How do I convince myself to give my bf oral?

He really wants me to, but I've never done it before and the idea of putting a dick in my mouth makes me gag. Is he still gonna want to kiss me after I do it? Isn't that too whorish?

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It's an aquired taste, practice makes perfect, you're gunna be wack at first

there are really people who think like this?

Yes, yes there are.



You have to dispel the concept that penises are gross or unpleasant. I don't know why it's gross for you but that's the first thing you have to do, and you just have to use cold hard logic to get over it. Use your head, not your stomach.

That dick you're disgusted by is an appendage of someone you love that is also self-cleaning.
If your BF has proper hygiene habits, your steering wheel in your car is ten times grosser and you probably don't mind grabbing it and then using those same hands eat food.
In other words, you've had much worse things in your mouth or smelled worse things in your car.

Also, semen isn't toxic or dangerous, as it's a lot like drool and you probably don't mind kissing him and have probably swallowed tons of his drool. (You should probably avoid trying to swallow at first as it'll just make you want to gag more) Getting over the dick takes priority.

Oral for either genitalia is an excellent form of foreplay and you need to have an open mind to commit to pleasing your significant other: you're doing it to make him happy after all.

A (washed) dick doesn't taste like anything other than skin. Suck on your thumb and you'll know what a dick tastes like.

Also, this is nonsense. It's a consensual act.

A clean dick doesn't taste like anything, just take a shower together beforehand so you can be sure it's ok. If he's not an immature 12 year old he will still kiss you after you do it.

Also, why would it be whorish? It's a normal sexual act that you do with your boyfriend in the privacy of your home. Whorish would be sucking the dick of a stranger at a gloryhole or some shit like that.

If you really don't want to do it then don't. He has to understand that you have boundaries.

Something being consensual doesn’t negate anything other than being not consensual.

Id get a new gf.

If you don't want to do it, don't do it. Get a boyfriend that respects that you want to wait or aren't ready yet.

sick b8

srs answer: work up to it gradually at whatever pace you're comfortable with

The thing about oral sex for me (m, straight) is that it is a. Fantastic to receive as a man b. Completely useless from a species survival standpoint
Its like there ill be shutting u up by putting my dick in your mouth, others use it to create poetry and melodies while you are to give me pleasure with it
So basically everytime i receive oral i need to constantly check the womans behaviour to reassure myself that im not perpetuating a patriarchal paradigm (not even joking) in order to enjoy it

>Is he still gonna want to kiss me after I do it
If you don't immediately make out with your girl while she still holding your cum in her mouth cause you're missing out on life

Just eat her out more to calm your mind bro

Theres no her, happens with every woman
I love giving oral tho, i Guess its on the opposite site of the spectrum relatively to the other stuff i was talking about

Jesus fuck dude, I'm not one to reeee about SJW shit but seriously how much brainwashing does it take for a guy to have these sort of thoughts in the middle of receiving a bj?

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how fucking weak are you physically? just curious

Im 6’2-188 (took the chance to finally convert them) with like avg strenght for my bulk why

is this what it means to be "woke"?

Its called university education plus being white

I'm just trying to figure out if it correlates with how weak you are mentally

Its literally my superpower

being weak?

Nice trips btw


I've being with my gf for 7 years. We have a good relationship except for the fact that she doesn't want to blow me. I told myself you respect her boundaries and accept this.

I can't. It drives me insane. I am obsessed with oral sex. When I read or hear from friends about women who love to give head I become intensely jealous.

So if you don't like doing something, maybe do it anyway because your partner loves it and it is really fucking important for him. I'm sure he does things for you because they please you.

You need to learn how to suck some goddamn dick

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>the idea of putting a dick in my mouth makes me gag

Sure you're not actually a female faggot?

Then just use your tongue on his head. And yes, i usuall kiss my gf after a bj.

I have a similar problem with my gf. She really does not like to give me head. And then, she really sucks at it, it is not really pleasureable. I tried to instruct her what to do, but she is very insecure and in the end we just have regular sex.
We talked about it, and she only said "i do it for you" "it is ok".
How can we enjoy it, how can i teach her? Why does she dislike it this much? I mean, she is very young and inexperienced in general.
I crave a good blowjob since months.

It’s a bit disgusting to kiss afterwards IMO

gonna get wet/leak precum and that makes me gag, honestly. It's all peachy up to that point when i can't continue because of the taste, not sure how much it has to do with his diet. Bodily fluids, mine too, make me gag I dont need oral but i want to give oral to him to make him happy but I cant last long until i have ot pull away

Learn to let yourself o and enjoy sex in general. You sound like you're just completely cramped up and in your head all the time in general

I wrote like a neurotic but you got me right anyway

You may try a 69 so both of you have oral at the same time. Tthere wouldn't be a problem if you kiss after that

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