Be me

>be me
>was a fat guy
>got some attention but never acted on it
>Unfat myself, go to gym every day, eat well
>porn starts to viscerally disgust me
>Fap for 45 minutes in an attempt to cum while since I have lost any sort of arousal
>start getting tons of attention
>It revolts me viscerally

4 women have opened conversations with me in a sexual way in 2 weeks, sober, with no context beyond my christianity.

I was keen on dating before but now I am immediately disgusted when a woman tries chatting me up or something.

I know I don't want to be celibate as I want kids

How do I get over it?

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Talk more about those, sexual, Christianity related conversations

Eat my ass daddy


Watch more romcoms because you fucked yourself over by putting porn into your brain's diet. You're still addicted subliminally because you're now the persued male and porn made you think sex is the only reason nonfat males deserve attention.

This isn’t necessarily a bad thing since lust plagues so many people these days, though you can try to find a woman whose more than a pair of boobs to you

You have a gift user learn to control it

The problem with romcoms is they are boring. I want the intimacy but women are far too free and easy with the sex, which puts me off massively.

It certainly doesn't feel like a gift because I am worried that I won't have kids because I sorta lost the urge.

Granted it is better than wanking 6 times a day like I used to.

Funny thing is that they only want to fuck you, not get into a relationship, then again I don't think theres a difference in this modern society.

I noticed that too.

I dunno why, I am not the most attractive.

>The problem with romcoms is they are boring
No, they actually aren't if you stop having your mind set on sex all the time.

Could you give some more detail? I've had a very different experience from OP, but I still often resent the attention I get, because it feels like women only give it to me because they want to either get themselves off with my body or use me for labor.

They really fucking are. It is all just dumb plot points by non realistic characters.

That's every movie ever.

Sex is one part of intimate relationships, but it isn't all they boil down to.

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for compairison to just a very rough study

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Oh, and also, incase you haven't processed this, porn isn't realistic either. Not even most amateur clips.

You need therapy, dude. You have way too many issues for a bunch of teenage virgins on an underwater tiben yoga forum to unpack.

Yes. Porn is worse.

Tried it. I ended up playing therapist for the therapist 3 out of 4 times.

porn spoils sex, romcoms spoil romance

>watch romcoms to learn enjoyment of women
That's the dumbest shit I ever read in this site.

I dunno why, but I don't find this particularly comforting at all.

Make friends with people you are interested in first, then have a relationship if they are intrested too. The problem is you are only viewing the sexual aspect of a relationship.

Is there a romantic comedy that is remotely close to having a redeemable female character?
I thought those movies were meant to make men hate women. Maybe I haven't watched the good one.

Romcoms can't spoil romance if you have no concept of romance because you conditioned it out with porn.
You don't find companionship, nonsexual intimacy, and cooperative goal setting/achieving comforting? idk what to tell you about that...

>I know I don't want to be celibate as I want kids

Why? I'll guess vanity. Shit reason. Kids = poverty so there's that.

Your comment is the funniest shit i have seen on this site

What do you consider as redeemable female characters?
"10 things I hate about you" is refurbished taming of the shrew. "50 First Dates" and "Silver Linings" are healthy ones for learning to cope with disability.

havn't seen the last one, but the girl from 10 things is a terrible person. She gets everything handed to her just to throw it away because her hatred for men is more important than her own happiness. The 50 first dates was that movie about the girl with amnesia, can't remember the girl, but hated the guy when I watched it.

Let's say you watch cop shows all the time. All those bad guy of the week, CSI and so on.
You quickly get to the mindset that you are indestructible because you can never get in any situation where someone wants to kill you.
You don't know some important secret, you don't have a wife, nobody will profit from your death and you are generally living a safe life.
That is what those shows teach people.

Romantic comedies make it seem like dating is the easiest thing in the world. Even though you constantly push someone away, you get them in the end, even if there is nothing decent about you, you still get more chances than anyone does in real life.
Even a movie like 40 year old virgin makes it seem easy to just ask the girl across the street out and magically get married to her as soon as he asks someone out.
Maybe I am just jaded because I only have seen good relationships and can't find anyone myself.

>Life from TV
I was like fucking twelve when I realized that TV was just a bunch of shit being sold to us, how the fuck are you guys taking cues from television? Are you patent retards or do you genuinely experience success emulating TV? I can't imagine that providing much fulfillment terribly past 27 years old.

