Guys my cum is orange

i need help i came and now its orange im really confused.
also i masturbate with my balls instead of my dick do you think that would have an effect?

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>masturbate with my balls

Nigga what?

I think he's trolling

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How old are you? Do you have any prostate issues? Liver issues? Kidney issue? Alcohol/drug issue? Answer all of those and I can help

guys im not trolling my cum was orange
i like shake my balls about while lying on my back, and when im about to come i keep shaking my balls my pressing my dick into my stomach honestly the best cum ive ever had but then it was orange and im confused

It's blood, you hurt your balls on the inside.

uh im kind of an alcoholic
19 btw

Doesn't have to be from the balls, it could be from leftover pee or simply bleeding

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>don't worry, it's just another kind of internal bleeding
well fuck me i guess

Well then you might have kidney issues. Anything when you drink? Does this orange cum happen often ?

OP, here again, im probably gonna have a proper wank with my penis this time and see if my cum is still orange. also this could have been a dream i am not sure, i really don't know why i would dream of having orange cum but there you go

Shouldn't you be done by now?


Nothing keep going and tell us

Mine was yellow after 60 days of nofap , but returned to its natural form a few wanks later

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Oh god, thats a good one.

what in two mins?!? I doubt the op can get started in two mins in takes me 1/2 hour to cum usually...

Not op, but I can come in two minutes. feelsbadman.gif


Yeah, shake one out and show us the cum.