Hello how do i lose my virginity

hello how do i lose my virginity
thanks in advance a gamer pic related is me do i have potential?

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>hello how do i lose my virginity
Have sex
>do i have potential?
average dude/10
Sure, you're not disfigured. But you need to actually work on useful traits, become charming and involving conversationalist, have something that will make people hang out with you. Or at the very least be cool enough to simply hit on girls.

Otherwise, there's hookers and there's dating apps. But those may be underwhelming.

IMO his face is actually pretty attractive. However the pic he posted just radiates misery.

His face looks normal/alright but/so both of you are right. Face alone won't cut it though without a bit of charm and proper attitude and he radiates misery fittingly, because he looks easily mid-20 to mid-thirty and still asks about basic things like how to lose virginity.

You look like Stipe Miocic.

Anyway, I get pussy as a balding minority. I think it depends what kinda loss of virginity you're after.

no kys

Tell us your age, income, and height

20, no income, live with my parents while i study, and height is 186 cm

Nigga wtf are you doing?


Go smash nigga wtf?

>do i have potential
You look fine.
Get a better haircut and wipe that grimace off your face
If you can't get laid, it's not because of your looks

I thought you are around 25
Just get college over with, and worry about virginity after.
You are average looking, maybe above average, but that alone doesn't cut it in today's world. It would be enough if you were also a normie, but if you have to ask on 4channel about how to lose your virginity, I think it's safe to assume it's not the case. Even then, you'd have to settle for less. Thanks to dating apps and feminism we play on a different difficulty now.

186 cm is not exceptionally tall, it's average height.
what kind of haircut should i get?

Go to a good stylist and ask what style goes good with your head shape

>186 is average
Your self confidence is rock bottom and you have lookism.net dismorphia.
Get some hobbies or a job that will make you interact with people and listen to the other anons advice and you will be fine.

>Average height

You don't get pussy because you're a coward. I say this out of love. You let fear rule you whilst you intellect does the media spin.

wut? 186 cm is completely average where i live. i'm never the tallest guy, and all guys are all at my height or above, the guys BELOW 186 cm are one in 10 it feels like.

No, it's above average everywhere in the world. If you live in the Netherlands, it's only a couple cm above average, in the US it's 10 cm above average.

That's bullshit though, I'm from Romania for example and average height is 172cm, but people of that height or lower are total rarities in my college for example. Only one guy is shorter than me in my class and I'm 185.
Why the 172 average height though? Because plenty of midget gypsies.

Imo, gaming is cancer when you want to have a relationship

So what I want to get at is that while it is above average for the country, it's not those of that height that you are competing with anyway. Average height is brought down by non-whites.

False. Wife and I play the vidya every night.