Women lets be honest, don't we mainly dress up for guys?

im just sick of this 'no im just getting my hair done because i want to feel good about me'. no, its to attract guys because thats what guys like. they like nice hair and they like heels and dresses and all that shit.

why does society and feminism lie about this? why is it wrong to want to be attractive for a man and to want a man?

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I personally don't. I get dressed with things that make me feel comfortable and I like. I get dressed up if the place we're going to requires me to.
I couldn't care less about other men. The only thing I do for my boyfriend on a regular basis is braid my hair and shave my legs.

>why does society and feminism lie about this?

I like how you stopped pretending to be a woman on your second paragraph. Like dumb females can't possibly want to look good and feel good about themselves they're too dumb for that they have empty roasties for brains am I right guys I mean my fellow females

I dress up to feel more attractive, not to be more attractive for anyone else. Say it's a lie or whatever, but looking in the mirror and liking what I see is a good enough reason on its own.

i mean.. yes and no. if i’m seeing the guy i like i will obviously put way more effort into it. but sometimes i just force myself to dress up as a sort of confidence boost? i feel better about myself if i look nice? sometimes i don’t even leave my house, so it’s definitely not just for male attention. but i will definitely go visit a girlfriend with no makeup and looking like a slob when i would definitely not do that around a guy i was interested in.

i never wear heels either way though, fuck that.

Even as a straight male, I still try to keep myself put together when I go out. Even if you could guarantee me that I wasn't going to see a single person I'd want to find me attractive, I'd still shower, shave, and dress halfway decently before going out.

I only get dolled up when I want to impress other women though. For men I just wear jeans and a shirt since they generally don't give a fuck about make-up, painted nails or female fashion.

>tfw my boyfriend likes me more when I'm wearing leggings, one of his hockey jerseys, sneakers and no make up than when I'm dolled up

this is also true. the guy i’m seeing does notice when my nails are nicely painted and stuff but i’ve also been around him with chipped and bare nails and he doesn’t really seem to give a shit either way. i do like wearing skirts and tights around him though just because he says it gets him worked up.

guys can’t even tell what good makeup even looks like, they don’t appreciate it like other girls do. no guy is ever going to notice shit like how natural your false lashes look or how sharp the wing on your eyeliner is.

>guys like heels

I have never worn heels and have never met a guy that gave a shit either way.

lets be honest, this post wasn’t made by a woman

>Some men are lazy fucks who will have sex with anything which means no men even care what a girl looks like until she's naked, and even then they don't care as long as they can fuck

You need to stop watching so much TV. Thinking like this is what got my ex girlfriend dumped HARD.

OP is projecting a lot of their own opinions and assuming that one-size-fits-all with this sort of scenario. Could it be possible that not all women fit this box that OP's drawn them into?

Maybe being cute for yourself is more important than boy-bait and if they just so happen to attract attention from men, it's just a bonus?

Why do almost all women fucking lie to themselves.
You do.

You dress up and do makeup for men. But it may be subconscious.

And even if you already have a guy, it's to elevate status.
Stop lying, you're all doing it for either status, security, and/or affection from men.

The fact that you "feel good" is just a noticeable side-effect of it

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It’s a bit of both.

And meanwhile the anime incel makes a thread saying that it's not fair how he has to ask girls out on dates and on tinder, women do nothing and have all the guys do the work for them. Lulz

b-but I'm a lesbian. Why the hell would I ever care what men think?

>saying that it's not fair how he has to ask girls out on dates and on tinder, women do nothing and have all the guys do the work for them. Lulz
I'm not that guy in that case. It's just the logistics of sexuality that guys have to do stuff, and I'm okay with that.

You're just trying to avoid my argument, which is that women do doll up for men, whether they like it or not.

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I'm talking about my personal experience with men. And dressing casually doesn't mean looking like complete shit, you know. I still make myself look presentable.

I mean I'm a butch dyke with no interest in dating, but I still enjoy occasionally getting dolled up and wearing some more feminine clothes.
I like looking attractive to myself and it gives me a slight confidence boost too.
Also I'm pretty sure OP is a guy.

Well it's a shit argument to begin with. It's just a claim that you made up with no facts or anything. It would also apply to why men also take care of their own appearance and also why they go for well paying and respectable careers.

It's all to impress women, right? Like the dumb apes that we are.

So you make a thread directed to women, get triggered when you don't like their responses and then claim they're wrong/lying? Alright then. You don't even have an argument other than "women do thing because I say so".


If I honestly didn't need to worry about that then I'd be fine in sweatpants + T-shirt and patchy facial hair.

My work and grooming is all for status and women.

I didn't make this thread

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and what about lesbians and women who aren’t attracted to men?

Well that's pretty sad. I'm not looking for a girl right now and I still take care of myself and look good cause idont want to see a walking pile of shit when I stare into the mirror everyday and see myself reflected off a car window and whatever else.

It's the same with women. Looking good feels good. So much of what they do too guys don't even notice or care about

To be attractive to lesbians or desired socially?
My point is the whole "I do it for myself" is due to others liking you for it.

