Meet girl

>meet girl
>date, fuck, etc
>she’s illegal
>mom’s been ignoring me the last few days like super mad
>just confronted her
>she says it’s cause she doesn’t like my girlfriend
>she says she’s only after papers
>she says she’s only after my bank account (I’m living paycheck to paycheck but regardless)
>she called her ugly
>called her desperate
>called her cheap
>all but said that I should break up with her
>says I should be with somebody better

What the fuck do I do now

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Marry her. That will show your mom who is boss. Make sure to get her pregnant as soon as possible so your mom will be extra torn. If you really want to go all in then move back to her home country with her so your mom only ever gets too see her grandkids visiting people she hates.

Go live in her shithole country until she decides to quit being a criminal.


Well? Is your mom right? We're not being given all the information here. She could very well be ugly and your mom could have a good point.

redflag friendo

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I can provide more details if you need it. But basically
>met in May 18
>I trained her at work
>we started off hanging out after work
>I asked her out but she’s been talking to someone else
>I kept trying and we kept talking
>she stopped talking to other guy
>we start hanging out in secret
>I’m a fairly private person
>become “official” in August
>we’ve make every effort to hang out with each other
>she invited me to her house maybe August cause her parents are super protective
>they invite me over for big things like Xmas and New Years
>we do typical dates like movies and such
>I knew early on she didn’t have papers but I never really thought she was with me for them

I just feel so weird typing right now cause I don’t think I can justify it. Like 99% of users would assume “yup she’s illegal she’s only in it for papers” so what’s the point.

At the end of the talk with my mom I was just like I’m gonna keep seeing her but at the same time ill be more cautious

So I presume that a girl from a religious country let you fuck her on the first date.

Not religious enough to delay sex, but just enough to refuse an abortion.

She also happens to be illegal and you happen to have papers.

OP, please don't do it. The last thing we need is another bastardised beaner kid running around screaming while you lament having ruined your life. Your mother has been around long enough to see this coming. But she can't prevent you from doing dumb shit anymore. Irreversible, dumb shit.

I’m second generation. My mom came here with a green card and eventually her employer paid for her citizenship or whatever.

I was born here.

And then my girlfriend, she is first generation, her parents came here legally but overstayed their visa. Her siblings born here so have papers.

And we fucked maybe a month into dating, albeit an awkward 30 seconds in the back of my car.

Here’s my confusion. Somewhere in the chat with my mom she was like she would love for me to get married kids etc. and how yesterday she went with my sister to ring shop cause her boyfriend proposed. That he treats her like a queen, always their for her, attends to her family. That he’s rich and has a car and stuff. In my head I’m like wtf that’s what I do for my girlfriend. Like how could you want that for your daughter, but when your son is doing the same you don’t want it

well is your sister's bf here illegally too?

I'll put my money on mother dearest. She likely knows something you don't. Or maybe she's just ashamed of her kind being a big fat fucking stereotype. Where's your dad in all this?

You do you. But keep in mind that you girlfriend will rather die than get an abortion. And Uncle Sam will pick up the tab for every baby this human xerox machine ever shits out.

No he’s legal.
It’s weird cause my mom thinks it’s a nice relationship and I’m like the fuck they met on tinder

No dad. My mom might be low key traumatized cause she dated my dad, she got papers, he got papers through her, I haven’t seen him in years. They became officially divorced years after.

Nah man it's fine. Your mom is only trying to look out for you but you just gotta follow your heart.

And lets be honest, what are the odds you find someone anyways, amirite?

One comparison I didn’t like she made was saying how my cousin dated a bunch of girls and now he just now found a really good one. She was saying I should date more and meet new girls.

I personally am not permiscuous and have only dated like 4 girls ever (I’m 26). I’m very cautious about who I pursue so I think I have a good judge of character.

Like I’m not naive and I understand this is a very big possibility in current year. My head fucking hurts just thinking about this.

Knock her up OP

Knock Her Up! Knock Her Up!

