date single moms. I have no interest being a dad. Especially to some other dude's kid. I've never even gone on a date before. I want a girlfriend. I want a connection with someone then I want to be cuddly and shit every day, kiss each other all the time and have a sex life. I want someone where we focus on each other. I don't want to spend my time being a dad, and I certainly don't want that getting in the way of what I just described. I think at some point I'll want kid(s) but I have no interest in that at the moment. I'm worried that the older I get the less single women there will be remotely in my age bracket that aren't single moms. I'm only 25, but I feel like I completely missed the boat. The idea of a kid at this age is crazy to me. Maybe I should be looking at it as already 25... fuck...

I feel like giving up and just going full mgtow. That's basically how I've been living ever since I first moved out anyway.

I don't know what to do, and I don't know if I want help. If I even did want the help, I don't think my pride would let me ask for it. I'm fucking lost, and it's eating me away from the inside out, and I want to cry but I don't.

I finally have a job where I'm comfortable, and I like my boss, and my coworkers are awesome. I'm good at my job, and it even pays just enough that I don't have to really worry. I like it and I'm good at it. And that should make me feel good about it.

I joined a gym. I'm getting better. I feel better, generally. But I also feel worse. Not physically, but mentally. As I kid, I was angry a lot, but as the years went on I got better at managing it. I didn't get angry as much. But recently I just haven't cared. I get fucking mad every other day, especially on the road. I drive faster more consistently than when I was a teen, mostly because, again, I just don't care.

I don't have a lot of friends, but the few I do have don't need to hear this from me. To them, I'm grounded, level headed. A rock. They've got enough going on in their lives. One just had kids, and one kid might have problems, on top of them getting their degree's (finally). The other is dealing with his wife being potentially suicidal.

I just.... don't know. Anything. I don't feel like there's anything worth it. I won't kill myself, I don't think I'm suicidal in the traditional way. I'm not going to blow my head off or jump off a bridge. But as time goes on, I just seem to care less and less if bad things happen to me. And I won't tell anyone.

I should disappear and start a new life from scratch again.
Or maybe I should just disappear and leave it at that.
because I'm awful to everyone but me.
I deserve this.

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I will literally set you on fire.

Are you people retarded? When this is over, there will be no place you can hide, no distance you can run.

You're all going to be fucked.

The girls I like aren't interested in me
All of my professors except me to know things I've never been taught
One professor won't stop assigning me tons of homework
I'm terrified of severe storms and already have anxiety thinking about going back home to that old house surrounded by trees
My dog who sleeps with me has seizures and I hate waking up to them and him pissing and shitting all over my bed

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even if you cunts create a cure for my depression that works perfectly 100% of the time and I only have to take 1 pill.

I'm not going to take it. I'm going to take the meds I want to fucking take or bad things are going to happen.

I hate them. I hate them so god damn much. I hate all of them. ALL of them.

No amount of time, no fucking island filled with whores and drugs will take away how much I fucking hate you people.

Every day this has gone on and no one has done a god damn thing other than fuck me over. Every day is another day they stole from me. I did NOTHING to these people. They have been doing this to me my entire fucking life.

They stole my life from me. They drug me, they poison me, they psychologically torture me, they cause me physical and emotional anguish. They have isolated me from the entire world for years now. I can't talk to anyone, I can't earn money, I can't do a fucking thing. Everyone lies to me, they fucking abuse me every fucking day. They take away my sleep, they take away my medications. They threaten me, insult me, belittle me, harass me constantly. They gave me lethal illnesses, they poisoned my body and my mind.

And I did absolutely nothing to fucking anyone my entire life. All I wanted was something that would cost them fucking nothing. Just the truth and medical care, and they laugh at me, insult me, and continue to literally torture me.

It's been years since they've locked me away in this place. I can't do anything. They took away all of my money, they hire people to lie to me and harass me.

Fucking why? What's the fucking point? This has been going on my entire fucking life. Decades and no one does fucking anything to help.

They have killed me multiple fucking times, only to bring me back to torture me to death some more.

Someone is concerned for me and is reaching out to me.
I must seem wretched. Please leave me alone. You're making everything worse.

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ow ow ow my arm has been hurting for days now

and they threaten to lock me up because "i'm dangerous." that "I might hurt someone."

but what about me you fucking assholes? What about the people that did this to me? I wasn't going to fucking do anything to anyone despite all of the torture and fuckery.

