Is it true that after you meet a girl and things go well you should ignore her for a few days after?

Is it true that after you meet a girl and things go well you should ignore her for a few days after?

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Fuck no

Not really no you shouldn't like go the other extreme and text her all day long.

Don't listen to any of those stupid fucking dating rules. Just be yourself and do what you wanna do. Because after all who do you want your girl to fall in love with, you or a rulebook.

Not really lol. Last relationship I had for two years after we kissed I messaged the other morning and we texted all day lol.

Depends on your age I guess but mostly no

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fuck, i read some redpill tier site and it told me to ignore them for a few days.

yes, it allows her some time to fuck chad and really clear her head of you so she can assess whether you stack up as a man or are a giant pussy

why troll on an advice forum

>Don’t listen to any of the other cucks, this is the real answer

It’s okay to text as long as you aren’t being thirsty but it depends on the girl. If the girl is showing interest and is pursing texting her is fine. If she isn’t pursing wait a bit and text her when you aren’t busy.

The big thing here is don’t be thirsty and ask to meet up again right away, unless she wants to and you sure it will led to a good time or sex. Really all this depends on how comfortable and how interested you are in each other. If you think you’re more interested in her than she is in you then wait to get her interest higher. The idea is to get her thinking about you.

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I promise they’re virgins talking about what they think girls want

Have you forgotten where you are?

that's the problem, they show interest, it could escalate too soon i'm thinking and i'd look easy.

What are you talking about? You gay or something? Just bang her and lead her on for a while until you want a relationship. Her being super interested in you is a good thing, you can adjust shit and make terms after you bang her, but until you get your peepee in her hole she can fall off at any point so it’s always better to act sooner than later if you can when dealing with women. The rules of looking too easy are different for men and women I’ll sum it up for you:

>woman too easy: gives sex/exclusivity too soon - it’s never too soon if the guy isn’t thirsty however

>man too easy: gives date/time/energy/affection/money too soon - it’s okay if the woman has high interested however

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It's more complicated than this and not that black and white.

Just don't be a needy fuck.

Text next day or it's over.

It's like when you feel overloaded by what's happening, never take rest you don't want to take??

To be on the safe side you should ignore her for infinity days and carry on with your life.
Women are not worth it

>it’s never too soon if the guy isn’t thirsty however
what does this mean exactly

This, and not even because they are true or not, but because if you are trying to do a play a character who you are not you are gonna proyect a much more insecure, clumsy and less atractive personality

I can always tell if a guy is needy but ignoring me because he's either all on smothering or off and that creeps me out.

But I met a guy two weeks ago and we're chatting casually (not immediate replies though) and it seemed natural, like he had a life and doing things but then the time got longer and longer and then he would go silent at night. Like he had other girls or something or maybe just popular, he is good looking. Then he invited me over last weekend and I stayed till late Sunday, he didn't make me feel like he wanted me to leave. I text him yesterday, just a whats up and haven't heard from him since. I'm thinking maybe he has a gf or something. So infuriating.

A boy did this to me once, where he thought playing hard to get would make me like him more. When he didn’t reply to my texts, I just assumed he was ghosting me. By the time he finally asked me out on another date, I had lost interest.
If you want to do autistic shit, that’s your prerogative, but understand that there’s a high chance it will backfire.