Jow Forums poll - are you a sensitive user?

Are you a highly sensitive person?
To know it, check this out (5min):
My guess is that Jow Forums contains 80% of HSP, while the general population contains only 20%. This would be because we want to make the most perfect decisions that we constantly ask for advices.

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Trips of truth. Yeah, I am definitely a bit of a perfectionist OP. I have been studying stoicism and Cicero to try to become more objective. I get caught up in my passion too often.

Yes I suffer from anger management issues, which is very similar to hsp.

uh yeah I got like 5-6 of these. interesting idea op.

A common thing among Jow Forums users is a strong compulsion to externalize inner conflict. When the human mind becomes overwhelmed with its own inner conflict it tends to externalize these things as a way to cope. Generally speaking, people who feel generally in control of their emotions and are able to process stress without being overwhelmed are not predisposed to espousing disastrous, apocalyptic worldview. On the other side of that coin, people who consistently feel at odds with their internal selves and are prone to chaotic thought and behavior tend to see this same disaster everywhere. Mirroring the things we see and perceive with the way we feel inside is an exceedingly common yet surprisingly deceptive method of coping with elements we feel that we cannot control. In the case with Jow Forums, its a matter of transference. If I spend countless hours doxxing left-wing figures or even assaulting immigrants the tangible nature of these decisions act as physical reward. An immigrant or minority is something that physically exists. You can physically grab and hurt them. A feeling is not tangible. One cannot physically destroy the demons inside of them therefore creating a physical manifestation of those demons and destroying those instead is a natural impulse. Preoccupation with imagined disasters is also a very convenient distraction for those who are unable/unwilling to deal with their own inner struggles. I also could be wrong. What the fuck do I know.

What the fuck does it have to do with hsp?

Btw I correlate with all these things, appart horror movies, my subconscious protects me by making me experience dissociations.

No i am not beta

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I am, and I hate it

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5-6 of these require you to make comparisons to other people.
I'm not sure you're in the right thread. It said poll, not Jow Forums.

Are you fucking kidding me?

Most Jow Forums users are the POLAR opposite of HSP

Nothing, they have no clue what hsp is. Most have no clue. My psychiatrist told me I was hsp many years ago, others have told me I'm sensitive. It makes all my weird behavior make sense.

I can tell you though, in the few months I've been here, I haven't seen anyone who is remotely hsp here. Trolls are the warriors that she describes. Jow Forums is home of trolls.

Is it just me but do the eight checks sound vague enough to be broadly attributed to any number of people, or depending on factors like mood? I can easily see myself 8/8 or 0/8 depending on how I justify it.


That's how you make money on personality tests. Look at the 16 personalities to see how you can truly scam people with it.

Yes, personality tests are a matter of how you justify your answers. The fact is the way people justify their answers (1) cannot be broadly attributed to any number of people, and (2) changes not so much due to peoples mood (or else you have problems managing your mood).
I suggest you try the second point yourself and answer the test, for the first point you would have to read studies in personality psychology.

I am and I've learned to appreciate it. Its easy to work on the negative aspects while retaining its advantages.

this is one of the 5 or 6 main scientific theories to explain prejudiced thoughts and behavior so yes you are right but there are other reasons people act this way too besides unresolved internal conflict.

Fucking hell I match up with the first 5 but I've recently conjured up enough courage to be the one to initiate a conversation with a stranger. Does this shit correlate with a higher iq than average?

Don't mean to sound normalfaggy, but I feel personally attacked by this video, I think only one of those didn't apply.

Hypersensitive persons are more present in intellectual professions. But there is no correlation with IQ, or I don't know it. Hypersensitivity is more about how our nervous system works.

At the begining of her book, Elaine Aron tells that her ideas can make people feel attacked, especially hypersensitive people. This because they process every input very intensely. My guess is that HSP also have incorporated the norms of our society, viewing hypersensitivity as a weakness rather than a strength.

I might be. People have said I am before. I actually made a thread a couple of days ago asking if women like sensitive guys, and got almost entirely "no" as answers. But I think defining sensitive is important; to me sensitive just means you are in-tune with yours and others' feelings, and extremely reactive to the world around you overall. It doesn't mean at all that you're a crybaby, but I guess guys here have bad experiences with shitty women who think any display of emotion is not masculine.

Our intelligence is an effect of how our nervous systmen works.