What about the people that stole my life from me? The people that poison me? That have doctors lie to me about my health? What about the psychiatrists they pay to harass me and insult me and refuse to give me medications or help in any way? They poisoned me and it sent me to the emergency room. They poisoned me with medications they knew I was allergic to time and time again. They sleep deprive me by poisoning me with adrenaline right as I'm about to go to sleep. They wake me up, 5-7 times a night to keep me tired and miserable.

They replace my medications with placebos. They drug me with shit that makes me miserable and tired and unclear.

These fucking assholes have broken dozens, if not hundreds of laws. They have committed war crimes, torturing prisoners, spying, and doctors have committed atrocities against humanity itself with unethical and illegal human experimentation. They keep and torture slaves. They experiment on slaves. They blackmail people, they poison them and literally murder people. They have robbed me of every human right I have, every right as a US citizen that I have. Me and many many others. They have committed fucking genocide.

But I'm the one that should be punished for crimes I didn't even commit? I'm the one that's dangerous? They commit far worse crimes than any I could have POSSIBLY of committed. They are going to get away with it too. They are just going to shrug and say "g uess we were wrong, time to torture someone else we think might be dangerous." and nothing will come of any of this.

What is wrong with you people? How can you fucking read this and continue to do this to innocent people? You're committing atrocities that people read about in history books.

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I'm afraid I'm going to lose my boyfriend. He deserves better than me and every morning I wake up beside him I'm surprised he's still there.

Was browsing /b/ about 2 weeks ago when i saw a picture of a girl, somehow got a crush instantly but turns out it was a tranny, figured i was maybe bi but any other picture of him disgusts me, it feels like i lost something because i just couldnt recognise it as a tranny in that one pic.

They keep trying to make it seem as if I gave people syphilis or aids on purpose. That I knew about it and that I was giving it to people.

The doctor at the clinic asked "Why do you think people are trying to hurt you?" and I replied "I have no idea. Maybe they think I gave them STD's or something? That's what I have been hearing." and before I could finish he cut me off with "WHY THE FUCK DID YOU DO THAT."

I had no idea is what I fucking told him. I don't know if I have any STDs, I had multiple fucking doctors tell me that I was fine. I asked them "can I get tested for STDs?" and they replied "Ah nah, that's not something you have to worry about." and I asked them "So my bloodwork was fine? Nothing wrong with my white blood cell count or anything?" and she told me no. MULTIPLE FUCKING DOCTORS REFUSED TO GIVE ME STD TESTS.

I had no reason to suspect I had any STD. The only thing that could have possibly been something of concern was from a shitty kitchen towel that scratched me. The mark didn't look like any known STD, I hadn't had sex with anyone in a long time, and it didn't last as long as any of the known STDs would have. My ex contact me around that time too and told me that the guy she got with after me had herpes and she got tested and everything was fine. The only girl I had sex with told me she had no STDs.

When I was with my second girlfriend she went to planned parenthood to get birth control and a checkup where she got tested for STDs and she was clean as well. So of the ONLY two girls I ever had sex with, both of them had no STDs of any kind. No tests from any doctors of my own came back with anything of suspect. Even when I had blood in my urine, I asked a doctor, did some lab work, and they said "Ah that's nothing to be concerned about" . And I never had any symptoms for ANYTHING STD related.

So if you fuckers are trying to pin some STD outbreak on me, go fuck yourselves. Every person in my life is a fucking liar. Dcotors, family, all of them.

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>she texts me to call her whenever I can since I guess she didn't work today due to the holiday
>currently at lunch when she texts, so I call.
>answers immediately and tells me she'll call me right back
>two hours later and nothing

Literally makes no sense to me. Fucking annoying.

I hate my life and myself. I'm tired of everything. I don't even feel depressed anymore, or at least not as much as I was a year ago. I just hope I don't end up being homeless by the end of the year. Hopefully not dead either.

mommy isn't listed as persons who lived with him? I'm sure that was just a mistake and you forgot to mention. I'll take care of it. Don't worry your pretty little flat head.

you're all fucking retarded and I fucking hate all of you.

Fuck this shitty fucking planet and everyone that lives on it.

Give me my fucking medications, the truth, a place to stay that has everything I need to do my work and go fuck yourselves.

Just fucking do it already. I legit hate all of you so fucking much.

What this is about is finding someone you faggots can blame everything on and you chose me for it.

And that went to shit when I decided to not take that shit at all. They wanted me to sacrifice myself to save all of them.

Which... I totally would have done if you weren't all disgusting pieces of shit. If you were good, innocent people then maybe I would have taken some of that blame but none of you are good, innocent people. You're all disgusting fucking liars, cheaters, and literal killers.

