How to cure a Degenerate

So I have this friend I've known since middle school, let's call him Red. Long story short Red is pure edge, Early on it was okay him stomping on cats, reeing, pretending to be a little girl, eating tendies, etc...
>Just imagine every Jow Forums cringe greentext as a person.
Anyways me and my group of friends (Red included) our 20's now and everybody grew up and went to college and got blue collar jobs but Red stayed the same. It's become physically painful to be around him, about Chris Chan level. we suspect he's a pedophile
>beyond lolicon
Everyone is concerned for him but Red isn't taking any help to become better. We are considering blocking him from our lives but we are worried he'll either kill himself or shoot up a school. Anyone know any methods to fix a Neet degenerate?

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He was born for violence, it is his destiny.

Who the fuck do you think you are to say that it wasn’t part of God’s plan for those children to die at the hands of your soon to be ex friend and the hot muzzle of his 5.56x45?

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Most of us are just worried we'll be mentioned in some kind of manifesto of his. Personally, I'm not too worried but the others don't want that kind of attention brought on them. Being associated with mass tragedy in the area all because we blocked the retard doesn't jive yknow, But at the same time talking to him is like pulling teeth. So I'll ask again, How do we fix him, Can we fix him, and should we even try?

fuck them until they're cured. ez

Already have a bf and he's ugly any other suggestions?

no im afraid. you need to do this. significant other will understand.

Dude sees most women as objects, I am 100% sure pussy isn't going to cure him because we've tried hooking him up with my friends. He wears normal like snake skin when he sees a girl, even as a joke suggestion this wouldn't work. His brand of "autism" is too hard to explain in a few posts.

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in a nutshell yeah, but I think Elliot was more competent as a human being.

Get him to do weed/workout

If you tried alot, even intervention style, and he won't listen, you have the right to.cut him out, his school shooting won't be your fault.

As the messiah Segura said, some people suck

Judging by what you described he seems like a lost cause, i think the only one that can help him is himself. Only he can pull himself out of that toxic behavior and perheps redeem himself by completely doing a 180 on life.

Best thing you should do is stay away i guess. Unless you can tell us about his positive traits?

He's a good friend, sure he's a degenerate but he will help you in a jam. If I didn't have a decade of good times with this guy I wouldn't be so hesitant. His edginess at the start didn't seem so different from everyone else when I was in middle school but as years went by and he stayed the same, things went from concerning to scary. In my heart, I do hope that one day he calls me and tells me how great his new office job is and that he's moving out of his parents to live with his new legal aged gf, but nothing like that seems likely in his state.

Have you told him what you told us?

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Start teasing him about being an autist, but in a nice way.

Everything but the blocking part

Are you guys calling him to go out or is he always calling you guys?

Either way, just limit contact with him as much as possible and he'll eventually wallow in despair alone like he should

Can't fix a man what won't fix himself
This is hard fact and you will never change it-- at best you can assault his character and instill a sense of guilt in him deep enough to 'change,' which will be more like repression and will probably cause an outburst later in life

All you can do is just deadass tell him he's a fucking sperg and makes you guys think he's into little girls. We had a friend who had a couple scares and then he bought a hooker and started chasing a very specific kind of girl, but it was over the age so we all breathed a sigh of collective relief
We did cross the, "Well, little girls DON'T turn you on, right?" bridge. It was awkward.

If you hang out, do an intervention. Sit Red down, tell him that yeah, his behaviro was just weird when you were all kids but now it's just fucked up. He doesn't need to be anyone special, but he needs a bit of perspective. Have particular examples of how his attitude affected the surrounding negatively and make sure to explain that you tell him all that because you all want to hang out with him, but it's hard for you sometimes.

I am afraid that's a lasting process. If you want him to get better, you won't magically fix him with one special talk. You have to push him to expand his worldview and reconsider certain tendencies and behaviors that he takes for best. Make him know how certain behaviors can be taken, ask him for why he acts like this and that and instead of rolling eyes and cringing, explain how else such behavior can be seen, what it may suggest. If he's full edge in his opinions, try to offer counterpoints in a way that you will point out what you can agree with or at least understand why he feels so, but there may be alternative explanation for this or that.

