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>Do girls/guys like ?
>What do girls/guys think about
There is no one answer. Preferences differ, but complexes are always a turn-off.

>I'm shy and afraid of people/rejection. What do I do?
Get over it by practicing and exposing yourself to it, little by little, step by step. There is no single magical moment that will instantly change you forever.

>I like someone. What do I do?
>How can I tell if someone likes me?
Ask them out.

>Where do I meet girls/guys?
Anywhere outside. Or online.

>Someone did something insignificant. What does it mean?
Nothing significant. You're overthinking it.

>XYZ happened. Interpret this for me please
We're not in their head, we don't know.

>This person did something that hurt my feelings. Why do guys/girls do this?
Because shit people are shit people. It's not a gendered thing.

>Someone has made it super clear they're no longer interested in me. Do I still have a chance?

>Where do I go on a first (or subsequent) date?
Pick one or more of the following: coffee, lunch, dinner, drinks, ice cream, movies, zoo, aquarium, museum, art gallery, .

>Guys insecure with their 4+ inches dick
Fuck off

>[insert humble (or otherwise) brag]
Fuck off.

>Why is there no new thread?
Just make one. You can use these macros:

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You're so obsessive that I think the rope is the best option for you.

>believing in supernatural beings

Girls, do you prefer guys to store their penis in their underwear pointing up or down?

This saturday I had a great date with a fantastic woman. She asked me to go on another date this wednesday.The only thing is - I'm not sure whether she has the same idea about where our relationship should go. Maybe she just wants to be friends?

So I want to test this next date, of course, by kissing her. But it's kind of hard finding the same types of moments as I do with american girls, because this girl is chinese. (How do I 'escalate through text or irl with her?)

And the other thing is, she lives far away (1 hr with car). Should I see if we're on the same side regarding our relationship before I travel there again, or should I go there and then find out?

Up, because I like feeling it hard and standing there when I slide my hands into his boxers.
When my boyfriend stores it (kek) pointing down, I get scared he lost his dick for a fraction of a second.

>storing your dick pointing up
What the fuck, how does that work ? Shouldn't gravity beat your boxers' tensile strength ? Do you even have enough room in your boxers for the end not to pop out ?
t. at work so I can't try for myself

>I get scared he lost his dick for a fraction of a second

Well, when it is too limp, you're moving too much and the boxers aren't too tight, eventually, it ends up going down, yes.
>Do you even have enough room in your boxers for the end not to pop out ?
When it is too hard, there is just enough room. Depending on the underwear, it will pop out.

Both genders I guess:
There's this girl I'm attracted to but I know she's not interested, so I've been kind of ignoring her and keeping things as formal as possible, but I know I've been very weird about it and now she's uncomfortable around me. I wanted to pull her aside and kind of explain things to her so she understands, but I don't know if I should even bother or if it would only make things worse. Any help would be appreciated on what to do.

How do I find a gf in a western european country when I'm originally from eastern europe? All the girls who are initially interested in me, run the other way, as soon as they find out I'm from an eastern european country. I'm no millionaire but I have a well paying job as a senior software engineer. Should I just lie about where I'm from?

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I never heard of eastern euros having this problem. Most of the attractive guys I know are eastern euros.

Don't rub in the stain. You want to move past the awkwardness, she wants to move past it. It will inevitably work itself out if you keep on the down low. Do not make a thing out of trying to damage control.

I would lie for a fling/ons, but I don't see that working out for a prospective girlfriend, it's bound to come out and good luck explaining that she can completely trust you, you just lied about where you are from and grew up. Sorry man. I see no way around taking the risk if you see real potential. If you fall in love she's also likely going to ask you a bunch of questions about [country you didn't grow up in].

Its not because of that, wrong reason
Anyway stop thinking about yourself and other people in categories like "eastern european guys" and think of them as individuals, it might be beneficial

I come here to feel good about myself

to girls

so i was walking in street today "rarely i do so, cuz chad wizard" and i looked to my left and realized that a qt girl was looking at me with a smirk "light smile" ............ i turned away fast and walked away... " i have social anxiety"
also i'm kind of average looking

the question is : what do women mean by that "looking at random guy and smile" ?? what's the most appropriate reply from a guy to such a thing?


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I know this sucks but she thought you were cute, or she was thinking of something funny, or she liked the expression on your face. That doesn't mean smiling slightly at a stranger in passing was a veiled invitation for you to whip around and start trying to woo her.

