How do I ask a girl out?

How do I ask a girl out?

What should I wear?
How should my posture be?
What words should I say?

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I have a gift for her too it's a plastic heart with her name on it.

How should I present it to her?

Depends, give specifics. Where did you meet her? have you had any previous interaction? Nothing more than generic advice can be given if you don't give specifics.

>What should I wear?
>How should my posture be?
Don't as a girl out in person you fuckin frogposter just send her a text that says hey do you wanna go see Shrek 5 with me this weekend or whatever the movie is

Some variation of
>hey what are you doing this weekend? I’d like to take you out to [activity]
Wear whatever you want, and don’t give her the gift


I met her a year ago in class and we haven't talked much.

But I don't have her number.

>its another frog poster
I think we should ban anybody who post frogs the same way we ban furries leaking from /trash

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No what?

What's wrong with the gift? It took me an hour.

Frogs are the face of Jow Forums. Literally the symbol of Jow Forums.

Yotsuba is dead, frog is the new mascot of Jow Forums just accept it, you troll.

>But I don't have her number.

Then you're not ready to ask her out.

Because it comes on waaaaay too strong

Don't do a cold approach. Since you share classes, bond over that first before confessing.

Pepe is for black Tumblr and ironic Reddit

Keep telling yourself that. It's a Jow Forums meme no matter what you say. It's THE Jow Forums meme actually.

How do I do that?


Pepe is a shitty meme and it and wojak killed the creativity on this site. It’s a mascot for newfags

>How do I ask a girl out?
Ask her out to lunch, coffee or something
>What should I wear?
What you normally wear
>How should my posture be?
What your posture usually is
>What words should I say?
Wanna go out for some coffee?

Ok, sorry.

n o

She will let you know if she is interested. Asking out random people is a waste of time.

Well what if you don't know anyone, then what?

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>dress SexCORE
>posture CHADCORE

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Abort the mission. You are going to fail.

Please do not ruin yourself already you shitty frogposter

I have a related question that I don't want to make an entire thread for so imma ask it here.

What should a first date with a friend be like? We already did stuff like go for coffee/lunch/movie as friends so now I feel like our first official date™ date should be something more. The fact that there is still a foot of snow and it is -2º is not helping.

Ask her to Dinner? Ask her if she browses /b/ and see if she knows what bait is. If she does it's time to get out of dodge.