My older brother is going to prison guys

my older brother is going to prison guys
he just got his 3rd felony DUI while on probation for assault and battery
he called our mom and told her that he's facing 7 years in a state penitentiary
she's really upset
i spent two hours on the phone with her last night
what will happen to him in prison? he's an asshole but he's still my brother

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Sounds like he's headed exactly where he belongs

I really mean that

Lotta assrape for him

your brother sounds like a cunt

good riddance

Realistically not much, he’s not exactly going to do much while there is he?
It’ll be shit but clearly he has a lesson to learn.
I recommend visiting him often but not EVERY time possible. Don’t want him to look like a bitch in front of his mates.
And if he has an interest he should make an effort to read about it while in there.

The problem isn’t the jail time it’s what he does after, if you really want to support him focus on sorting him out once he gets out, make sure he knows how to get any benefits he needs, has a place to stay, job etc but also do NOT make arrangements that will fuck you over if he makes mistakes once he out like personal recommendations for work or putting down a deposit.

>t. People who think they have never done anything wrong in their lives because they're goody two shoes autists with a moral superiority complex

I damn sure never picked up 3 DUI's

But whatever, car accidents don't matter right?

Piece of shit

>t. stupid piece of stupid shit

Nobody said he was in the right for getting DUIs dipshit, just that morals are not simple black and white shit and people make mistakes, sometimes very bad mistakes.

But, again, you probably don't understand because you've spent your whole life behind a computer screen and think you're a saint just because you never actually broke the law.

No , retard. Drunk driving three times in a row while on probation for beating someone up isn't making a mistake, but sheer stupidity.

You're viewing this as a moral black or white situation. If people like you had your way there would be no such thing as rehabilitation, just chaos and vigilante justice everywhere.

He may have fucked up and been a retard but he deserves sympathy and a chance to change.

What are you talking about? He got probatio instead of a sentence, and Prisons original goal is rehabilitation of those who cannot learn to behave in society after receiving probation. Rehabilitation doesn't mean that you can do whatever you want, it means that you have to actively make an effort to not fuck up again, which your brother obviously didn't.
Also, your not talking about actual rehabilitation, but just on about "he dindu nufin he a good boy"
Are you a nigger perchance?

>Is a racist
>Morally grandstanding about what's right and wrong

Kek. Back to Jow Forums.

>You're viewing this as a moral black or white situation

Well yeah it fucking is, not even that user. I technically break the law all the fucking time but I'm not a psychopathic retard who breaks the law by hurting people or driving drunk, risking killing people and ruining families. I don't want people like your brother outside in normal society.

Just hope he finds jesus or becomes religious in prison because I'm assuming you're american and american prisons seem like the very model of being punitive and not rehabilitative. Tell him to pick up a skill or education in prison if the opportunity exists because 7 years wasted only to get out, have no skills, and fall into the same life really justifies him just staying in prison to keep society safe.

he's had no less than three "chances" before he got to this point. At what point do his "chances" come at a cost too high for everyone around him? I would posit around his second DUI, given how he has shown a disregard for the lives of others twice (at that point) by driving a two ton steel cage around drunk, endangering completely unrelated lives.
What happens if he got a fourth "chance" and finally went the wrong way on a highway or other road, head-on collided with a car containing one person to a whole family, and killed any number of innocents? Would that finally be enough to you to stop considering his fucking "chances?"

>got CAUGHT three times
>probably drove drunk loads more times
>lol just give him some sympathy and a chance lol

They already did this two times

>calling people niggers is worse than beating up people and endangering others lives by driving drunk

THis isn't about morality, but behaving in a way that allows the rest of society to live without getting beaten up/driven over. And if your brother cant do that, it is a good idea to remove him from society for a while and teach him how to not fuck up his neighbours.
The law isn't about morality, but about ensuring peaceful coexistence within a society. I'm not surprised that a nigger cant grasp a concept that is based on logic more than emotionality though.

I'm not saying he deserves it but it looks like he fucked up on all the chances that were given to him. Use this as a learning experience and don't head down the same path as him.

Homeboy can have his "chance to change" while doing some real time with real consequences. You break the law once? Forgiveable. Kids do dumb shit. Twice? Time to really understand you can't fuck up ever again. Three times and you're still hanging on probation by some lucky fucking deal? GET NEW FRIENDS OR PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE.

From what I see, OP's mom is a softie who probably enables this shit for her first born. My aunt did that for her boy. OP, your boer is in for a world of hurt and misery. Dude is gonna get punked, need to stand up for himself, and then keep his head down, but he sounds like the kind of idiot who is going to make friends with the wrong people because he'll think he's invincible.

It's his third felony. If he couldn't learn the previous two times, the jail is meant to be his home.

Your brother is getting what he needs. That's what you have to realize. He's a danger to himself and others and needs rehabilitation

Getting three DUIs + assault and battery is inexcusable behavior. You literally cannot defend this.

I was the original one you replied to

And I will happily stand by my words, you stupid faggot. Your brother deserves to rot in a cage for endangering the lives of innocent people on the road. It totally IS a moral black/white issue that youre just too stupid to see. Thankfully, law enforcement isnt stupid enough to keep him on the streets

Thats not even mentioning his past assualt charge. God knows how badly he must have fucked up ASIDE from drinking and driving like some worthless retard. I'll bet he either assaulted some other asshole while drunk, or he beat a woman.

Fuck the both of you, pieces of absolute shit. I really hope he rots and is raped

Fuck off. Im not even white, and your post annoyed the fuck out of me.

Shut the fuck up about the race card, you continue looking more pathetic than the troll does

Your brother sounds like a scum bag who is going to get somebody killed unless he's locked away.

Mistakes are forigven, but OP's bro has repeatedly broken the law so he's obviously not learning anything. People who don't respect the law need to be locked away for the good of society and hopefully themselves.

hope some guy hits you driving drunk while he's on probation for his 2nd felony DUI, then you might reconsider how people like that don't deserve another chance.

that's what i told our mom but she's old and sick
she'll probably die while he's in prison

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I do feel sorry for you and your mother, all negativity aside. I know it wreaks havoc on loved ones when someone can't keep out of jail. You aren't wrong for loving him, despite the flaws.

Drunk driving several times is a really fucked up flaw though

Ever since my imouto started driving I adopted a stance of first offence jail time, second offense gets the rope. If I catch you myself I'll just shoot you. You will not drive drunk on the same roads as my little sister. Period. I'll fucking kill you for it.


/ thread

The legal system in the USA is very forgiving. If you're going to prison you deserve it and should use the time to learn and self reflect.

A short prison stint isn't too bad.

Get him off my streets. I don’t want to have to deal with violent drunks out on the streets. Mom has no one to blame but herself for raising a criminal. Lock him up.

she abandoned both of us when i was 10 and he was 18
she's the reason he's like this
i turned out great by comparison, but that's only because i have a great dad while my brother doesn't