Don't mistake friendship with romantic interest

Don't mistake friendship with romantic interest.

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i wish more guys understood this

fuck off

That's not advice. It's not even something you have control over really.

It's just going to happen occasionally because people aren't mind readers and what some people consider friendly behavior other people consider flirtatious behavior. What you CAN do is manage how to express your own interest in the person in a way that prevents awkward misunderstandings. Like just telling them you're interested in them and asking if they're available, rather than just trying to kiss them out of the blue.

Bet you are one of those guys then, huh

If she got a fat ass tho we gotta be more than friends.

being friends with a guy means he's ugly or beta, and you just use him for validation. No reason why women should have guy friends.

Not true! I just have a lot of interests that most women aren't into.

sometimes life is complicated...

Is this just a general statement or did someone let you down? Want to talk about it?

Stop leading men on.

then why not date the guy you bitch?

top kek. That gif is awesome. He probably went home and jerked off to her like some loser. Guys never learn

Have fun being alone, since it's working out so well for you now

That bitch is evil for uploading that video, just proves she was leading him on.

I'm a grown ass man. Why would I be friends with a female lmao

Let's be real. When you say date, you mean let him fuck her. That's all you care about. And the fact you called her a bitch because she doesn't want to fuck some uggo that makes her puke, like it's right to women's bodies and you get mad when you're told no makes you sound like a complete borderline rapist. Like I would legit be afraid to be alone with you

When i say date i just mean have some sort of intimacy. And like i already said, if they're not dating then he's ugly or beta and being used. So we both agree that he's ugly. It's not strictly being told no, it's being told how amazing you are and then told no. Fuck off with that hypocritical bullshit.

Thank you for the warning. I really appreciate it.

Well, she can't keep Chad waiting inside.

Then how about be straight with a guy and tell him there is no romantic interest. You don’t know how hard it is when guys are expected to ALWAYS make the first move. Sometimes you read a situation wrong and there is only one way to find out, by asking the girl out. So how about you either be frank with the guy and tell him there is no interest or don’t be a bitch when the guy tries to be romantically involved. If the guy never tries then the guy never knows. Fuck off and try making the first move sometime.

Just because you have zero capacity to make any friends whatsoever, doesn't resign the rest of the earth to your particular brand of self-imposed misery

They would if r/niceguys didn't exist and if rejecting guys didn't usually end in them flipping the fuck out and turning into a sociopath.

Ghosting didn't just appear because girls were lazy, it appeared because eventually, it was the only way they'd actually get the fuck away.

Here's one: if you don't want to be friends with a girl and you just want sex, then how about be straight with a girl and tell her there is no platonic interest. You don't want anything to do with her unless she's putting out or working up to putting out.

See, you COULD solve this problem. But will you? Nah, not likely, because you-- like thots-- want the girl to drop the shitty bomb(s) so you can continue to absolve yourself of any guilt whatsoever.

Go ahead guys, tell the girl you're just interested in being her boyfriend and not at all in any kind of platonic relation whatsoever. See how it goes.

you're making too many assumptions at this point, just trying to insult rather than argue

Damn, this GIF made me cry ;-;

Alright, so help me out here. A long time friend of mine was in a shitty abusive relationship for a while, and she was always complaining to me about him, then she started talking with me about my exes and eventually she told me not to screenshot anything and sent me nudes, later that week we went on a prescheduled dinner date and I tried to kiss her at the end of the night because I felt like it was right and she said she didn't feel that way about me and just wanted my opinion on her body so she could see if she needed to improve anything, (honestly she had a really great body and I told her that much when she asked after sending them). Was I confusing friendship for romantic interest or was she intentionally confusing me or is she just confused or me or what the fuck? We haven't talked in months now.

Yeah you fucked up. She viewed you as a trustworthy platonic friend. I assume she didn’t just send nudes out of the blue and told you beforehand what she wanted to send them to you for. That should’ve been your opportunity to say you were uncomfortable being at that level of closeness with her. Alternatively she wanted your positive male attention to feel better but never expected you to do anything about it because you were supposed to be just a friend.

Don't mistake romantic interest with friendship for fuck sake

Context: she has known since the 6th grade that I had a crush on her, and she sent a chat saying not to screenshot, then sent a bunch of pics in the mirror, not like scientific shots to get good angles, but like leg up on a step, ass bent over, tits together between upper arms, no face in most of them, they didn't feel like a friend showing me their body for examination, and then she asked for my opinion, I said she had a really nice body, but I wasn't expecting that, and she asked if there was anything I thought she could work on. This was the first kind of intimate attention I'd gotten from her about herself, she always just had her nose in my business for years before this. It felt like things were different from the years of being friends. I never got any feelings that she wanted something from me at all before that other than support and friendly attention, but at the time it felt like she wanted me to let her know she was desirable to someone other than her asshole bf, and now I feel like she was testing me somehow.

I'd def call it a shit test. Every woman knows that every guy friend she has would fuck her, and prob even date her. But they're usually all friendzoned and considered beta. So either it's a shit test, or she's a cynical bitch toying with you. No girl should ever do that. If she truly valued your emotions she would not play with them. You're friend with a bitch because you're a beta boy who thinks her presences is graceful.

If you want to date her, or at least get treated with respect, start ignoring her. DO NOT message her first any time. If she messages you, be very reserved and dont give her any validation.

6th grade was about a decade ago, and I can see clearly how she could believe my feelings had changed, but I never stopped thinking she was beautiful and cool, and I've never treated her any differently than back then. Was I supposed to give up entirely on the possibility when it didn't happen for that long? Is she responsible for not seeing how I felt before taking a big step like that? I've always been seen as harmless to my friends who are girls, they were fine being in their underwear around me in band and drama club and shit in school, and my friends gfs tend to cluck with me like they do each other, maybe I'm just not the material the girls I admire want to date.

