How can i tell if a girl in class likes me or just wants to be friends?

how can i tell if a girl in class likes me or just wants to be friends?

sorry but i'm really bad at reading girls

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Ask them out you dingus

but i sit next to her in class and if she says no its gonna be really awkward for the rest of the semester

>wah wah it's gonna be awkward :((
Yeah? No shit.
But here's my thing, you're going to regret it if you don't ever know what could have been. One lifetime of regret vs. one semester of embarrassment. The answer seems pretty clear to me.

is there anything i can do to get a feel if she actually likes me before i ask tho?

user, if you sit around on your dumbass trying to play Sherlock with hidden "clues" that MAYBE indicate something, you're NEVER going to ask her.
You could try flirting with her and seeing where that goes and whether or not that makes her uncomfortable... How well do you know this girl anyway? Talked to once or twice? Good friends? Is she even aware of you?

As a girl myself, I can understand that it's pretty difficult to be able to accurately tell if someone is interested in you or not. There's certain signs you could look for by watching her body language (if she faces her body towards you when speaking, smiles often, etc) or just by how interested she seems in speaking with you. Who knows, she might be really into you and thinks it's super obvious and is waiting for you to pick up the hints, but she could also just be trying to be friendly. Maybe even compare how she treats you to how she treats other guys or her friends? It is a risky thing, because your whole friendship is on the line! I wish you luck and maybe even try just getting closer with the girl before trying to move closer (perhaps then she would actually develop romantic feelings for you if she doesn't already now!)

>your friendship is on the line! OH NO!!!
Man, fuck that shit. OP is clearly not interested in a friendship with her and will never be happy being just friends.

You have to be friends before partners, relationships cannot be sustained through mutual attraction alone.

i guess we are good friends. I am like the only person she talks to in class. Most of what we talk about is how easy the class is, and she laughs at most of my jokes too, but i cant tell if shes just trying to be polite.

It's very possible she's being polite. Try flirting with her.

what does that mean?

i see. thank you

Good luck user, sorry for being aggressive. I was too much of a pussy to make a move on my crush and I regret it.

no i appreciate the frankness

>likes me or just wants to be friends

What is the distinction? Things start with getting-to-know-you friendship in either case

OP can't be older than 16.

well i wanted to know if she liked me more than a friend or not

im 19

She can't know until she gets to know you

fair enough