It might behoove you guys to recognize that everyone's an individual and nothing will prepare you for that except being at peace with the potential for failure.
If you need constant cue cards and helpers and pointers and pushes, what you may want to do is start from the beginning and figure out where you're losing so much momentum that you have to dial back to tutorials on the fly.

The point of story telling is to tell a story.
Obviously you need to filter it to make it meaningful in your own life, but it can also be too far removed from your own life and then it is just noise.

I think what you need is to get to know someone normally first. And end up liking them for their personality more than anything else. I'm in the same boat as you rn except I confessed to someone because I got to know them. Now porn and other people are no longer interesting. I haven't fapped in like a week and I dont feel the urge at all anymore.

Yeah, I think you're looking at these things like a grumpy fuck instead of delving into any of the underlying themes or taking anything to heart about realities of dating.

My brother casually asked the question once while young-us were all watching Survivor, "So what, does the camera guy just have a burger while they're all out there?"

Anycase, stories are just that: stories. There's no flex, there's no sudden occurrence. Beginning, middle and end are made with the others in mind to create a fluid sequence.

Your life will do that once, maybe twice before you die, and have any meaning; the rest will be things like you avoided tripping by divine intervention, or you needed one last beer and there was one last beer in the fridge, or something like that.

Therapy. Lots of therapy.
Gonna need to kick that christ cock you been sucking too.

Not to derail this completely, but I’ve worked with “reality” shows. Camera crew don’t give a fuck. Nor does the “survivors” or any other participants, they go off the island or get snacks and food brought to them. The channel just want a good shot and drama, dosent have to be real. Just have to seem somewhat real. The crew will give lines to the participants to pretend there is drama. If they don’t get it, they’ll just edit it so it seems like drama anyways. Nothing is as far from reality than a reality show.

>delving into any of the underlying themes
We are talking about romantic comedies here right?
They are not that deep and they do not have good answers for the hard part of dating: figuring out how to travel to the parallel universe where women exist.

It never stops being funny that an absolute trainwreck like you tries to give advice on a healthy approach to human sexuality.

That's the point, though.
Television-- and stories-- are all designed by hand, tailored to specifics, made to evoke singular reactions.

Your life won't ever be like that. There's so much shit going on at any one given time that it just never has the capacity to end up so orderly in most cases.

As for OP's problem, I'm on board with therapy. It sounds deeper-rooted and probably tied to an individual.

At least there is a name attached to this guy so we know we can disregard everything that comes after.

>They are not that deep and they do not have good answers for the hard part of dating
Jesus you are dense. I'm not telling you to parrot romcoms. I am telling you to observe their experiences. Much like a therapist is going to make generalizations based on your experiences. Stories are typically passed down and made into movies so they can teach lessons. If you are incapable of showing empathy for characters and situations, you could have just told me you were autistic so I could tell you your only "answer" will be therapy.

U gay?

But this is what I am asking.
What romantic comedy have characters worth studying?
I don't see the point in watching a boring movie with two whores who can't figure out not to be whores (yes, that is an actual movie).

Deadpool 2?

All of them do. You just don't want to do the emotional labor of figuring how to relate to them because you tell yourself you're just a lonely faggot and that's all you'll ever amount to.

My point was that the entire genre of movies does not give me anything, not an insight into what dating is like, not what women think like. I find the characters about as repugnant as teens in a slasher. I watch a lot of movies because I am just a lonely faggot that doesn't have anything better to do.

I want to change though, have what my parents have, what my sister have etc.

You are watching the wrong genre. Romantic comedy dosent focus on real people with real life problems...
that’s called drama.

We don’t watch Marcel movies in hopes of finding nuance and grey areas of life. We watch it because it has hot people and explosions.

it's already too late, embrace your destiny

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I think what you really need to make space for is why you feel such disgust with romantic movies that most of the time are not all that unrealistic. Is your jading really that bad? Are you averting your eyes off couples in restaraunts, and cursing out every commercial that depicts families? Because that's only going to continue to hurt you in your own development. It's self sabotaging how normal and able you, and others, are of achieving a relationship. Feeding your hyperreality of viewing other relationships as bad is enabling your lonliness.

You have to be careful with that though. If you don't make your intentions clear you'll just come off as disinterested.

>How do I get over it?
Grow up. You most likely were never better than them.

I know how to do that.

The problem is 70% of women I meet start sexual

>grow up you're no better

I don't think I am better. My problem is that I find casual sex repulsive and I can't escape it

Go back to being a fat or don't speak to anyone.
Post selfie or bait thread

>posting on an anonymous board

Go and be bitter elsewhere