Tell your mom she should definetly not be calling ice on those roaches

After reading through the thread, it seems like she wouldn't really need you, since she has a job after all, her integration is probably just taking time.
I'd say keep the relationship, but don't progress it (no marriage, no children) until she's a legal citizen, if she's still interested in you after that you know it's real.
Ask your gf too, maybe she'd just tell you what is going on with her papers, and tell her you want to wait to comfort your mother's worries.

This is USA, so in terms of papers it’s really just
>she came here legally
>visa expired
>they stayed
>there’s no chance she gets papers unless she marries someone

And yeah she has a part time wagecuck job. She’s been working her whole life and now is studying to be an EMT. She finished two years of community college to be a biology major but had to put that on hold because of $$.

Although I think if I told her “my mom thinks your only dating me for papers lol so I don’t want to marry rn” she would break up with me

Self bamp

>my mum disapproves of my gf, wat do ?
Jeez idk user, dump her ?

when you said illegal I really though you meant underage so careful with that we don't all live in el paso

Wew lad

No no (pls no bully NSA). I meant illegal as in no legal status in the country. She is over 18.

>she’s illegal
what does this even mean


OP, first off, whose dick is it? Yours or your mom? If yours, then you are 100% free to date anyone you like. People, including parents, have no right to tell you who you are attracted to.

Second, how racist is your mom? Why would you cater to her racism rather than make ger understand your gf's situation does not determine her value as a human being?

Ultimately, again, your mom is not an arbiter in how you value and judge people--you are. So she can either accept your agency and judge people as an individual, or she can drop the bs and tell her to butt out.

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OP just remember this, even if she loved you or didn't love you, she's always thinking about those papers and how she could become legal. It's either she's just using you or she met someone (you) that could help elevate her life in love and status. You just need to look at it from an outside perspective. If you really wanna test her, mention getting married in her country and look for her reaction, then you'll get your answer.

t. 16 yo

Yeah I understand. Like I said I’m not naive, I understand there are people who are gold diggers or fuck for legal status or fuck their way to the top. I never really saw it like that with this girl until my mom voiced her frustration. My mom said the same thing, test her and lie and say I don’t have papers and I said I wouldn’t do that, that’s so shady and unlike anything I do like I’m not one to play these games.

Moms not really racist, everyone in my story is Hispanic, just she’s a different country. I don’t see why my mom thinks she’s holier then thou, she was in the same boat some 20 years ago. And my mom has met her 3 times, how can you judge someone like that in just 3 scenarios?

Like part of my moms argument was that she says my gf texts me to go out and I go out no hesitation. But it goes both ways. Sometimes I tell her to lie to her mom about working so we can go out. And other times she’ll tell me to go out Friday after work or whatever and I will.

Like I really love this girl and it just hurts that I don’t think my mom will ever give her a chance

Thatd be a hell of a 16 year old, most people dont figure that shit out until their 30s.

I thought when OP said "she's illegal" he meant she's under 18.

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*snap* cringe compilation, etc

wtf are you doing user

Think whether your mom is right. You dated and fucked the girl but are you really into her? Is she into you? Or is she really into your account etc?
Help her not become illegal, see if she'll care then. You cannot be sure till then.

impregnate gf, when baby is 3 report your gf to ICE. Then you got a kid and dont have to deal with child support or a bitch wife that wont threaten to take half your stuff

That’s the thing I genuinely like her. Been dating 9 months. From a very early point we would talk everyday and such. Yeah eventually I found out she was illegal but it’s not like you introduce yourself “hi my name is user I’m a citizen..”.

I’m really into her cause I look for any excuse to hang out with her. Big things like birthdays and Xmas. Little things like going to breakast with her and such.

I think she genuinely likes me, like I met her in May. In July she went to a beach resort thing, and brought me a keychain. It isn’t much but I thought it was a cute little gift. For my birthday (we worked together but I since left), she got me a birthday card and had all my old coworkers sign it (I had left 2 months prior) along with a gift.

In terms of my possessions, I don’t wear flashy shit like watches or new shoes. I have a decent car. I’ve made sure never to disclose how much I make. And I buy her little gifts here and there. Before the talk I was thinking about being a good boyfriend. Now I’m just thinking “lol she’s taking advantage of me” and it’s fucking annoying.

Last bump