You cunts are going to spend the rest of your fucking lives in prison. Real prison. Federal pound you in the ass prison. Not on an island with me. Girls and the guys. You all deserve to be fucking shot for what you did. You plotted, you schemed, and you tried to fucking kill someone for money.

Vicky literally killed people. She gave them those fucking STDs on purpose. She KNEW and didn't tell anyone. No one told me.

Why do you assholes try so hard to defend the guilty? Why do you fucking assholes try so hard to protect people that do horrible things to other people? And when someone innocent comes along... you throw them under the bus just to protect your own. Even if your own are fucking disgusting pieces of shit.

You guys need to get guns and fight back against this shit. Unless you're all on the side of the bad guys (which you clearly fucking are) then whatever. Enjoy living your fantasy lives while slaves suffer and innocent people die.

Nothing negative for once! Here to do my usual nightly update that seems to help my mood.

Flew girlfriend down for Valentines weekend. Had to work two of the four days she was here. No biggie though, all went smooth.

Had amazing sex right before dropping her at the airport tonight. She went home sore and satisfied. Life is good.

I'm not close to many women in my life, but I kinda sorta asked one out today but I sperged and messed it up. I don't feel terrible because I knew I was going to regret it if I didn't ask. It made so much more sense in reflection when my mind isn't so excited that I might actually have someone like me back. Its really hard for me to find women that I feel comfortable with, but it's time to reflect and move on and forward.

I'm abandoning my friends and it makes me feel good inside. I have grown to dislike them over the years and now knowing that they're going to yearn for me while I'm never going to speak with them again is giving me so much dopamine.

You really thought I'd just lay down and take it huh? I'm going to enjoy this thoroughly. It's a win/win for me mamas boi.

I wish you’d just talk to me, and tell me what’s going on, your silence is scaring the shit out of me. I know you love me, and I know you trust me, so what are you being so silent for?

what is it that you assholes want anyways?

Stop fucking crushing on the ace dude from work. You've known him for barely a month and you're being fucking weird about it.

Sorry, I tend to freeze up at the slightest bit of attention.

Oh! Pick me!

It was her or another girl. I choose the other girl and I hurt her. I think I royally fucked up.

I cannot believe that, after all these years, I felt compelled to come back here so I can vent, instead of talking to you. I’ve been trying to move on, deleted your number, cut my hair, hung out with other guys. It’s not being easy, you may know. But I also have decided that’s the right thing to do.

I hope you’re doing great.

That would do it...


i'm the last of my kind and this is how you fucking cunts treat me.

Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with you fucking people.

I'm in the same situation but the guy choose the other girl and not me. Feelsbad.

i hate my brother because he’s the entire family’s favorite even though he’s the one with all the royal fuckups

i have a fat fetish and i don’t know how to get rid of it

Embrace it user.

Fucking her was the most disgusting thing ever and I am NEVER doing it again. Everything about it was gross, from the the rancid, putrid smell permeating the entire apartment to the giant wet spot on the couch from the fluids leaking out of her. Waking up to her slurping on my cock.. then after it got hard she'd climb on top. The way they jam their tongue down your throat when they're at peak arousal. Makes me want to die thinking about it.

Would you ever date him after that?

Why do french fries still exist when curly fries are a thing? Curlies are better in every way and actually make the frenchies obsolete.

Something, something, I'm sad about breaking up.

I'm not really being sarcastic, my feelings about the whole thing just kinda feel vague, and I'm not as broken up about it as I thought I'd be. The bursts of sadness come and go in waves though.

I really don't know right now, the wound is still fresh.
But I've known him for years and really thought we had something going until literally last week when he introduced his friend from uni and then today when he told me he felt stronger for her.
I can't even bring myself to see him.

>watches all my instagram stories like clockwork
>still hasn't replied to my text
Cheeky fucking cunt

Dear G,

I shouldn't miss you like this. Its silly. Still love you and wish you the best.


I want to fail something. Everything in my life has been so easy. I need to try my best and fail in every way, shape, and form.


Seriously, you will get fucked up if you go into a competition

poly relationships lean heavily towards the woman's side. Women have a much, much easier time getting fuck buddies than most guys do.

Remember, it is only he top 20% of guys that would be able to compete in those kind of relationships. So the fact they are pushing for open relationships, interracial relationships, and all that gay ass shit it's because it fits perfectly into their agenda. To give women more and more power, not only in careers but for relationships as well.

I don't get why the liberals and you fucking illuminati cunts are so hard about this shit. LGBT, interracial, anti-white, anti-male, open borders, vegan, re-writing history bullshit.