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>My work and grooming is all for status and women.
That's just you. Men in professional environments still groom themselves and dress up in fancy suits, and it has nothing to do with attracting women but presenting a respectable image to other men.

>My point is the whole "I do it for myself" is due to others liking you for it.
Citation needed.

That falls under status
Imagine if you lived in a wasteland without mirrors like an animal, you'd not care about your appearance (besides health) at all.
It's only when things start becoming social that you do.

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Do men dress only to attract female attention the way you're claiming women do? Could it be possible that humans are visual creatures who appreciate aesthetic and generally wish to represent their best selves to win approval of the populace? Where exactly are you trying to go with these statements, OP? What's your beef with either gender dressing to please themselves and to attract attention?

I thought we were talking about looking nice specifically to attract the opposite sex though.

My beef is with the people going "omg I dont do it for , just myself"
it's just shitty -cope that adds more delusions

also not OP

Yeah, but that's kinda my point. HOW does a person saying this affect you or change your day?

>It's only when things start becoming social that you do.
Nah I lived as a shut in neet for years and still took care of myself. It feels good to look good. Don't overthink it.

I'm going to speak only for myself.

Not really. Because according to most men how I dress isn't what they like so I can't change my style for them. I tried to compromise on occasion but I am uncomfortable. However if a woman naturally likes that style then she is going to have an easier time. Basically guys seem to like really feminine women, cute and frilly and makeup and heels all the time, and my style only ever gets to somewhat feminine, meaning no frilly and I'll only have one part of the equation at a time. If I wear heels the outfit isn't super girly. If I wear a skirt I'm wearing a loose knit and flats. I never wear a full face of makeup.

I find guys still like me as I am but far less than those who would refer a Marilyn Monroe look or a Korean or Japanese idol look.

yeah ok im sorry i didnt
include everyone.

yes its true its not just girls or whatever

but cmon if i know a rich dude is looking at me a certain way why wouldn't i get dolled up i mean c'mon

I never dress up beyond dressing like a normal human being (clean clothes, that fit me well, and look good together). I hide my breasts and curves as much as I can. Never wear heels, sexy clothes, revealing stuff, dresses. I don't wear make up.
How am I trying to attract men? I just want to feel good in my skin.
I enjoy dressing pretty if I go on a fancy date with my boyfriend, to impress him, but it's something that happens so rarely.

Then how do you explain guys crossdressing in secret hmmmm? Its because they want to feel pretty and good about themselves. Not for anyone else. Are you saying this only applies to men and women are incapable of feeling this way?

Only homosexuals do that, you homosexual.

Cant keep a man, refuses to wear heals.

How basic.

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This thread is bait but whatever I'll bite
I have a shitload of fancy socks made of comfy fabrics. I have serious ones, colourful ones, long, short, with and without motifs, you name it. Every morning I spend (too much) time trying on different socks to find a pair that goes well with what I'm wearing.
Well guess what, because I'm wearing pants 99% of the time, no one sees the fucking socks. And even if they did they would have no idea that they're made of good fabric, and certainly they wouldn't appreciate the time I put in to choose that pair.
What does happen though is that I feel good wearing those socks, and it gives me a boost of confidence, as crazy as that may sound. It's not about others, it's about feeling good about myself.
t. male

This does not refute my point in any way.

I think in general, women actually dress well because ;

1) To feel themselves
2) compete with other womens
3) certainly not for your neet asses

Im a male and i get haircuts to look better, which does get me feel better but yeah, it dont enjoy getting haircut.
Maybe because i never know what to do with my hair and huge forehead.

But same thing about clothes. Feels good to have fitting clothes and see females definetly noticing that

>t. Homosexual male


Based incel

What a load of jibberish. Make up does not look good, has never looked good and will never look good. Stop deluding yourself.

Don't feed the incels

Looks like my gaydar is on point. Also my jew detection is top notch, the other day i was listening to a radio show and some guy was talking to the host about some bs story, kind of a funny story desu, and i was like you know what i think this guy is a jew. Listen for the name, search it up and voila i was right! Quite proud of myself desu, anyways just wanted to brag a little thanks for reading, have a nice night and try not to get pozzed.

That does sound crazy.
Comfy socks is one thing, but why the fuck would how well the socks match your outfit have any significance to you if no one sees it?

What we will notice however, is if a girl shows up with out makeup one day and she looks like she's ill.

Why do *you* dress up?

I'm a dude, and I dress up for the same reason as women. Clothes make me feel more attractive, assertive, in control, dominant, confident, and charming.
I might dress up for work, or for a date, or for an interview, or just to feel better about myself.

Putting on makeup and heels is a form of grooming and makes me feel clean, healthy and cared for.
Cats don’t lick themselves to look pretty they lick themselves to keep clean and healthy.

Maybe not to that degree but we can tell and we often joke about it if its overdone

Special mentions, fake eyebrows and 1cm layer of shiny shit on face

>1cm layer of shiny shit on face
I hate this so much. Literally the most stupid thing you could do to yourself if you are even ok looking.