Write an user letter to someone who might read it Jow Forums

write an user letter to someone who might read it Jow Forums

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Chris-chan is that you?

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Fuck you, you ass

Dear B,

Where the hell did you go?
we always had the best talks

I know I'm just some weird girl who you work with, but I really like you. You're so funny and kind, and we literally have almost all the same hobbies. But I've heard through the grapevine that you're ace, and me being married certainly doesn't help. But I can't stop thinking about you.

dear friend,
I know it's been years since we've seen each other, but i still fucking miss the shit out of you. we use to be best fucking buddies, but then you turned you back on me and won't speak to me. I don't know why you did that, but I'm sure you had a reason. I miss you man, have a good one.

I’m sorry I’m ignoring all my friends, knowing I look like an asshole not replying to anyone kills me. I can’t let anyone know what’s going on right now though, I’m deep in a hole that I dug myself and it’s up to me to get out.

Wish we could’ve been friends, I really liked you. But fuck you I guess

Holy shit man,
It was a chat Lewd RP 6 years ago with a dude she doesn't even talk to anymore. She's put her life on hold to make it up to you and support you through everything. She works two jobs to help you go through University and barely hangs out with any of us anymore. She's changed so much to be where she is but you refuse to see it. When she finally makes progress and starts to become more outgoing again, you bring up the fact that she (((cheated))) and she becomes a quiet mess again. I am so fucking close to going over to your apartment, collecting her and her stuff and making her leave you once and for all. I've tried so hard to convince her she needs to leave you, but she's so dedicated to you and it infuriates me because you don't deserve her.
Grow up, you're 27.
Stop fucking abusing her.
Be a man you insufferable cock drizzle.

I have nobody that I care to write a letter to right now, so i'll just treat this as an open letter to whomever might read it.
Hey stranger, I hope that you're doing well right now, although, I'm sure that it unfortunately might not be quite true.
I can't do much to help you, but I do hope that you end up at least a little better later than you are now.
I enjoy going on walks in a rural setting, who knows, maybe you might too. Try it sometime.
I'm so tired. I'll leave you alone for now.
Best of luck user.

Dad, thank you for letting me lick your balls lovingly like I've been fantasizing about. I hope we can make this a regular thing

What are you waiting for? Tell me it’s over and that we never had a chance already

fuck off

I want to bend you over a table

Thanks user

Jesus, I would love it being directed at me cuz I'm on the other and of almost identical situation


I know you probably don't lurk this board so I guess I can pour my feelings here...

I'm fucking crazy in love with you. Ever since I've met you I've wanted you for myself, to make mine and to protect you from the harsh world we live in, to make your life better - to try and make you happy, or, if that's not possible, to make your sadness as bearable as possible. I'd do anything for you. I'm just that kind of a person, I'd do anything for people I love.

I know you tattooed your boyfriend's nickname on your arm. I never thought you two were so serious.
And while you breaking up with him would make my heart skip a few beats, I just want you to be happy, even if you're only happy when you're sad.

I'll wait for you. As long as it takes - at least it will give me some time to get my life back on track, so I can be a better support to you. Someday you will be mine, and that thought keeps me going despite all the meaninglessness of existence. I don't give a shit about anything else anymore.

I don't even know if I give a fuck about anything.

I hope I will see you soon.


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Dear P,
I just heard your new song
I wish it had been you that sent me the text, I hate having them send me these shitty updates, yes I still care about you, but I havent thought abound you in years and this hurts
I dont want to be reminded
I saw the pic of you guys at dinner and how successful this year has been
I saw that you and S reconciled again after all these years and it hurts I'll never be a part of that friendship
So why send me the song?
I know it wasnt you, but I dont want to know
I keep thinking one day you'll write about us but you never will
Maybe one day I will
Im sorry I gave up on us and never looked back
It hurts you never called after you got out, I was never a stop on your apology tour
If only you could see me now
I miss you, Im sorry things turned out this way, but I just want you to know that Im so fucking happy youre ok
Im so full of joy knowing you're living a healthy life and are truly happy, you deserve this success

>I don't know why you did that, but I'm sure you had a reason
Anxiety took the best of me. I couldn't handle the responsibilities. You and your parents expected too much of me, made me into some kind of saint or whatever.

I just wanna be an ordinary person, just another kid you hang out with, I guess. But I fucked up now, and there's nothing I can do about it. Hope you have a good life. You're a good kid.

>Dear P,I just heard your new song
...w-what's P's last name initial?

Youre not even attracted to me, you’re so full of shit dude

hey man,
although i might never meet your irl i hope we stay friends for a long time
wish you all the best in your life



I wish I could forget all of it. Everything. Pretend you never existed. You never gave me anything so that part is easy. The rest of it is hard. How do I just go cold turkey on this?