It's different if you're both waiting for public transport or anything else where you have a more natural option to talk and it is more expected that you might talk. As it is, walking past someone who smiles a little is at most your cue to greet them and smile back at them and you can tell from how curt or expressive they are if you can push it and add a question or comment. But it is not very meaningful in itself.

The only problem is that's it been akward for a long time now almost a rollercoaster of its okay now, and then things getting uncomfortable again. So I don't know if finally explaining what my issue is might ease the tensions between us.

Is it a bad idea to ask out my lab partner? He's shy and a bit dorky but he's also really sweet and I've developed a crush on him. We're going to a party together this weekend, should I make a move then or ask him on a proper date?

>looking at random guy and smile
Means im just high and bored

Make a move.
Also do it when you have no more lab to do with him, please.

Its never a bad idea to ask someone out but its hard as fuck to pull off and nothing we write here will help you when its time to act. Dont know, just gather yourself and take adderall maybe

It's always a good idea to ask out someone you like as long as you make sure it won't be misconstrued (make sure you do it sincerely, toward someone you are in good relations with, without giggling and other indicators it's a joke)/ Honest but casual would be probably the best. As for when, you can spend time with him at the party and ask then, do it now or whatever. Depends how well you know him - he may turn out to be a slightly different person during the party after all.

Why wait for labs to be over?

I've been to a party or two where he's also been there and he's still the same adorably awkward guy.

>I've been to a party or two where he's also been there and he's still the same adorably awkward guy.
Then sure, ask him out. Be aware you still don't know him well so there'll probably be things nice and disappointing if he'll agree and you'll get closer) but seems like the situation is rather simple. Just do it properly, as per suggestion above. I've seen (and even took part in) asking/being asked out that fell apart simply because the time, place and approach was truly dreadful.

>Why wait for labs to be over?
Because if he says no and you're still lab partner, it will feel awkward and you'll screw up the class.
Ask him out if you're 100% sure that he'll say yes.

>Ask him out if you're 100% sure that he'll say yes
That's a bit of a stretch, user can never be 100% sure. But you're right in that she should ask him out when in case things go wrong, they won't be forced to spend time together if they won't want to.

do girls like beards?
or only girls that are from some age onwards?

>dated ex-gf for 2 months again
>she's been acting all weird last week
>last saturday
>at her place
>she's not cuddling, no kisses nothing
>i check her phone
>she's semi flirting with one of her guy friends i know
>ask her why shes acting all weird
>ask her if she's sleeping with other guys
>well i stated that at the beginning user
>there are feelings towards you yes
>it just happened
>you were constricting me asking if i was meeting with said guydude
>b-but user somehow i can't be in a relationship with you but also don't want to imagine a life without you

packed my stuff and just went
deleted everything of her

it's been 2 days without any form of contact
thought she'd text me, nope
thought she'd ask to talk or something

this was saturday
tuesday is now
she sent me a long text
that we she stay in contact but stop the "liaisonish, physical relationship"
because it's not good for me
because she can't handle the guilt (fucking someone else ofc)
and has the audacity to ask if i'm okay with this
the fuck

guys, would you be friends with a dyke?

If I had feelings for you, I would cut contact
Otherwise it doesn't fucking matter

My girlfriend is the love of my life. But over the past two years she has put on 80lbs, I like big girls but this is too much. I've told her that my attraction to her is far less than it used to be and that's why I don't want to have sex etc.

Am I being cruel to her by staying with her? I really don't know what to do

I think you're addressing the problem in the wrong way.
Ask her why she put the weight on, work together on how to fix it, if she wishes to. If she doesn't want to change, then leave.

80lbs in 2 years is a lot, she might have loose skin now even if she does lose the weight.

This sounds about right.

>she's the love of my life
>I'll dump her because she has some loose skin

Some people don't deserve love.

I've tried multiple times to help her get healthy, but she'd just give up saying it was too hard and then binge on some junk.

She recently started going to an eating disorder group therapy thing. But losing weight is not the focus, and she said the therapist talks about being healthy even if you're overweight. So I don't have much confidence in it honestly.

She's 5'5 300lbs, I'm 6'2 270. I am no means fit, but Jesus man it's fucking me up.

That wasn't me. But thanks for making me feel like shit.

