Femanon needs a realationship

I can't get a boyfriend. How does one do that? How do you get someone who's not a fag to like you.

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>find guy
>talk to guy
>ask guy out on date
>did he say yes?
>if so congrats
>if no then repeat process

>How do you get someone who's not a fag to like you.
I actually have no idea.

Why do you need a relationship? Nothing wrong with being alone. And if you are horny you can do hookups.

You hace to put make up on

Dont be fat.
Seriously, overweight women kill everthing in us to want to become closr or committed.

Being a girld its like playing on easy mode

Says the incel whose entire identity is built on not getting sex

>How do you get someone who's not a fag to like you.
No question mark
Sounds passive-aggressive

In your case, OP, just being a halfway nice person should do the trick.

I've always been approached or sought out by men and I'm a chubby mentally ill retard. My boyfriend Im dating for 7 years saw me and courted me. I dont know if you have to approach the guy in the first place he probably is a fag or not that into you.

>I can't get a boyfriend.
I can't get a girlfriend. Let's get together and...
>How do you get someone who's not a fag to like you.
Oh. Never mind then. Guess I will try again next year.

Dumb advice. As a guy, I can really like a girl and not approach the girl because of the fact I like her so much.

being an *attractive* (meaning at least average looking, not overweight) girl is playing on easy mode.

congrats, you get the daily medal for worst post on Jow Forums

You're a fag, then. Men are by nature more assertive and confident based on different distribution of hormones, usually older too. If you are a man and too shy to approach a woman you like you're literally a fag.

>Men are by nature usually older

has your distribution of hormones made you unable construct your thoughts?

In most relationships men are older than their female counterpart. Are you fucking dense or something? Men also have a higher level of testosterone which is associated with more dominant, assertive and confident behaviour. There is no excuse for a man to be a shy coward.

Fags are gay and don't like girls

Testosterone is associated with a lot of things. Only a dumb idiot assumes that a hormone has singular, consistent effects across all individuals. Most of the effects of testosterone are physiological, not psychological, and the psychological relevance of testosterone is overblown by broscientists who want to believe that how masculine you behave is directly correlated to how much "man hormone" is in your body. Simple explanations are always preferred by stupid people, even when they're wrong.

If it were true, then shyness could be cured with testosterone injections, and it isn't.

Retard advice. I regularly refuse to approach random women because of several reasons:

1. I'm shit at telling age and don't want to hit on some 16 year old by mistake
2. I don't like fucking with someone else's girlfriend and it's impossible to tell sometimes
3. I don't shit where I eat so I wouldn't hit on someone in a place I regularly go to

I would be receptive if approached though. Especially in this #MeToo era. It's not worth the risk when I can vet out potentials in other ways.

You're thinking of beta males, fags can be confident too.

Guys can totally mind fuck themselves when they're attracted to someone bc they don't address their feelings in a genuine way bc they think they're being manly.
From the way seem to view men it's obvious you don't really understand them and that's why you only get "fags". The "fags" you talk about are just not self aware enough yet to realise that the women they pine for should be the reason they need to overcome their confidence issues and it's worth it for some women.
When a "fag" talks to you and eventually overcomes their issues and is not a "fag" anymore they may distance themselves from you cuz now they think they can do better, they realise how retarded they were being their whole life around women and just start fucking around cuz they know they can now and for some reason you see that as value?

Men's egos are super fragile so it's common for them to mind fuck themselves if they haven't had much experience in modern courting but it's like a switch. Those immature boys who go red and who were too scared to approach become enlightened to the fact women are just people who want a constant in their life and just how easy it is put girls through the cycle (the cycle of pumping and dumping)

So, imo you have two options. 1. Find a "fag" and take the lead at the start to make it easier for him to become more confident and overall a better bf but you have to tell him you love him asap as soon as you notice he's ready for the fuck train.
2. Wait to be picked up by a non "fag" male so you can get fucked for a while until he chucks you out for the next one. Slim chance one these men will be at the end of that phase of their life where they have a new gf every couple of months, they may stay with you but it's all about timing.

Secret option 3. You find a person you're actually comfortable with

All these faggy excuses. Since the dawn of mankind we can see that on vast average men will be more assertive and dominant and less cowardly than women. It's literally in your DNA. If you behave like a woman as a man, meaning passive, sensitive and fearful then you're a faggot.

how fat are you?

When was the dawn of mankind and how do you know how men behaved then?

>It's literally in your DNA
My DNA is 99% the same as your DNA and 99% the same as every woman on earth's DNA.

>implying we can't look into the earliest known civilizations of mankind and conduct that men were almost always the ruling and dominant gender
>implying we can't look into the animal kingdom and see that in the majority of animals the male animals will be stronger, more aggressive and dominant

How much damage control do you need to justify that you behave like a shy sissy IRL?

1) don't be fat
2) take a shower at least every third day

It's literally that easy for women.

Really? "We" can do these things? Have you ever even read a book? Now you're a prehistorian? Who the hell defines "the dawn of mankind" as "the earliest known civilizations"? You do know that there was a long time before "civilization" that "mankind" existed, right? And what does any of that have to do with testosterone?

>implying we can't look into the animal kingdom and see that in the majority of animals the male animals will be stronger, more aggressive and dominant
That's not even really true, and if it were it wouldn't matter. The majority of animal species don't have the capacity for language. Guess that means human beings must not have language either.

I'd rather be the biggest soppy pussy bitch in the universe than be a retarded know-nothing like you.

Simple. Extremely simple here user. You go on bumble or tinder, but bumble gives off less of a hook up vibe. Explain in your bio you're looking for something serious. Post your best pics and hope for the best. Go on some dates. You like one of your dates a lot? Reciprocate some effort and let him know you really enjoy being with him. If he likes you too he'll ask you out again. Don't be afraid to get physical as soon as you want. The ball is in your court when it comes to sex.

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