I’m a sentimental piece of trash and I hold onto these good memories and relive the bad and wish I had been meaner, wish I had left sooner. You did lead me on, you stupid fucker. And you wanted to.

Maybe someday this won’t hurt at all.

Wish I could say it was, user. But I doubt it. Unless you've recently loaned some comics out at work recently.

Dear N,

Be mine.

Love, R

did she really cheat?

sry, didnt read it well

Holy shit I heard this fucking shitskin bitch say "he wishes he was my boyfriend :^)" with a white boy sitting next to her. And my Nubian queen went on long rants about how she is such a go getter and she is so ""hot"" even though she is literally a 3/10 max? Fuck you all that girl that called herself "Noel" is hotter than both of you. Why is both you egos inflated like that.

Um.. gonna get snowed on ativan tomorrow

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I wish I could forget you ever existed after all the shit you put me through and making the past 5 months miserable for me.

Imagine being this triggered on a regular basis

I think it was considered emotional cheating or to some degree betraying his trust. They were pretty young when she did it, so mistakes like that happen. But I think there comes a point and time to start forgiving the person if they put effort into making amends. But he's just taking advantage of her at this point and it makes me extremely aggravated because she's become such a sweet girl.

My ex did something similar, what got me was not knowing what actually happened(and knowing some of what did) and knowing she willingly did it.
I was mostly over it a year later but its an easy trump card during arguments, best to avoid though for both parties sake.
If I did it to her, she would have gone nuts.

Miss you, daddy

Daddy misses you too bunny.


That's not my nickname... that was T's, do you remember mine?

my gf got some claws and she bites so don't come near without respect.

Why did you break up with me over the phone and let your friends whisper poison into your ears? Everything could have been fixed if you had just come over to work things out.

no, sorry princess.

Dear E, A, and C,

I wish I could have been a better cousin, a better mother. Thats what i was, huh? I'm sorry your mom drinks and your dad is never home. If I could change things for the better I'd do it in a heartbeat. I didnt know how badly things would go when I ran away.

Caring for you guys made me who I am today. Showed me what I really value in myself. I wish I had the money to move back to the valley. People say leaving an abusive household is the best option but I cant help but feel that I failed you. All of you.

I wish that we hadn't grown so distant. I love you girls. I just want to be at home cooking for you and walking you to school one more time.

I'll come and see you soon.



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a... are you okay user

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Oh well. Let's go get ice cream!

Have you been good?

Because it’s not over, and I genuinely do love you. Please let’s try and make this work.

Sorry I can't make you understand what it feels like to wake up every morning without energy at all, mom.
And sorry for hurting you, dad. Every bottle of beer you drink reminds me how much of a failure to you I am.

Don't worry about me now. Soon I will make all of this a thing of the past. I'm sure you'll get out of this one. I wish I could, but I rather keep the happy thoughts before I forget them for this ones.

I wish owning a gun here were easier. Good thing I've been always told I was very creative. I'll find a way to Hell myself alone.

don't do it user

I've spent too much time on this already. I have the will up to date, so nothing can go wrong now.
You seem like you're enjoying your time. Surely you'll find something more valuable to spend it on.

I promise I won't disappear on u again. Hope u doing great man.

I know this feeling all too well, same thing going on with me minus the "miss you man." Hopefully you reconnect someday after they realize they were being a butt

I feel like im bad for you. Youre this perfect guy. You got a great personality, body, skills, and education and im this horrible idiot guy. I feel like i have made you fall for some illusion of my success with my art. Im nothing. Im lazy, weak, sick, terrible appearance and body, lacking personality. The only thing i really got going for me is my art and patreon. Thats it. Im a sham. An utter sham undeserving of my patrons and mostly of you. My art is overrated as fuck.

How did i convince you to love me and live with me all these years?
I guess its cuz i support everything you do and give you a space to grow. I love your art as well. But anyone can do this for you.

Why did you choose me? I must be dragging you down everyday. You deserve better than me, dude.


I miss you man! We used to be best friends, but I guess the drugs won. I wish things would have turned out differently. I miss how we would sit in your room and you would show me stupidly funny anime shows. I miss your 9 cats and your dad who looked like George Lopez hahaha
I was shocked when i saw you walking by on the sidewalk in front of my hotel at AX. Our exchange was too brief.
I wonder, are you still into drugs? Do you have time for a friend like me anymore? Do you still practice tae kwon do? Do you miss our friendship at all?

Then quit being annoying on my Facebook and call me already oh my god

Dear xxxxx
I'm deeply in love with you and I'll always have this thought of fucking you raw with my throbbing cock.
I masturbate to your facebook pics whenever I feel stress or horny. I'd like to have a taste of your juicy, succulent breast and your sweet wet pussy.

