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Been a while.
51 year old guy, married over 25 years. 6 kids, 4 of whom are successful adults (the other two are still kids!).
I've screwed up enough to know what not to do.

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no one cares, take your shit on facebook

What kind of newfag announces a sage?

What do you do for work? Is it something you enjoy? If not, what would you rather be doing?

What do you do on weekends?

I think i'm having a low-key prolonged panic attack.

I have done a lot of things but for the last decade I have been in IT sales; flexible, profitable, and fun

about anything in particular?

What is your sleep and diet like?

It corelates with school feeling more stressfull. But this panicy feeling isn't helping any and just makes it more difficult to focus. I don't think I'm cut out for higher education.

I eat normally and try to get at least 7 hours sleep a night.

I was just having one of those user.
Like for 3 days straight of angst and high alert. Hang in there.

How did you feel about life at 27 years old?

Angst like that often means you really want to be doing something else. Doing other things will not ruin your life, but forcing yourself to do something until you burn out is not good. Take a break, get some perspective. See if there is anything else you 'should' be doing.

27 years old was a lot of hard work and very, very busy but a good year. I was positive about life in general

Thanks. What I'm doing now IS taking a break from what I was doing.

are you white and are you married to a white woman?

That's funny, really. It can be hard to settle in and settle down, sometimes.

38 yr old, divorced with no kids here
what's the purpose in life for me now that I can't trust women anymore.
sometimes I just feel lonely but when I'm with someone, I want to be alone

Yes. And yes.

What should I look for in a wife?

A sweet nature and honesty.

back soon

Tell me about how you and your wife started out.
How did you meet?
What drew you to her initially?
Did you have to make any changes to yourself? Any compromises you had to make?
When did you realize that this was a woman youd want to marry?

We met on a blind date arranged by mutual friends. It was love at first sight.. I proposed after a year and we originally planned to marry after another 18 months but when her parents talked about a mortgage to pay for the wedding *they* wanted, we eloped.
Of course we had to change, even if we stayed single we'd have to change. She is much more relaxed about strict schedules and time tables and I am much more diligent about timeliness, for example. Married helps, but both would have changed no matter what.
While we agree on big issues (kids, raising them, religion, etc.) compromise is all over the place ranging from where we vacation to what is on TV.

thanks, all

Did you have a side piece?

What do you see about modern couples that causes so much strife and discontent? There are times where I think marriage itself is destroying modern society which was unthinkable in your time.