Any tips?

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I have some hope, but I just dont know what to do. Ive been depressed forever.

blowing brains out sounds painful. so does jumping from a high building. cant think of any better way

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If not Burger, then hanging is supposedly the most effective and relatively painless method

Do you have any devil fruit powers?

Low IQ people don't realize that it doesn't matter to you once your dead how you died.

But you probably don't want to kill yourself as it's a poor long term strategy

Yeah, draw a great big dick and balls in the chalk line so when the news comes everyone thinks you had a big dick and balls.

Go jump off somewhere high so it's like flying, or hang self. Quickest, easiest. Never OD that's awful, tried it. OD is most painful. Also, if your on Jow Forums for suicide tips your a pussy fag. Go back to 8th grade and pretend you actually have the balls to do it like everyone else. edgy fag.

Get a job and work yourself til death. Hope this helps! :O

Handgun in a large caliber. .357 magnum would leave a massive exit wound.

Paint the walls with your brains, my friend.

>Never OD that's awful, tried it. OD is most painful.

Depends what you OD on. I have ODed on heroin and you just feel really good and fall asleep. Sucks for whoever finds you but that’s true of any suicide method.

Just don't.

Just wait, you'll die of old age eventually anyway.

I have a question first, are you healthy, not mentally, overall? if you are, you have It way better than me

>Mom died when I was three, dad remarried, his wife beat the shit out of me until
>Eventually my grandparents stepped in and took me, constant fighting there as well, cops and shit,
>When I was 7, I wrote on a Christmas letter that I want peace for Christmas, that night huge fight etc.
>I need to stand between them because if not , they will kill eachother ( I should've let them but w/e)
>Hate the holidays , because that's when the fights intensify , hate Easter , Christmas etc.
>Go to a friends house a few times a week , can't believe how peacefull it is
>Thinking of suicide daily since 9
>Asthma, Immune system to the ground, if someone sneezed I would've caught what he had,
>Got a Dog which made me happy for a while, these fuckers brought home another 2 who piss and shit all over the damn house.
>Smell is embedded into the ground at this point, when It's summer it feels like I'm the L4D swamp.
>Neighbours call the Health Inspector a few times , nothing happens obviously , they hid the other dogs in a closet.
>Diagnosed at 17 with Ankylosing Spondylitis, aggressive at the beginning , bedridden for 1 year and a half , have to piss into a bottle because of the pain
>My neck and back constantly pop , and feel inflamated, feverish state constantly.
>Went to a psychiatrist , xanax etc , that did jack shit.
>FFW 23 , started going to the gym , quit porn , and stopped feeling sorry for myself
>Finishing college soon , hopefully will move out of this hell hole.

If I can push through this , you can too.

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Make a spike pit and Tarzan swing into it.

Exit bag

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Suicide is not the answer, call the suicide hotline in your country NOW and make an appointment to see a therapist.

I have studied it to a science and every "painless" method I've found has a risk of being incredibly painful, moreso than other methods. Gunshot? You miss vital parts of the brain and now you're brain-damaged. Hanging? Fuck it up and you get to enjoy choking to death + rope burn on your neck. That thing with the hose in the car? Just before you pass out you have a brief moment of panic, so your last moments will be in panic mode, plus if you survive you get a headache so fucking huge you'll wish you went with literally any normally painful method. These problems are easy to avoid, but if you're a self-aware brainlet like me you won't want to risk it.

Before you decide on a method though, get professional help if you haven't already. Go to church as well, if you think it will help. You're planing on dying anyway, so you may as well give it a shot. If you've already tried it but it was just one psychologist, try some more. For most people it takes a while to click.

Now, if you've tried professional help and it's done nothing for you, and you've decided on a method, make sure you contact the police or have some way of letting the police know where to find your body. I say this just out of consideration of others. I don't know about you but I'd feel like shit if I knew that an innocent old lady was going to be the person to find the body. Go to some location too far away for the police to save you and contact them there, or have an automated message sent half an hour after you would have died. You don't want someone else's day to be ruined just because they happened to walk in on your corpse. At least with a cop it's their job.

Suicide hotlines are absolutely trash 99% of the time. Actually, in my experience they make you feel worse. Therapists and psychologists are good though.