Dear S****d

There is a good chance you will see this. Hell, i somewhat hope you do. I am looking forward to meeting you next week. I have a good feeling about all of this. I just dont want to be overeager and blow it up..

See you, I**k

That night I left you, I kissed someone else in the street. It was bittersweet. He told me my lips were sweet. But wouldn’t you know it, romance was never what I wanted. What I wanted was what you gave me, suspense and anxiety.

Leave me alone. See what you’re doing now? Keep doing it. I need it.

Dear A,
I do love you, like I said. It kills me that your engaged and that we have to hide the fact we get along so well and spend hours just talking and cuddling from your parents and coworkers. You're my best friend, and I'll miss you when you leave. I spent a few nights crying over us. Maybe it's not meant to be
Maybe she does like you but hides it because of work.

Dear brother,

Our parents do not understand tenderness. We were both children who needed affection. Someone likely hurt you first, and you probably simply believed that it was normal to touch and want to be touched. I know I did until we were older.
I'm not angry about it. I don't feel abused. I am healing. Please, heal, too. I forgive you. Seek peace and help if you need it.

I wish I could tell you this in person, but I'm a fucking coward.

Dear user,

You're letter improved me mood significantly. Things aren't perfect, but they certainly aren't terrible. Kind words help more than most people realize - I know, a tired platitude, but it's still true.
I walk the green ways in my city some times. I'd like to try it out in the wilderness where I can't hear any cars. Thank you for the recommendation.
I'm very tired, too. Get some rest, user. I hope you feel more energetic later.

Respectfully and sincerely,

I don’t like you now so you should give up. Please. I’d block you if I didn’t have your package. I just have no patience left. I’ve tolerated so much that I’m bitter towards you. You are too, it’s obvious. I tried to be good to you but you take every opportunity to hurt me. You know you do.

marry me, T

I still wish I knew what was going on and what I did to you. I wish you knew when I was being impersonated. I still want to figure it out and talk like adults about it. My phone's fucked.

Yo by some stroke of luck you're still here "nala". Ship me your old thinkpad. Same P.O.

I wish things had turned out differently between the both of us. I feel really bad over what I did and how I acted towards you throughout it and after. I know we’ll never speak again, but I want you to know that I’ve tried to mature since then and become a better person. I hope one day we will be able to be friends. I’m sorry.

There are few actions more disingenuous than the act of trying to be a better person. It's better to be a genuine bad person than a fake good person, otherwise you're living a lie. Be honest with your nature, the more you resist it and try to be something you're not the more trouble you will find in life.

dear assholes
You send me messages all the time directly, why pretend that you don't break immersion? I know you exist 100%, so why do you not give me what I want?

It's fucking retarded. who are you pretending or lying to? Everyone knows you cunts are out there, so why do you not give me my medications?

Worse, you are obviously fucking with my life in extremely obvious ways. It's incredibly obvious that you are messing with my online life. I can't talk to anyone, nothing ever gets anywhere or changes and it's not realistic how any of that shit works. No donations, no patrons, no new followers, no one buys the items that other online sellers would obviously scalp and then resell. I put them at half price for that reason alone.

It doesn't make since retards.

So why, why continue lying? Why the charade? How can anyone claim that they are helping me at-fucking-all when it's clear they are just trying to make me so miserable that I kill myself.

What the fuck is wrong with you people.

I partially disagree with your advice. I believe a person can make a transition into a better person by shifting their perspective slowly and changing a few of their habits. It really depends on the motivation behind the transition itself. Growing as a person isn't disingenuous.

I'm really curious as to if someone's actually fucking with you or if you've completely lost it.

I've never seen the devil speak so blatantly.
Begone, demon.
He who makes no effort to improve need not fear death; he has already died.

What's this better? Better for whom? Are you trying to be better for others or for yourself? The mere fact that you're trying to be better is why you're never going to be. The person you were before is still you and the more you try to be better the more that other part of you will chase you down. You might feel like you're gaining distance from it but the dark side of you will hunt you down if you do not integrate it.

Therefore it's my opinion that if you're someone who hurts others, and maybe even exacts enjoyment out of doing so in a sadistic way, it's best to take that as far as it can go. See how deep you go, revel in it and see what you will find. What happens when dark wins? I wonder.

I agree on integrating both the positive and dark traits of your personality. But growing as a person isn't about running away from your "old" self. It's literally improving upon yourself with a healthy mindset of self acceptance. That second paragraph was 2edgy4me.

Hes our local schizoposter. Thinks hes a synthetic human born out of a test tube.

