Escort or picking up girls in Hong Kong

I am in Hong Kong for tonight and all day tomorrow. I am feeling insanely uptight and found out about the Smooci website to book an escort.

Situation is

>161 cm Asian
>Really want to get experience

Anyone have experience with the website or even Wan Chai? I am staying in the Wan Chai district.

Any advice would be great!

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Very easy. Plenty of hookers in Wan Chai.

Where exactly and is it easy enough to pick up normal girls?

You're a spergy virgin, forget about trying to pick up normal girls for now. Prostitutes are everywhere in Wan Chai. Avoid the girlie bars that try to lure you in with promises of lots of girls and happy hour prices. They are scams. Instead go to normal bars where prostitutes hang out. Such as Joe Bananas, Ambrosia, Escape, Hong Kong Cafe. Just go up to a girl you like and talk to her. Easy.

Love you user. Gonna head to wan chai at around 10:30. Thanks for the list. They are mostly asian at least?

Mostly Flips, Indonesian, Thai. Some Chinese, Brazilians, east Europeans.

Also forgot Viets from that list, a fair amount of them too.

Good enough. So just get a can, walk up and talk? Help this social inept out. Headin out in an hour and lying in bed to recooperate. I don't want to shag one and get an std, but would be nice to have some experience social.

Also if I do end up talking to a girl who I suspect is a hooker, do I give my real name?

You can just go up and talk. Don't immediately go "how much?" You could for example walk up to a girl and ask her if she wants to dance. If she is a pro then she will say yes and you can dance and she will make small talk. You know you're getting some. Not up to date on prices but she might quote something like 2000hkd for a night. Or even short time.

No need to use your real name, you can use an alias or your nickname or middle name or whatever.

I am not/cannot dance user. Just looking to pub crawl and chat.

>2000 hkd

Jesus. I assume pay first? I am staying at a hotel but dont want to get in trouble for bringing someone back. Would I be talked to over it? Also I got no condoms.

Don't pay first. They might ask you to. What I do is take out the sum in the hotel room and put it on the table so she sees it and then tell her she can take it when done. Hotel will not care you bring one back. And for fuck's sake buy condoms first. She may or may not have them. And use them.

Also since you are a first timer and nervous it's recommended you pop a viagra first. You can get them in most pharmacies. No prescription needed, over the counter.

If you don't want to bother with names or any of the formalities, go to Temple Street at night and you'll find no shortage of hookers waiting around for clients. Most of the time they already have rooms available and it shouldn't cost too much, though I have no idea since they only ever approached me and I politely declined their services

I probably would rather not lose my virginity to a hooker, that and also just want to chat than fuck. I am a social sperg true but i want to get better at chit chat. Not sure if they will just dump me if i say that.

>not wanting easy, great sex
What the fuck is wrong with you.

In that case I would avoid Temple Street then. Many of them barely speak English besides simple transactions and likely only speak their native language (Thai, Tagalog, etc.)

Have you considered just going to a cafe and talking with people?

Still plan to go to Wan Chai as I am literally one road down from the bars. The idea was just get in a few chats, hopefully with girls, and build up experience for when I meet proper.

Bit late for cafe but same principal but with bars.

It is tempting. I even considered going to the Fuji building. But the stds are the main concern honestly, condom or not. Also the potential guilt or regret id feel after as ive read many say.

Fuck hookers man, Scooby himself is currently in HK. This is your chance to get your asshole fucked by a tank.

Seems pretty clear why you are a 29 year old virgin.

Tell me about it.