How do I get out of the friendzone?

How do I get out of the friendzone?

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Make sexual jokes

you don't, if the person is not interested in you, respect and accept it otherwise you'll be out of the friendzone...and into the blockzone

How do I get into the friendzone

One was never in the friendzone if one is able to get out.
Dont go into it, act like you want her and if it fails, it fails.
Dont try to slowly snail your way into her life like a nice guy.

You don’t. You’re better of ending your friendship and moving on. Next girl you like make it explicit from the start that you want to date her.

The only reliable way of getting out of the friendzone is to date someone else. Maybe the original person will be interested then, but by then you'll have moved on.

Once you're in the friendzone there is only one way out. Cut all communication. Continue with your life. Become Chad-esk and the re-establish communication on your own terms. This process takes about 20 months and usually works.

you move on and maybe they'll be interested in you when they see you stop being a bitch

The friend zone can't be recovered from. She won't change her mind and 9 times out of 10 has her eyes on someone else.

However, use your friendship to your advantage. Communicate enough to keep the friendship alive, and have her help you with other girls or give advice on situations you're in. If you cut all ties with every girl that won't sex you then you're never gonna be able to network and your life will be a sausage festival.

Also even better, when she sees how nice you treat your girlfriend she'll be sad she didn't go with you instead of her broke boyfriend that gets angry all the time doesn't have his driver's license at 24.

Not OP, but I'm 28, broke and don't have a driver's license.

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Do you live in a city? If so I understand. The person I referred to does not and would greatly benefit from being able to drive.

I used to when I had a job, I'm currently learning to drive though.

Hey good on ya man. I'd never hate on someone improving their situation. Hope things get better.


Fuck man. This question was asked hourly ten years ago and the last time I saw it was still a few years ago.
I thought everyone got it and we were settled.

You don't. There are no steps, there is no magic phrase or line, there is no spell, there no action. She is not into you.

>But some people do

This is a rare occurrence and it happens under circumstances far beyond anyones control. Luck, in other words.

There is a magic phrase .

It's called " I want you . Sorry but I'll settle for nothing less. I can't lie to myself and go against what I want . Call me if you change your mind . "

Then you leave. Never contact her again . Not even for happy birthday . If she changes her mind then good. If she doesn't , you got tons of women to flirt with won't see you as a friend.

You don't. Once you're in it, there's no escaping.

Nowadays I'm always super straightforward if I catch feelings for a friend, and if she doesn't feel the same way, I can't in good conscience continue the friendship. If she does feel the same way, we move to the next step. It's always worked for me.

Become the gimmick she wants.

Are you even sure you're friendzoned? Have you tried simply asking her out? You'll know for sure then if you have a chance with her or not, and then you can move on with or without her.