Dumping someone over a small physical flaw like loose skin is superficial as fuck. I can understand dumping someone over the fact that they got really fat, they're lazy and don't have the self control to eat less. Those are personality flaws and pretty big one if you want to be together in the long term.

does moving in together with your girlfriend when things are already on shaky ground typically make things better or worse?

i currently only see my gf of 2 years maybe once a month. it’s not long distance, she just has some issues with depression and often cancels our plans last minute. we’ve come close to breaking up several times over the last year, gone on breaks, etc. i’ve also been struggling with having feelings for someone else. i recently got evicted, and i asked her to move in with me because the extra money she brings in would really help me out. she was reluctant at first but now she’s agreed and we’re going to be living together march 1st. is this a good idea?

I personally would not dump a girl I loved over some loose skin or stretch marks but I know guys who would.

Okay, here's what you should do:
>keep the fatty for free pussy
>start looking for a new gf
>once you've fucked the new gf, dump the fatty

She won't fix herself unless she wants to. My ex was a fatty too and I'm a skinny manlet. You know what her excuse was for not going for jogs? "I just don't have the personality to go running on my own". Needless to say she's still fat to this day, 3 years after I dumped her despite her going to the gym and being on "diets".

Whats the point of living is f you'll never pass on your genes?

I want nothing more than to be a father, but I'm an ugly pathetic little turbomanlet.
How do I cope with this?

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Well, they have no understanding of what love is and deserve to die alone.

>What's the point of living if not x?
The point of living is y.

I’m a girl who lost over 100lbs. It sounds weird but it took me finally learning to love and accept myself at the weight I was to finally start losing it. I think my self esteem issues were so bad and I hated myself so much that deep down I felt like I deserved to be fat and unhealthy. Once I REALLY learned to love myself, I stopped binge eating.

>i currently only see my gf of 2 years maybe once a month
>she was reluctant at first

good chance she’s cheating on you

Bad answer

I lost 80 lbs and the main reason why I did is that I met this guy who looks at me like I'm the hottest girl he ever saw, and never complained about my weight or made me feel bad about it.
He loves me so much, and I learnt to love myself so much thanks to him, that I just wanted to lose the weight to be healthy.

How do I ask a girl what she wants from dating without sounding like an idiot?

We had a sad fight about that two days ago. She was crying cause I don't look at, compliment, or touch her like i used to. She was a bigger girl but she was the hottest girl I've ever seen. I can't help that I don't feel that way now, but God do I feel like a bad boyfriend.

Yeah, it’s why I don’t really believe shaming fat people into losing weight will ever work. Most fat people already hate themselves, that’s how they got that way. They need to know they are loved and that they deserve better.

force yourself to compliment her, even if it’s not about her body. does she still have pretty eyes? nice hair? try to find things about her that you do still find attractive and focus on those things for now. and remember if it’s easy for her to put on weight there’s a good chance it would’ve happened anyways if you guys ever had kids.

It's not your fault if you don't feel this way, I don't think you should blame yourself.
But treating her badly will only reinforce her bad feelings about herself, and probably make her fatter. I got fatter when I was with a guy who hated how fat I was, and thinner when I met a guy who loved me at any weight.

Yes, they do. I understand it's counterintuitive for most people, but it was so much easier to take care of myself when I felt like there was no risk if I failed. When I felt unconditional love for the first time, I put so much effort into bettering myself.

> I got fatter when I was with a guy who hated how fat I was, and thinner when I met a guy who loved me at any weight.

I had the exact same experience.

Start talking to other women. she'll a. Become interested or b. Move on

Why were you fat in the first place?

Guys do you ever have the feeling that there is NO girl for you out there an that women universally find you unattractive and none of them like you as more than a acquaintance?
Did it pass?

I am putting myself out there but all that does is crushing my self esteem further and further...
For every good day, I have a bad week it seems. I am starting to get depressed from lack of appreciation and affection.

Haven't had sex in more than half a year and had sex a grand total of 3 times in my life. All drunken ONS I lucked into.

Femanon here, pls advice

I have new college mates I'm starting to hang out with and we had our first party together last weekend. There's this one guy I get along well with and even though I can't say he was trying to hook up with me at the party, I felt some real tension was there.
Thing is, I know he has a girlfriend so I imagine I maybe misunderstood his behaviour? How can I find it out without fueling anything eventually?

