WAIT, so you're actually supposed to want only one woman...

WAIT, so you're actually supposed to want only one woman? Man watching porn since I was 7 fucked up my idea of women and sex. I literally didn't even talk to any girls in highschool, because I only wanted to fuck all the really fine girls. But girls don't actually view sex like men? Why can't all the big titties, phat assed, wide hipped girls, just like fucking? Why do they need you to want to be in a "relationship"(we all know dudes just wanna fuck)? Why can't they just wanna be fucked? Why can't girls be like guys and just wanna fuck all the time, anywhere? This is frustrating guys. I think porn has fucked up my view of women, because I literally can't imagine having only ONE. I want to collect women like Pokemon. FUCK

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Just become a porn star then.

I'm not tall or white. Also I don't have a big weiner.

Then why are you talking about only wanting to fuck? Who is there for you to fuck? Dumbass.

And don't assume all men are as beastial as you are. I want one, and only one, woman in my life. And I am certain that there are quite a few more men who have such a wish.

Well you weren't raised on hardcore porn and hentai like me. I remember the last time I wanted only one girl was when I was like 12. Now I don't really want anything, except fucking.

Nofap will cure you

You sound like a teenager. Its normal to want to fuck everything when you're a teen

I'm 18, so I'm already past being a teenager.

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maybe try talking to an actual woman for once in your life incel

But I just want to fuck them man. Why do I have to talk to them if all I want is to fuck them?

Pay a prostitute then. Retard.

But I don't want to waste money faggot.

Because like you I'm sure they have other interests/emotions outside of just wanting to fuck. Women like to fuck as much as guys do, they just make you work for it more

You're really not. You might not feel it, but 18 is extremely young still. Problem is you won't see it until it's way back in the rearview mirror.

So you're I need to die soon in order to keep my view of women and sex from being tainted?

>>me me me
The thought "why can't guys be like girls" never entered your mind?

I don't see women as equals, so no. I love my mommy and female relatives. It's just that I live in South Florida and there's so many different races of women. So when I look at a black chick, I don't think she reminds me of my mom or female relatives. America is the greatest experiment humans ever conducted.

Your view of women is definitely the problem so yeah

And you love those women in your life cause you've actually bothered to interact with them. Maybe try doing that with actual women

Won't this view be commonplace for all the boys(5-10) growing up watching hardcore porn as well? Just imagine in the future at least 1/3 of young dudes will have the same view I have right now. That'll be interesting to watch 10 years down the road.

Dont worry AI sexbots gonna change the world

But I'm supposed to settle for only one? What if a hotter chick comes along and wants to hop on my dick? Am I supposed to say no?
"Love is cursed by monogamy"
-Kanye West

nice b8 thread lmao

This honestly how I see sex and "relationships".

That wasn't the point, you think you're past growing up, since you're technically an adult legally now, but you're still pretty much a kid.
Basically still applies to you.

>WAIT, so you're actually supposed to want only one woman?
Not biologically. Having more partners = more potential offspring.
>I'm 18, so I'm already past being a teenager.
You are not. And people aged 16-26 are also wired to want mostly sex from people, as that's when you're the strongest and have the most potential for creating, and perhaps raising, healthy offspring.

That's biological. That's the thing though - we are thinking, rational beings, that are able to outgrow our primitive instincts. You cannot suppress them completely - most men still desire other women even when married, the difference is that they do not act on their primitive desires.
Seek a sexuologist to help you see women as people and not fuck dolls

But don't women and men who have sex like rubbing it in the face of men that don't have sex? Aren't the women basically saying they're fuck dolls? I want to rub it in the face of some beta male too when I get a fine asf girl. And I want that girl to rub it in his face too(her pussy and how he's not getting any). Lol. I fucking hate men and women equally. This hate don't discriminate bitch boy.

Young people, sure. Because they give in to their animalistic behaviors. They could as well as be shitting under the tree and pissing around the house to mark their territory.

Then the fault is yours for having your mind warped. Not society's.

I wanna warp more young men's minds. Is that wrong of me? I really wanna see society where young men don't even interact with their own mother's because they only can see the worst aspects of female nature. And I want all young bitches to live up to their worst female natures. Damn I really wanna see the world end in my lifetime.

That's cute. Come back when you're older.


>You're suposed to

You're supposed to do tons of shit. Who cares? Monogamy used to be what keeps society together back when society was agrarian, that is why you have all the memes about how monogamy is the be-all end-all and everyone who wants something else must be a freak. Its just an aeosn old habit though that has lost any actual funciton in modern society which is no longer dependent on families and clan allegiance to organize itself.
THe best way to find "the one" is to follow you natural desire for self-exploration and sleep around until you meet a woman who makes you want to fuck no other women ever again, or a tl east for a while.

So that's why furries and bronies exist? It all makes sense now.

Stop watching porn
It's not natural
It's bad for you

Then keep crying outloud, prostitutes are the only women who would fuck with you with no effort from your horny ass

Who said I wanted live women? I was just gonna get a super thick sex doll.

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Buy it then

Also, sauce? I'm curious about how much that thick doll costs

Her name is Stephanie, stop objectifying her bigot.

>Well you weren't raised on hardcore porn and hentai like me
I kinda was. I still don't sleep around and only get close (at least in non-platonic ways) with women I have genuine feelings for, as I realized even as a horny kid that hentai/porn is fuel for fantasies, not realistic depiction of relations between people. Time for you to do the same or seek therapy.

Oh really, lemme guess you found it at the ripe age of 12 huh? I been watching and masturbating to it since I was 7 nigga. When I say hardcore I mean the dehumanizing kind of porn that makes the women suffer cause the dick is too big for her. I just wanna see the girls that I get with in pain from my giant 4 inch cock.

So, you jerked off to even more surreal and detched from reality porn and had more time to recognize it for what it was - yet somehow it means you should have even harder time, even now when you realize that's the core of your problem, in detaching your approach toward people from it?

>I just wanna see the girls that I get with in pain from my giant 4 inch cock.
That's not big enough to hurt anyone who's not pretty small. virginally tight and/or young. And even more important, that's your problem that you found yourself a fetish and now you look for partners through the lens of that fetish.
Though to be honest, I do agree you don't seem to be looking for relationship, just getting laid. People already suggested you to get a prostitute. That aside, there are some social networks online for people with various kinks, try your luck there. You still will have to offer something more than your dick though - any girl you'd want to fuck can probably get that anywhere and more beside.

Man, I'm actually physically attractive enough that hot girls take interest in me, but then they lose interest after I don't say anything to them. Why is it so difficult? Why can't they just take me by the hand and lead to a secluded spot and let me bang my hips against theirs?

Because when they're interested in you, they're not interested just in your cock. Because for them, getting laid isn't that hard and in general, sex has a bigger mental/emotional component to it than how it is with guys where it's nearly purely physical at the basics. So, it's obvious - if you offer nothing but a dick, why would they hang around when they can probably get a guy who not only can fuck them but offers more beside?

You still have some cahnce for casual sex encounters but again, you have to reach out. Try aforementioned networks and other dating sites. But even with them, developing some alluring traits will be immensely helpful for you and changing attitude/approach toward whole matter will also help you in the future.

You can do whatever you want, but remember you have consequences diseases are a thing. Some can potentially pass through a condom, be smart if you're going to hoe out. there are plenty of women out there who want the same.