Are there women who are nice to guys

because they enjoy leading them on and hurting them?

I wouldn't really have thought this was a thing before, but I feel like it's a pattern that's happened to me multiple times now. These girls will be incredibly sweet (more than you even "deserve") and then at some point withdraw their affection and watch you fall apart. They maintain a plausible deniability that they've done nothing wrong while treating you like you're needy.

Is this a thing or am I just crazy?

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Many women like to lead everybody on in general and then filter out the losers and pretend like they want a humble guy but they really just want Chad Thundercock.

That's how all speices of animals do it.

The females lead EVERYBODY on so they can tell the losers to fuck off and they can make everybody jealous once they get the ultimate boyfriend that's their main goal.

It's so fucked up dude

I wonder how much of this is conscious or if its just something they do naturally

Well, for evolutionary explanation, they filter out everybody who is not fit.

It's based on jealousy though, that's how they gauge it, they will tell you otherwise but they're liars.

They want to date the guy who makes the most other guys jealous of their relationship.

That's the main goal.

They build up as much jealousy as possible, even from their own boyfriend sometimes they will try to make him jealous.

I like how every post is reddit spaced in exactly the same way.

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This girl acted SO NICE. She was smiling and giggling the first time we met, complimented me, talked about our horoscopes and shit, and then when I compliment her back, acts like i'm some sort of desperate freak. I was torn up about it for weeks, thinking that I did something wrong, but I'm starting to realize that she likely did it on purpose. I feel so mindfucked right now honestly. Girls are really something else.

I had that happen to me not too long ago.
I'm not alone then, it seems.

did she send you sexy pics after you stopped chasing her?

It probably is a thing, but you're also probably bad at reading girls so its easy for them to do without you noticing until the last moment.

Let's look at this objectively. What's more likely? All women are monsters that enjoy inflicting pain, or you're just creepy.

Im ugly so I have to be. Personality gotta make up for it

>talked about our horoscopes
why compliment her, when she is a lunatic anyways? you should never even think about sticking your dick in crazy or investing time in trashy people.

there's a balance. you can be a nice guy, but you need to be a bit of an asshole too. asshole isn't necessarily negative. being able to tease and challenge a girl are things they also want. being passionate and being able to show emotions other than compliance and obedience are massive turn ons. no girl respects someone they think they can walk all over, even if they treat you nicely it doesn't mean they find you attractive.

find a balance. be a fucking man. it's okay to not be nice all the god damn time. they actually prefer that you're not

Can confirm. I've gotten the exact same response from many women.


There’s a difference between being a nice polite human being and actually leading you on. Guys complain when women are nice to them but not interested, they complain when they express disinterest early by avoiding and ignoring them, what would you want exactly?

Words. Language was invented for communication idiot.

why does she have hairy boobs?

You'll complain about that too, faggot.

Are you retarded? In your mind, are women only supposed to speak to men they are interested in, and at remotely any interaction with one they aren’t they’re supposed to say “sorry I’m not taking interested”? Do you realize how autistic that is? Not every positive conversation implies attraction.

>why are women always dicks to me?

>unironically thinks shit like this: because they enjoy leading them on and hurting them?

Act like a bitch, get treated like a bitch

Of course there are. Remember Britney Spears’ song OOPS, I DID IT AGAIN... That’s how they suck your soul, like a SUCCUBUS.
Antidote? Be a MAN, suck it up, and be STRONGER than them. You win.

To be honest girls really do only talk to you if there interested or want something from you. Let's not play dumb, same goes for guys as much as they wanna sugar coat it. The quicker u understand what the exchange is the faster you pursue or reject

>I have literally never had a conversation for the sake of itself and neither has anyone else, everything is a transaction
I should stop coming here before I suffer brain damage.

Hahaha, you must be the master of small talk. If you have a conversation with someone you might want friendship or simply just to vent either way it's still an exchange of energy. Having meaningless conversations is a waste of time and people can usually see straight through it. You sound young be real with people don't just air fart around.

i've done this but only to guys who i made it very clear to in the beginning i was only interested in friendship then they switched it on me midway and confessed their love. so i ignore replying to their inquiry of a relationship as long as possible to torment their naivety. it's usually only young guys in their teens and early 20s. i like to think of it as me teaching them a lesson in life.

Out of curiosity how did you make such thing clear. I agree, I was lucky to learn this lesson quickly but now that I've flaked this chick off. She keeps trying to come back into my life, but the distance is slowly getting bigger. Do girls like you ever get jealous with these guys you've 'friendzoned' moving on from these pointless relationships which only existed because the girl is somewhat hot.

>Is this a thing or am I just crazy?
Yeah, you're crazy. You've got shitty self-esteem so your choice in women is merely a reflection of that. You don't respect or like yourself therefore the women you attract don't either. To top it all off you're nowhere near mature or self-aware enough to realize that the problem is you and instead you waste energy focusing on them instead of being a reasonably introspective human being. Look in the mirror, OP. All of the answers to your problems will be staring right back at you.

majority of girls are into horoscopes at least casually bruh, the only ones you need to be weary of are the ones that take it super seriously.

Girls date up or at the very least equal to them. Make them work for those compliments, don’t hand them out freely.