Wife thinks I wasn’t a virgin

Just got back from my honeymoon where I had lots of sex with the wifey. We were both virgins and saved sex until marriage. I used to watch lots of porn so I learned all the positions and took notes for when my day comes. She was surprised to see that I knew what I was doing, and thought I lied and had a shit ton of sexual experience before our wedding. What’s a good cover-up answer so I don’t have to tell her I learned from porn? Something that won’t make me sound weird

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Tell her the truth because she’s your wife and you should have her trust you. Telling her you’ve watched a lot of porn is better than having her think you lied about your virginity

Just say you saw it in a porno movie once and thought that was what is expected.
You don't have to say lots of porn.
Say the rest just came naturally.

Just fucking tell her you learned from porn holy shit

I wouldn’t be comfortable telling her it was from porn though. We are both fairly religious

Look buddy even Ive told my wife about my past porn addiction and we are probably more serious about God then you two are.

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nice trips
but thou shall not lie

Lying is worse dipshit

And if she loves you and you have repented of it then it should be no problem.

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Ummmm ok.

Tell her you learned all the positions from one of ancient Indian Kalamari books

>We were both virgins and saved sex until marriage

No don't bother with the explanation, just kill yourselves since you're so pathetic.

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Says the virgin


What's pathetetic about both of them being virgins?
t. not a virgin

There's nothing wrong with being a virgin.

Deliberately forcing yourself to stay a virgin because you think partaking in the most natural form of intimacy between humans before you get married (an arbitrary social construct with no real meaning beyond legal meaning) is somehow "sinful" is pathetic.

Its for the best
Let her think that

I see, you're one of those materialist atheists. I can relate because I used to be 17 too. Have a nice week.

It's nothing to do with atheism vs religion. The majority of people of any religion in the west do not bother with a concept as ridiculous as "no sex before marriage" because they recognize it as archaic and ridiculous.

I don't care how religious you are or aren't. If you believe no sex before marriage is a worthwhile concept that could bring any benefit to the lives of human beings, you are a total imbecile with no concept of biology or the history of the human race pre-christianity.

People do a lot of things who have no clear benefits, it is called having a culture, you cannot reduce human actions to biology or your own personal idea of what is a benefit.

Trying way too hard to sound edgy

Everyone has their right to their own culture, and everyone else has the right to call that culture retarded if they believe it is so.

There's nothing edgy about it.

If you want to abstain from sex until you have a serious partner, that's fine and a sensible thing to do. But to adopt the arbitrary requirement of "not until marriage" is just blatantly absurd. By that logic you could have the love of your life, who you know you want to spend as long as possible with and you want to settle down with, but you would hold yourself back from having sex with her for literally no other reason than "we havent had MUH CEREMONY and signed MUH PAPERS to indicate that we are a legally married couple"

If you want to ruin your life like this, it's fine by me, but I'm gonna call you a retard for doing it and laugh at you.

But it worked out fine for us.

I never said it wouldn't. I called you pathetic and retarded for subjecting yourself to an unnecessarily strict level of restraint for no good reason.

Marriage is not just a legal procedure for people who believe that, it's blatantly obvious, are you so self centered that you can't see that?

>pic related
Why do always these denial posts sounds sound like meltdowns? I mean you lost your virginity, not your life, so calm down. You can still find a nice husband/wife if you've had sex before, it's not the end of the world, but stop making yourself look ridiculous with these obvious defense mechanism denials.

Congratulations on keeping your virginity until marriage in this hookup culture. I'll just be another one to suggest you to just tell your wife about the porn, otherwise it's going to eat her from inside out... Try to look at it from her point of view - would you rather live in this slight doubt that she was with another man or that she just watched some porn before? I'm not saying watching porn is all ok, but it's nothing that she wouldn't forgive, trust me.

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Believing that marriage is anything more than a legal procedure is astoundingly stupid, I can't even put it into words.

A bond and strong relationship between partners is developed by time, intimacy and understanding. You CAN abstain from sex until you are sure you're in love with a person, and that's fine. But to abstain from sex until marriage, regardless of your feelings for and dedication to the person, is hilariously pathetic and faggot behavior.

You DO realize you're in denial, right? Or are you seriously unable to comprehend just how much it means to people unaffected by the hookup culture that the person they want to spend the rest of your life with and raise kids with has never shared his/her uttermost intimacy with anyone else?

At this point I'm about 70% sure you're troll but I just play along in case you're actually serious.

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>This is what I believe.
>Anyone who thinks otherwise is a stupid retarded faggot cuck.
>Why? Because I say so.
This has to be bait.

>been married for a month
>wife doesn't trust you, thinks you lied to her and resents you
>you have to tell her you did something she doesn't approve of or lie to her
>"it worked out fine"

I mean...

YOU are delusional. What you just stated there does not rely on marriage whatsoever. You could be with a woman who assures you she is a virgin, you get married, and then she breaks down and comes clean she had partners before you. NOTHING about marriage in and of itself guarantees that your partner is going to have slept with you and you only.

None of this relies upon marriage. You can have a dedicated relationship with someone and only have sex with each other for the rest of your lives, you dont need to be legally married to do that. Marriage is an arbitrary requirement.

>never shared his/her uttermost intimacy with anyone else
You know this is the part you laugh at when you lose your virginity
Its not the "uttermost intimacy" its the most embarrassing moment of your life
Obviously you cannot know

I'm sorry but this just made me so sad - you're completely missing the point of the marriage which is an absolute trust to each other. You're talking about proofs and guarantees... None of these play a part in a loving relationship.

I realized the problem is that you're seeing this issue from an atheist's point of view, from which the marriage can be, indeed, just a piece of paper. However I'm in contact with bunch of Christian couples and I can tell you right ahead that those two people actually act like one soul. Maybe I'm just coming from an oldschool part of the world like OP, but to me that's just love in its pure form, above anything else that can be felt in this world. I may sound cheesy, but that's what it is.

It can or can not turn awkward, either way the whole process of expectations, foreplay, act and aftermath is what people often describe as one of the most emotional parts of their lives. Of course, when a person acquires 10+ body count, it turns into nothing but a glorified masturbation, which ultimately leads to the pic related in my previous post . Statistics don't lie, the more sexual partners simply equeals less chance of having a happy marriage. The primite nature laws just don't apply here.

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They all sound the same, really.

If you make up a cover story and she either doesn't believe you or your story falls apart she won't trust you. Then when you finally do tell her it's because of porn she may just not believe you. Best to tell her.

>doesn't know the difference between then and than
God made everything user. Yes, that includes grammar. The best way to worship God is to follow the tenets of the bible. Just tell her the truth.

>If you want to abstain from sex until you have a serious partner, that's fine and a sensible thing to do.
it's almost like there's a symbolic ceremony of union known as marriage that stands as an unmistakable marker of serious partnership

based user telling the truth.