21+ thread (zoomers, doomers, and boomers welcomed)

How can I improve my life past 21? Currently a college drop out, no job and about 10 pounds over weight, and I have social anxiety.

Surprisingly I’m realky good with women though so no need for advice in that area, keep advice limited to building wealth, improving health, and forming a social life.

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literally what is the point of this thread, did you want to pretend to be old and too cool for cell phones as a 21 year old? There's already a 28+ thread, you should just make this a 28- thread

Fuck off cuck

Guys is our time to stand up, is time for beta revolt against normies

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At this point I have given up on women and I don't even bother to talk to them at all unless I somehow get the urge to try. It sucks a lot but I'm just focusing more on other things in life

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How about you try making friends?

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Lmao what op

21 is when I started really taking responsibility for my life. you really giving up already you fag?

I gave up when i was borned


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I have two best buds. We meet up regularly on Discord, despite the site's reputation, it's pretty good for voice chat

>21 is when I started really taking responsibility for my life.
I'm happy that you have your life set out and never encountered a massive roadblock in your life. I'm also happy that you got lucky and found a job that pays well and a place that doesn't cost too damn much. Also you must live in a state that doesn't charge high as fuck insurance and is white and comfy

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Yeah I know Discord has a bad fucking reputation due to Trannies being trannies ruining everything

I was thinking of some real friends not online, with huge social circle you can improve your happiness and find a gf is the only way


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One of them I've known since forever since his family is close friends with mine and the other I visit his place whenever he's in town. We meet up irl as often as we can so it's not completely online

Ah ok, then you should be good, don't worry too much then


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>posting the best track

It's not about that. There are 21 year olds who already have their bachelor's degree and are making 100k a year. Say you get your shit together and do everything perfectly. You're still going to be getting out of school by the time these fags are already buying their houses and settling down. You'll be scared of relationships because you don't want other people to know you on a personal level and realize how behind in life you really are. That's what it's like to be a 21 year old failed normie.

>tfw pilot
>tfw wont be making big bucks until I spend at least 5 years in a major after 5 years working for regional after god knows how long until I get a degree and god knows when I'll get my ATP

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What do you like to do user? Can you make a living doing it?

Otherwise what can you tolerate?

Yeah so you can sleep in a bed with a wife you hate and a job destroying your mental health. You will probably put a bullet right through your head anyway.

Is this what you tell yourself to keep the bad thoughts away?