Fight with sister

Brink of snapping and killing someone

>Me and my sister got in a fight
>She basically destroyed me in terms of roasting
>The hard stuff
>Saying ill die alone, in basically an incell, the works
>I keep running over everything she said and it pisses me off that she might be right
>Legit want to stab her while she sleeps the more i run over the fucked up things she said
>Mostly because they are all my fears
>Downed a pint of rum to calm down
>Didnt work
>But dont want to actually kill/hurt her bc i like my ass hole smol and away from black men
>Long stroy shor all i can do is sulk and its making my mental state worse and im actually fucking imagining how great it would be to fucking end the cunt once and for all
Guys please fucking help me

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Maintain distance from her. Don't act butthurt towards her, or that means she won. Don't sperg out.

Just treat her like weird roommate you want to avoid.

What kind of advice are you expecting to get? Your sister is right and you should kill yourself.

Quit being a faggot dude. If your sister said that about you it means you're probably an asshole to her and the rest of your family. Work on getting along with your family because there will come a day when you dont see them near as often, then you'll miss them

Sometimes people mean well but give it in the wrong way. Your sister sees things in you that bug her and it all came out during that fight. The fact that it bugs you so much and that you want revenge on her instead of looking at yourself says quite a bit.

Look at yourself without tearing yourself down. What do you do well? What do you not do well? Write them all down and look for possible solutions. Don't expect all of them to be solved right away and don't mope about how many problems there are. Sometimes it's exercise but it also be communication or personal hygiene. Take a good hard look, evaluate, and come up with solutions so you can work at it. Everyone works at their life in one way or another. Start with baby steps.

Try to kill yourself, that’s the one way to gain the upper hand. She’ll feel horrible for the rest of her life.

That or just start working out and get a girlfriend.

You know why it hurts? Because it’s true dumbass, you want to get back at her? Change all of the things she mentioned.
I’ve never been fat, but after a breakup I gained a LOT of weight and one day after a little fight with my brother he said the same, how I was afraid of moving on, how I was gaining weight because I was trying to fill a void, how I was throwing my life away by playing video games and eating junk food all day long, I felt so insulted how dared him, who was he to say a thing about me, but guess what he was right!
I changed and that was the best revenge, proving him I could change... now i thank him, because he was right...

This is the best advice in this thread, ignore everything else.

To be fair, if he murders her she'll also feel horrible for the rest of her life.

Ohh boy this an easy one bruv, the answer is right infront of you, rape your sister, when you finish inside her tell her "now i wont die alone" then slit your throat

Or you know stop being such a pussy and take her roast as some constructive criticism and change your life for the better

shut the fuck up, satan

Are you mad at her for what she said?

Or are you mad at yourself because the things she said are true?

You absolutely have the chance to change your life and try to socialise more and make new friends and meet people and have relationships.

Focus on that, git gud at life, that's the biggest 'fuck you' to her.

Fair enough

Prove her wrong by succeeding.

She says those things because she knows it's what gets under your skin. And it's workign

damn I used to wish I had a sister. But I think I'm good

She is a shit for saying those things instead of helping you but you really should not be thinking of revenge. She is right and is your sister after all.

First think about shrill leftists; you know, the ones who don't ever listen to reason. Now think about what makes them like that. Are you like them?
Lose the ego. Here's the truth: nothing would piss her off more than you fixing your shit and succeeding.
>Focus on that, git gud at life, that's the biggest 'fuck you' to her.
Basically this.


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You don’t hate your sister, you had what she’s saying. It’s making you mad because she’s causing you to face your insecurities in an unsafe space.
You’ll probably in ten years really love each other honestly
Try to work out why the things she said bothered you and reassure yourself you don’t deserve to face your insecurities in that way

Shutup and go for a powerwalk walk. The fresh air and exercise will do it.

no user don't kill her jesus christ. dont ever act or make decisions based off of extreme emotions like anger. what you need to do rigiht now is calm the fuck down. can you drive somewhere and hang out for a bit or something?

this reminds me of something i said earlier. were you reading that 'worst things i've done post'?

but yeah if you kill her you are going to get caught and get life in prison and then you wont get the chance to prove her wrong you'll just be proving her right.

