How old does this girl look? She is a tripfag on this site that is interested in me...

How old does this girl look? She is a tripfag on this site that is interested in me. I would like to hear how old you think she is.

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Somewhere in the 18-22 range

Mid 20s
Dresses like she's 40 tho

Early 20s with those ugly pants

old enough for you to legally distribute her nudes on here when her crazy tripfag ass inevitably gives them to you

Smile lines.

If this goes anywhere it won’t be on Jow Forums

Also what the fuck why, how and what is with some femanon expressing interest in you?
Unless you're browsing /soc/ this is some questionable shit if you just found her on here. Or perhaps more to the point, someone who could just be pretending to be her.

Because we always talk to each other. She started coming on here more often after I texted her. Truth be told she is a gigantic qtpie. She said she is the more genuine of the ‘two of us’ earlier though while lying about her age.

She must think I’m not being genuinely interested in her. She gives me support when I’m having a bad day. I want to be there for her too. Genuinely.

Oh well ;_;

20s at least.
Maaaybe 30s if she ages really slow.

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That’s not me FYI


stop hitting o me silly boys.

LOL. You are a cutie pie secretely. Your face matches up to the other pics >:3

Let’s see /adv- what do you think is this the same person as OP?

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The same as the face in OP? Yes it matches

I am not interested in him in the least. He’s just trolling to annoy me.
Even if he were a woman, I’d have no interest in him. Even if he were my age, I’d have no interest in him. Even if he weren’t Christian, I’d have no interest in him
I have never come onto him. I have always been a lesbian, and I am no longer even vaguely Christian
It does not

Around 30

30's for the choice of clothing and hairstyle
20's for the lack of sun damage and body porportion.

he's not asking for ratings you fucking retard
attentionwhoring tripfags need to leave this board


yes, YOU go there faggot

So that second picture is you then? :3

Yes you are interested in me.

That’s your anonymous board. Here, there is a name field.

It's Butterfly in case people don't know her identity has been blown open. If you don't know who Butterfly is she is a tripfag as a butterfly image as her name that browaes /lit/ 24/7 everyday, if you speak her name you can summon her.

Bullshit. I have the only power to summon her. She’s only interested in me

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Yes it’s me in pic two. No, of course course I’m not interested in you anymore than I could be interested in an alligator or a rock

Actually the girl in pic does look like a turbo lesbian so this is believable

Actually butterfly here’s the thing. I would be willing to believe you. There are a few holes with your story though.

Personally I would like to know where that first pic even came from? It is NOWHERE on the Internet. I used Tineye and everything

Second, thanks for posting that song for me, but what am I supposed to do with anything if you don’t appreciate the fact that you are obviously giving into attention. Yesterday you weren’t on at this hour. And why? Because I wasn’t. Whenever I’m on, you are.

You are obviously interested in me. Today you referred to us as the ‘two of us’. If you don’t want this then fine, but it’s clear to me that you’re going to start masturbating to me right now. Just confirm that then we’re good

Riiiight now you’re opening up the picture I posted to masturbate to.

Does her name start with I? I think i know her.

it's never legal and op will be super fucked

See? Now she’s gone from the site. Not posting on lit or here anymore. She’s fucking fingering her wet, tight pussy while looking at my picture. Butterfly is just like any girl, she was posting because she wanted me to do something like this. I can guarantee you, out of the two of us you are not genuine at all

>It is NOWHERE on the Internet.
Uhhh, does this dude know that if you don't use a picture on the internet, you will not find it on the internet?

He might. He’s playing up how dumb he is. Look at that last post. No ones that delusional

I**s, is that you?

I’m not in the OP. I’m the second pic

Delusional? Alright, you might not be right now, fine. But come now. Just today you referred to us as the ‘two of us’. I mean ffs butter, you are obviously at the very least making an exception for me. You are the delusional one! :3

(pppffttt this crazy fag is hitting on a lesbian on an inanimouse vestige fjord.)

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She seems legal

Ah ok, anyway you are cute. But i still think i know the person on the first pic.

And i am trying to hit on you, you most likely european polyamorous tripfag.