I don't care what you went through, you hurt me deeply, it still affects me, I cannot and will not forgive you for your abuse. I don't want to see or hear from you again.

I know we playfully call ourselves each others only friends but I don't know if you really understand how true that is for me. You're the only person that checks up on me and at this point you're the only person I really look out for. My other friends never reach out to me, often dismiss me, and it sometimes feels like I'm inviting myself to hang out with them. Those rare times I go a day without talking to you feel so lonely. I don't know how to tell you how important you are to me without it sounding like a love confession but I really need you to know that you're special and mean a lot to me.

I have a friend like this and I’d love to hear them say this to me. I’ve told them

Thanks, I'll let them know the next time we hang out.

Dear L,
I hate you. More than anyone I know, I hate you the most.
You think you can just use me for years; to plug up your insecurity, to satisfy your lust, to pose with for your vain image.
And then you have the gall to just cast me aside when you're done with me, and act like I've done something wrong.

It was the most painful thing I had ever experienced. But, pain is a teacher. It's harshest lesson has opened my eyes.

I won't let you get away with it, I can't let you get away with it.
When I arise at the end of these six years, you'll see me. Feathers spread. In all my glory.
I'll be more than what I was, and you will feel regret.
I will make you wish you never threw me away that day.

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Dear new friends. Ive been around for two weeks and youve taken me in like family. If it wasnt for all of your support I would be a sad crying mess. Sorry if I get spergy. Love you all!

pretty fucked up to lead me on and then decide you're bored because you got the attention you wanted for a month. been almost a year but i think you wanted to get me back, even though we havent been together in a few years. i guess you got your revenge. fuckin bitch.

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I have a friendcrush on you. Maybe more. Let's stay close forever.

Lovingly yours,

Fight because you want to fight, not to one up someone else user. You have nothing to prove to L and acting for the main purpose of lording it over someone will only poison anything you do. Let it go and you will be free.


Dear user,

You are worth it, Life has been interesting and you all will find what you seek.

You are all on the planet for yourselfs and for the people you love. I fully expect to see each and every one of you lot in 10 years. If not, well we had a great time didn't we!


Those who care, and always will

P.S.: The Purpose of life is you user, it always has been.


You are worth it user, don't do it.


I hope I haven't been too awkward. The last thing I want is to push you away. You're an amazing, talented dude and I think we could become amazing friends. Please give me a chance?


You're not
-Someone who knows

He misses you
-Someone who knows

Shit... We went through so much together man. For the past 3 years of my life it really did feel like it was just you and me. Never did trust anyone else like I trusted you. But change comes, and me loving you for these years probably didn't help and you just left. I am moving on, but you know I'll probably never forget you and always will love ya. Que você ache paz na sua vida algum dia, V.

B, I was there with you for years turning a blind eye to your manipulative behavior. You are a vicious, horrible cunt and I have no idea why I bothered sticking around. When my boyfriend broke up with me, you told me you were annoyed with my sadness and told me you'd be through worse. You tried to convince me that somehow doing cam shows would make me feel better. When my health declined and I was afraid of having an attack, you told me you didn't want to hear about my problems. I was offended but somehow you convinced me that I needed to apologize. Now my cat needed to be put down because of his cancer and you tried telling me it was my fault. I was angry and we haven't spoken since that day. You are waiting for me to apologize, but I'm not going to anymore. I'm not going to be some pussy groveling for your forgiveness only to receive more of the same. Get fucked.


You know I really did care about you, obviously in a romantic sense. Did you ever feel the same about me? You always kept near me, and I wanted to keep near you. That being said why did you always inch away when I moved in? Why did you turn your head when I wanted to solidify our relationship with a kiss? Did we really go out for four months, or was it a game?
Honestly I won't be angry with your answer, so long as it's honest. Was I correct to assume I was being lead on, and correct to break it off? or did I misread us and make the biggest mistake of my life?
I don't think I know what romantic love feels like, I wanted find out with you. I could hardly call what I felt for you love if it was in the end, my one sided expectation for love, no matter how lucid it felt at the time. I want to know if my feelings for you were real, if they were, please let me remedy my greatest error.

Again? Seriously?
Fuck you. And her. Go.

Hey L.

I've done it again, sorry. I allowed myself to get pulled in by fantasies which would be fine because I'm supposed to be not getting drunk, but P wants me pissed on his birthday. We both know that means I'm going to ruin things. I just want you to know how much I have enjoyed the last six weeks or so and I'm sorry.

Always yours,

I did feed you poison that one time.

So you could think of me every time your stomach gets upset, and wonder whether or not what I put in my baking was quick acting, or incredibly slow acting.

It's not like I wanted to hurt anybody, sometimes it's simply a consequence of one being too afraid of being hurt themselves.