it sounds like you need time. you need to calm down and let go. this year people have said some pretty mean things to me already. I got to the point where i wanted to snap too. you have to ask yourself, "What can I control in this situation and what can't I control? and then accept what you can't control BUT also ADDRESS what you CAN control.

you can't control the words that come out of your sisters mouth, so if you can't control it, then let it go. save your energy after you've calmed down so that you'll have it to spend on improving yourself.

you CAN control how you are and you CAN control how successfull you are in life so I say focus on that.

how old is your sister? do you think its possible she said what she said for some underlying problem? Did you say something to her earlier that day or week and now maybe she has let it all boil up and now she is exploding at you?

its ok to be angry user just try not to act on it in a way thats going to screw you over. you dont wanna come back here in 20 years talking about how you're life is ruined cause you did something you didn't want to do right? you are going to live a long long time. be responsible about this and think about the consequences.

Assuming your completely fed up with her, just stop talking to her at all. Just ignore her no matter what. That's what I did with my brother and it worked out okay.

This. And guess what OP, if your sister sees these flaws, then so do other people. Many people are probably thinking the same things about you. Killing your sister won't fix any of your flaws and problems.

Owe up to it.

You may hate it now, but you'll be a lot better off for getting this done with. You need to face the truth, and you need to move on past that. You can't hate her for saying the truth, and your best bet would probably be to just come clean to her directly if you want any chance of fixing this.

Siblings say hurtful things. That's just how things work. But rarely is the intention to cause as much damage as she did.

Fuck her, forcefully, she'll mellow out. Helped with my mom

>She calls you incel
>9999 damage
Tell us a few things so we can troubleshoot you.

Are you a neet? You getting a skill, a paper, or a paycheck?

A) getting skill
Complete it, get a paycheck, keep upgrading. Forklift, truck, rigging, fire and safety, basic security, gun licence. Try to do two or three a year while you job. You got dis.

B)paper. Getting one, or got a worthless one
Tell us what it is. Even if shameful, tell us.

C) neetbux wagecuck paycheck
If youve been in there for >18 months and dont see promotion prospects, change jobs.

D) am neet, moe porn and mmo or multiplayer all day
Good, you have like a million directions to improve. Step one, say goodbye to all your guildies, sell the console, give the pc to bros or relatives. You only need computing power to use the internet and youtube; i got an obsolete laptop at 100quid for that. Do the same. A pro gamer is like someone who is really good at hopscotch: you need to keep proving yourself for every match and unless ypu are continental number 1 you get a coke and a handshake and a stfu. Be a casual if you must; a pro is one 0 away from p00r.

OP here’s your answer, stop listening to other people, this guy knows it and killing her solves nothing because most probably what she says it’s true, and not only that, everyone around you knows it... quit being a little bitch for 5 seconds to reflect on this

You got into a verbal spat with your kin, now you fantasize about fucking stabbing them.
They are right, you are a fucking loser.

That can change.

1. Start Lifting, they want you weak, so get strong. [Go to the gym and start SL 5x5, they have an app and a website]

2. Eat some fucking meat, they want you malnourished, so eat healthy. [You can make a week's worth of food for about $50 depending on where you live, Ground beef, rice, beans, oats, milk.]

3. Socialize, they want you alone, so get friends.
[Study normies, they are like fucking ants, just be a fucking ant, put on the mask of an ant and live it. Buy a book on small talk if you need to]

4. Stop drinking/ doing drugs, they want you in a non lucid state, so face reality. [You got into a fight while fantasizing about killing your kin, and decided to "drink it away" with rum, that's fucking stupid.]

5. They want you dumb, so get smart. [Stop consumption of all degenerate media (TV, Movies, Facebook, Twitter, tiktok, snapchat, Instagram)
[If you have spare time, use it to become better, read books, Marcus Aurelius, Mein Kampf, The Culture of Critique, The Poetic Eddas, etc]

Stop being a fucking pussy, and start being the man you fantasize about being, the only thing stopping you from being a fucking badass, is you being a fucking faggot.

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If someone calls you out in a way that's accurate that bothers you to the core, its probably a good time to actually try to reflect and fix the stuff they called you out on.

Sure, violent fantasizing and even violent action might have an immediate sense of gratification, but that won't make your sister wrong. Working on yourself will.