In the end, it may be like lasting therapy over time. Because it kinda would be. With all traits that therapy entails, including cooperation of the patient. You can't change people against their will, not if you want them to truly be a decent person. And you don't owe each other much, beside a bit of explanation, kindly but directly stating what is the problem (with example of how it is expressed) and offers of certain agreements on how to mitigate the worst of them. People change and move on at times, often it's shitty of them, sometimes it's inevitable. put in sme effort and give ti time or move on, especially since no one can really do it in your place (I mean, I did something like that in the past but I knwo neither Red nor you and it'd be in general kinda pisspoor idea to work as negotiator between parties alien to me).

Fuck him. People like that need to be ostracized. They contaminate everyone around them. If he does anything, it will be on his head. If you keep contact with him, you’re enabling his antisocial behavior. It’s almost as if, in the current situation, he’s holding you all hostage. “Be my friend, or else...” Like I said, FUCK HIM. Any POSSIBLE - NOT certain - consequences, are not your responsibility. You may as well start worrying about when and where the next earthquake or tsunami or drought will happen. Or if another giant asteroid will hit the earth. I know it sounds harsh. And it is. But enabling aggressively antisocial people is exactly what breeds decay, misery, and violence in society. That’s why our predecessors fought Hitler, remember?

And if that sounds too far out, just remember, during the First World War, most of Hitler’s fellow soldiers couldn’t stand him either.
A jerk is a jerk.

Why are you trying to fix him? He'll probably just find it annoying as fuck. Honestly, it's none of your fucking business ESPECIALLY since you have a bf (whether you're a fag or not). Cut him out if you hate him so much. You're not his friend, you fucking moron.

op i'm having trouble picturing this red guys personality, is there a character from a movie or tv he kinda reminds you of?

You can report that to the FBI, not joking. Especially so If he's a suspected pedophile.

Bake him a pizza and convince him to get his shit straight and to get a job making pizzas (everyone loces pizza)

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He's probably a fucking Travis from Taxi Driver.

I had the same issue you have now OP. Well still have, kinda, because the work is still on progress.

My red is not that fucked up but still... Well, he's doing just fine enough now, I think.

I'll tell you the story, it might give you some ideas idk.

Well, my red is the kind of guy who browsed 4 Chan once in a while but doesn't understand most of the memes, can't even bait. The rest of the group, us all are quite in touch with memes and browse Jow Forums so we are used to memes.
I'll call him blue for now on, kinda weird to call him red as well.

So, blue was an incel trying to act like a mgtow, sometimes cringy edge lord and over obsessive with some stuff we said.
Sometimes we discussed a bit about straightening up blue since he's the only neet and joked about it when he wasn't present. About half a year ago someone brought up the idea of making him watch Jordan Peterson s videos when the topic came up, so we started to mention his videos and his ideas quite often but just enough to make it look cool so we'd look it up on YouTube by himself.

Part 2 -->

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A week later the fucker started nofap and mentioned improvement pill a few times, didn't said a thing about JP but he seemed to pay attention when we mentioned JP once in a while. 2 weeks later he started a conversation on chaos and order like some Ying Yang shit and was trying to lecture is, his face expressions and body language was priceless, at this point we knew he became obsessed with JP so we followed up the act and encouraged him. After a few times he mentioned the importance of responsibility our fit guy lured him into lifting. The next thing we learnt about was that blue started to watch all JPs lectures, those hours long videos, I think he hasn't finished those yet. Well, around 2 months later blue started to work for his father and learn carpentry. In the next month's he transitioned more into the normie kind that despises anime and Japanese stuff. That's more or less to this day.

He's doing his best now, working and getting fit. We are going to help him gain confidence with women when he gets fit, he was like an Auschwitz prisoner, just healthy average now.

So I guess it's possible, although blue seems to be some more functional than red, don't lose hope. It might work you try something like that idk. Man it's so hilarious, I want to age and laugh with my buddies at that "remember when we memed Daniel into improving himself and ended up straightening his life?".

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