I was really unhappy for most of my life and ate as a way to cope with things.

Something kind of like that. I never dated at all until I was 26 years old and trying OKCupid and Tinder caused me massive depression from my results. I got nothin on Tinder and OKCupid felt even worse, because I devoted hours writing 150+ first messages that were all well thought out and asked specific questions about their interests based on their profiles. I got 3 replies from that 150. I later learned this is actually a very average reply rate on OKCupid which helped me recover slightly from my crippling personal depression but it gave me a lot of loathing toward women in general for a while. (In general I recommend staying away from all of OKCupid's graphics and blogposts if you don't want to start feeling [COLOROFYOURCHOICE]pilled which are not flattering toward any sex)

I never had a relationship - more than a single date I mean - until I was 26. I never had so much as a kiss or handhold until I was 26. When I was in highschool I was the "weird guy". My highschool crush declared herself a FTM transsexual last year (I guess this isn't even relevant but it added to the depression of the time).

Anyway now I'm in a good relationship with a girl who is obsessed with me and she's hornier than I am.

guy here. i'm really bad at verbally communicating during foreplay/sex. i can do it, but i always feel fucking awkward. mostly i don't want to sound overly vulgar if i want to do something/her to do something, but i also don't want to sound bashful and apologetic. what do the women here consider "good" bed talk?

I love them and have since I was quite young (hard to pinpoint when, I think I've always liked them - Santa Clause, you know it, those are the associations that you want - but consciously finding it sexy only happened when I was fifteen or older, I think between that and seventeen. I wouldn't have dated/slept with an older man at that age range though. I am now almost twenty six for what it matters, the love for any kind of body/face hair (I've been waiting fruitlessly for years for subtle sideburns to come back in hipster style) has only deepened over the years.

If you want to heighten your chances with many women, keep it short and groom it well, beards can really trap food stains/bodily fluids, and especially if you also dress very casually you can risk looking unkempt if you don't do any trimming at all depending on how your natural facial hair looks.

How do i stop getting my hopes up? He has two little sisters and treats me the exact same as them but every time we go out one on one I anyways get my hopes up like it's a date. I'm sure he must've noticed by now and it must be really awkward for him but I don't know how to stop, it's pathetic.

>How can I find out without fueling anything eventually?
By not trying to "find out" and letting it be
He has a gf so you know, maybe just dont be that girl
If he really tries something with you, you'll know, stop overthinking it

What do YOU want? Decide that first

>"what do you looking for in a guy?"

Ask him. Settle things once and for all.

Ask him if he could ever see you in a romantic way. Then you have your answer and you never will wonder. It might be a little awkward but you already think it's awkward now, right?

Disclaimer that I'm a woman in case that makes you look at my advice differently.

Just because he is taken doesn't mean he can't feel sexually/erotically/emotionally attracted to other women. Monogamy is about making a conscious decision again and again to value what you have with your partner over the what ifs and tension with other (even if just potential) partners.

I think you should stay on the down low, you don't want to get dragged into his drama if he falls for you. Either he remains faithful and there's just the hurt of knowing what you want and can't have, or he cheats and you deal with the fall out even if just emotionally for him. And if he leaves her you will never have a happy honeymoon period, assuming for a moment that the relationship is otherwise good* he will be partly in pieces, even if also happy with you(r future). And you risk being pushed towards the role of a rebound in the face of a (long term? seriously invested?) relationship.

* I don't believe in "if the relationship is strong they won't cheat", I think it's make believe and kind of victim blaming. Just because there's external influences doesn't mean the person lost their agency.

If you run into him again, enjoy the tension but watch the boundaries. See it as a test drive for something that's still out there for you but not in any way you can imagine right now.

Not what I want, I know the kind of person I want to be and that's a full no-go.
But it hurts because it hurts that again the guy I noticed has a girlfriend and yet seems to be into me. I just don't want to start avoiding him for no reason since we get along, we see each other daily and we could easily be close friends.

>Has had sex 3 times

It's okay, since you know what you want, just continue being friends.

If he comes onto you, establish a firm but not alienating boundary.

The sexiest thing a man ever said to me was when I was in bed with my lover and we were mutually masturbating, and suddenly he just grabbed my face and kind of groaned out that he didn't even get anything done anymore, he was just jerking off to everything we did/everything I told him all day. I looove (especially male) masturbation and that whole image was so hot, plus the whole sincerely frustrated way he said it...