You can call it a conspiracy but you assholes know it's true. You keep pushing this god damn agenda on me. You want me to fuck around, you wish and wish and wish I was black, you keep pushing fat black girls onto my crew, and even want dick girls to be "represented" among them. Same reason you push Claire so hard onto me.

Same reason they want me dead.

me take advantage of her?

You're the rapists assholes. You're the fucking pedophiles.

I will do exactly what I said I would do to her. I don't want the fucking whore.

Give me my fucking medications you cunts.

I didn't give up on you because I wanted to, I gave up because I had to. If that makes me a liar I am sorry, but it was my only option to not go insane over you.

Smiling and looking back in the eyes?

Thats not enough. You should have talked to them and asked them out.

Lol. You really can't blame them like you said. That is the very least you can do to express interest. What you can do now is learn from your mistakes and heal. Best wishes user.

I know, I know, the guy seemed interested and went out of his way only I realized too late.

I'm in a similar situation. Let's hope it gets better

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It happens. Life is full of cringe and regrets, at least you know better now.

Why can you not see that he doesnt love you? You've made your home into a shrine to him but there is no shrine for you. You plan trips for him but he plans nothing for you. He looks like he wants to die when holding your child. I've never seen him kiss or hug you. He's quit his job while you and your mother support him.

And why do you want a second child with him? You and your mother are already spread thin.

He has created money problems. And you are about to add your own with your desire for a second child. Your mother hates him. It's all going to come falling down.

I love you, you stupid idiot. Even if you never love me, I dont want to see you end up as another washed up single mom with 2 kids.

You never know user, maybe he just thinks you're uninterested so he backed off.

Just had my $3000 bike stolen. Fuck. My life.

How can I change that then? I don’t see him as often...

My heart yearns for ya and forgive me for seeming uncool around you and always saying akward shit. When I see you, I don't want to project an image as I do with everyone else, I want ya too see me as me. And you should smile more often, because it is cute, especially when I can see your braces. Jessica, I like you more than any other girl I've seen.

stop fucking spamming you shit fuck.
you'll never get out of here and you'll never get your meds. we will keep torturing you forever.

These threads are completely ruined because of schizochan. Mods please just block they're ip? More than half of every thread is the same disturbing rant and it stresses me out. Just get rid of the psycho and report to some local mental asylum.

I'm giving myself 5 years before I either become a raging alcoholic or kill myself.

My dad sexually abused until I was 16 and physically abused my mom for around the same time. He also resented me for being shit at sports and forced me to be on several teams for basketball, football, baseball and soccer even though they led to countless humiliations. He also constantly made fun of me for having a small penis. I'm not at all a violent person and I don't care if I sound like an edge lord, but sometimes I fantasize about growing a set of balls and slitting his throat with the steak knife that we had in the kitchen

We didn't tick the right boxes, but fucking hell we did tick a lot of them. Shame you can't only have the nice-to-haves.
I really wanted to feel something more when I saw you the other day, but it's both saddening and relieving that there's just nothing, that everything I thought was there is pretense, everything that used to be there is just a dead thing that's fun to think about occasionally. The ease at which we could joke about it, pluck it to shreds. It's weird, knowing you made the right choice when it was one you always hoped you would never stop regretting, masochistically I guess.

I'm sorry user. My mom was the abusive one for me. She was bipolar and got mania. Half the time I didn't really understand why I was in trouble.

Hang in there. You aren't your parents.

not just cared, but enamoured.
totally in synch and vibrationing the same thoughts, as we transcend to a space where only we exist and matter connecting on a level that you never knew but always hoped was true.

Life is a never ending battle, why?

I'm sorry i know I don't deserve you
Come home Jenny

I'm beginning to think there is something seriously wrong with me. Is it possible I made it 23 without noticing that I'm either a horrible person to be around, horribly ugly, or both? I dont hang out with my long term friends anymore. I havent had a girlfriend in over 6 years, I've only been laid once. Girls show no interest in me. New "friends" never invite me out. I guess I need to evaluate my life because I'm the only common factor.

I do not want to lose hope in love. I want to be with someone who cares for me as much as I care for them. I want to be one of the people is able to make them smile.

My biggest dream is to have a wedding and get married to the person I love.

I'm done running. I am finally going to be the person I always wanted someone else would be to help me. I will quit hiding and help others.

I'm super angry and also very sad about the situation and condition of my friendship with someone. I want to be there for them, but their games are killing me inside.

I'm scared to speak my mind and be honest with people. Ultimately I would like my dignity over anything, so I know I have to do it at some point. But fuck if it isn't difficult.

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