Can you guess her fetish?

Girl I'm seeing is very low libido and I'm off the charts.
Almost nothing turns her on, no earlobe or lip nipping, no neck play, no grinding. Shes dead inside. WE do have sex but it's been twice in the 7 weeks weve been hanging out alone.
She told me however there is one thing that turns her on but she wint tell me because itd give power over her.
Her 3 hints were it's not technically physical
It's not verbal
And it's something about the person.

Solve this puzzle and I will reward you with nudes even though itll give me a ban.

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Reading our conversation earlier tonight I think it might be being tied up.

Breath play?


Daddy roleplay?

Then the hints suck. As if she likes bdsm or wants to try it. Then you have a wide spectrum of stuff to try out

No I am pretty well off and she doesn't really use me for that. Like I have offered to buy things and shed say no plenty of times.

She said it's not verbal.
It not touching her in a certain place
It not saying certain things.
This rules ALOT out.

Possibly breathing related. Maybe into her ears or on her name?


>Can you guess her fetish?

No, I can't, because I'm not a mind reader, now shove off with your retarded riddles involving your imaginary girlfriend, ya fucking sex-obsessed Riddler-wannabe. xD

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>And it's something about the person.

This is also massively vague because it can vary from Daddy to Rapist

Being left alone?

I just saw this thread and I'm probably too late to reply but what if it's voyeurism OP?

No shes not a cuck and told me a story of a bf who was one and asked her to do it to him and she immedtialy left him.
I would also immeditaly leave if a girl asked me to be one.

It's a trap and I wouldn't bother, she doesn't sound like very good material

I'd just leave her to whomever has enough patience to solve fucking puzzles just to get laid. There are tons of chicks who will milk your cock like it's a fucking goblet of Ambrosia, and you're hung up on this one who wants you to solve word puzzles so she can get wet?

Also, "not technically physical" is just vague girl horseshit.

>There are tons of chicks who will milk your cock like it's a fucking goblet of Ambrosia
I really enjoyed your dairy and mythological metaphorical liaison.

If women feel disconnected from you emotionally they won’t get aroused no matter how much you touch them.
She could be referring to expectations you haven’t been able to meet. Do you give her flowers?treat her respectfully/nicely? Do you compliment her? Do you do things for her to show her you care?
You have to figure out wether she is a person who cherishes vocal gestures/physical gestures (touch)/ acts of kindness/ gifts more.

date someone who doesn't play stupid fucking games with you

She could be referring to you doing nice things for and with her.
Ex: making breakfast, helping her w work, offering to carry shopping

Nah none of those things.
Shes pretty evil dog.
Pretty sure it's something about someones appearance.

If it's an aesthetic, you will literally never guess it.

I might be projecting but it might be femdom of some kind? She doesnt want to give you power over her so it doesnt sound like she wants to be tied up or anything. It isnt technically physical or verbal, it's an exchange of power, maybe she likes that?

Shes def into emotionally femdomming me but I also know its not that because she gets to do that already.

Dump her fuckin ass, unless you wanna be her pet monkey n jump thru hoops.

Femdom isnt necessarily being cold or mean it's just being the alpha. Please dont mistake being "dead inside" and cold to someone with femdom