Try to reframe dirty talk from "fuck me harder" (which can be great!) to letting your partner share in your mental experience of what it's like to fuck and get fucked by them. We are humans, our brain is a unique erogenous zone. Sharing a compliment based on an observation ("your skin is so soft" "I love how this feels" or describing the view of her from behind) might be a way to ease in. Once you grow more comfortable with words being part of sex (sometimes! according to preference) you can branch out to describing what you want to do next, or what you find most memorable about your previous encounter, tell them how much it's been on your mind. If you're into that you can eventually share fantasies or describe favorite memories of stuff you did to each other while doing more stuff to each other, shit's great.

Alternatively, if you want to stick to phrases, some options;
>you feel so [soft/warm/wet]
>I've wanted this/I've been thinking of doing this all day
>come here
>you look so [beautiful/sexy/hot] (doing this)
>[undress/come/moan] for me
>tell me how you want it
>I [want/need/love] you
>it's [your/my] turn
>tell me you [need/want/own] it
>I'm yours/you're mine
>good girl/bad girl

Become a sperm donor. Boom.

Capricorn men: what is your favorite quality about a girl?

I did like five years ago. I'm explicitly aware how he feels about me. Hence being pathetic and figuring out how to stop getting my hopes up instead of asking how to ask him out.

Most men don't know or care about their zodiac signs. My Capricorn dude friend's favourite thing about women is legitimately their tits.

Only really reading now that you had a specific scenario. Lean in really closely to her face, so she can feel your breath on her skin but no touching. Then whisper in her ear (it doesn't matter in which way, can be stern or through an audible smile or like a frustrated moan, the most sincere is the most hot so go with what you feel most comfortable with and it helps if you can relax a little) that you want to eat her out or whatever. Guaranteed success unless she just hates it and you didn't have a shot to begin with. Good luck.

I doubt animals use computers


Not being retarded is pretty high on the list though, so believing in Astrology is a big no no.

They won't take my sperm in too short apparently

Yes because capricorn men are the most masculine of course.
Are you implying they're like animals haha

I'm a Pisces so I have submissiveness but I am also very intense. How do I become more submissive as a Pisces? Hear me out here...

Well I mean he's pretty masculine, but if I were going off anecdotal evidence, I'd probably say Leo are the most masculine men

Let him pull down your panties and nut inside you whenever he pleases.

>Are you implying they're like animals haha
i was making a joke. Implying you asked male specimens of an actual goat (aka capricorns) what they think about girls.

I looked online and saw capricorn and Pisces have high compatibility but the capricorn can be overpowering, I'm not sure how I could compromise to make things work.

No I want to ask what she wants from our dating - if she wants to be in a relationship with ME, not a guy.

Stupid but difficult question: how early into a relationship should I admit that I'm into beastiality? It's legally grey where I live, but I still don't want her to tell my family or the police or something if she takes it badly.


How often do you have a white discharge in your panties?

asking about such a delicate thing here is probably the worst idea you ever had since the "i'll try to put my pee pee in the moo moo"

German student girl started work placement at work this week. Is it ok to ask her if she would like to go for a drink after work some evening? She was already asking me if I knew any good night clubs in town where she could go to dance and have fun.

Early might be the wrong word pal...
This could be a deal breaker years into a relationship.
Although if you are female, I gotta say

I'm kinda into that. Not that you would fuck an actual dog or some shit fuck no, but that you'd be deprived enough to get aroused by something like that turns me on.

thanks, that was really helpful and gives me a lot to work from. if you have any suggestions on some good "sex ed" resources along these lines, i'd appreciate it. everything i've found so far has been cringey PUA shit or vapid clickbait trash.


I kind of kid, but it really is just at any to all unpredictable hours of the day.

She wants your pee pee in her möö möö

Not believing in horoscopes.

It's a daily thing. You don't notice when it happens, it's not a blob mostly just slight continuous residue throughout the day. The kind of discharge depends on the menstrual cycle, don't ask me to list what type belongs to which part of the month but it differs.

Daily, but the amount depends on the moment of my period I'm on.
It's much stronger when I'm ovulating.

females have vaginal discharges other than blood?
my stomach just turned inside out. Who knows what other gross things about women don't i know.

Yeah. Pussy is lubricated and kind of constantly a little wet, otherwise you wouldn't be able to use it.