It wasn’t a test, she used your obsession with her for attention. It’s a good thing that this ended though, because
>since the 6th grade that I had a crush on her
is fucking unhealthy. Neither of you were true friends to each other.

I don't think I'm "beta" just because people feel like I'm not a primarily sexual being, I think it gives me the opportunity to be better friends with anyone who learns to trust me that much.
Common personality trait of my exes, but I think that I was a good friend to her. I never pushed my romantic agenda on her or even hinted at it really, and maybe that was my mistake. Maybe it helped me get closer to her for my own reasons honestly. If my male attention was really what she got most from me then I'm glad we never dated, but I wish I hadn't started thinking with my dick and lost a friend regardless of what she wanted. I really do love her as a dear friend and want her to do well with or without me, I just don't like to think that she didn't feel the same. I definitely have a type though.

wrong first quote

That's easy when I have neither friends nor romantic interests

beta rapist detected

There’s no reason be friends with women. You’re not missing out on anything that you can get from either your guy friends or wife/girlfriend.


I graduated top of my class of seal fuckers I'll have you know


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How does having a wife or gf make you an incell? Has incell become faggot speak for “men I don’t like”?

>implying you have a gf or wife

I wish men and women could just have close platonic relationships these days. Every guy seems to expect the pucci when a girl is slightly nice to them.

>friends with parasites
one yoke, several yikes

How do I get a female friend? They could definitely help me eventually get a girlfriend.

>just wanted my opinion on her body so she could see if she needed to improve anything
kek i didnt know the gay zone was this deep lol

>Yeah you fucked up
yes, at the point where he became "friends" with her. I never befriend women anymore. What for? If they are cool I want to date them if they are not I dont care about them. And yes, im not interested in unattractive women. There is just something inside of me instantly turned off no matter how funny/intelligent/whatever she maybe if she is an uggo i dont want to befriend her.

I have plenty of platonic (to my knowledge) friendships.
The trick is not to pick every single fuckboy you can manage to find and expect a douchebag to want platonics.

>Was I supposed to give up entirely on the possibility when it didn't happen for that long
yes, of course. I mean by doing that you would have actually INCREASED your chances man. Sigh, take it as a lesson you had to learn the hard way and do better next time.

>Treat guys with respect and like other guys in life because respectful woman
>Spend time one on one with them because that's a normal thing to do with all friends
>One guy suddenly showering me with attention
>Realize he is selfishly seeing me as sex object and no longer a respectful human but that's his problem to deal with
>Continue treating him with respect as everyone else hoping he'll deal with his projection of fantasy romance that he's also too scared to talk about because, again, he sees me as object of fantasy and not person
>He becomes more pushy and maybe asking for affection in return, turn down because obviously not interested
>Enraged entitled manbaby upset his fantasy has been shattered starts thinking of ways to hurt me and/or fuck with me
>He becomes angry and verbally violent, accuses me of leading him on despite never expressing interest in being his romantic partner

...Yeah. Do better

Man/woman friendships are parasite/host at best. Men don't need women as friends because they don't offer anything different than a man can get from a other man. By friending other guys, there is no confusion and no second guessing. The only thing a girl offers that a guy cannot, is vagina. If that vagina is not open for business, you move to the next one. Easy stuff.

always men at fault, innit? never for a second does the parastic gender do wrong?

Guys, fellow guy. Stop being friends with women, if she's not about playing for real the first time you will be in a position of weakness and look like a beta orbiter. Learn how to make guys friends. Women don't need guy friends, they have faggots and betas for that. If she's not buying what you're selling just dip if it's what your intentions are, don't lie to yourself and fuck yourself up.

fuck off, completely delusional

>Men don't need women as friends because they don't offer anything different than a man can get from a other man
And what is it that only men can offer other men?

I suck dick just as readily as I eat pussy, in a Midwestern public highschool that's about as gay as anyone is willing to admit to, so I am used to confused situations. This is just a rare one where I was on the confused end.
I don't regret my friendship with her at all, I regret how it wound up near and in the end, but for a long time I think we we're good for each other, and rejecting half of the species just because they're different than you is only your loss, not theirs.
I don't think I really broadcast my romantic affection for her, but she was clearly one of my favorites so maybe it was more obvious than I thought. Really I mean internally giving up on it, but clearly thinking about it it would have been healthier for me and the friendship. That's something I need to work on, but I don't ever want to act aloof to try to manipulate someone I enjoy.
Nothing is more beta than thinking you need to be fundamentally better than other men.


"You're amazing!" doesn't equal getting someone romantically interested in you nor entitle you somehow to someone else's sex parts, what the fuck is wrong with you

The same difference in the sexes that is always there to begin with. Like what would you do/talk with your sister vs what you would do/ talk about with your brother. You don't talk to a girl platonic friend about sex shit, that's just weird. Men just vibe differently together.

>never for a second does the parastic gender do wrong?
this is actually one major trait of women i believe. They ALWAYS try to make themselves the victim of a situation/scenario. pisses me off hard.

Classic projectionist

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I think that the issue fundamentally is that a straight western guy won't ever tell a peer "you're amazing!" and a lot of guys don't have basic friendship skills for dealing with women.
Raw anal penetration w/ creampie
Says the victim of womanhood

based post

you never thought "WHY NOT ME?!" when she went out with other men? you never were filled with jealousy when she flirted with other men?

If not: surprising to me, but good for you. That would never happen to me.

if yes: I recommend going all in and if it does not work out to move on. I cannot have an equal friendship with someone im into.

I didn't start feeling the whole "why not me" thing until she started telling me how shitty her boyfriend apparently was, and I'd like to think that ultimately it was "why not someone else" but that definitely has a "may as well be me" tacked on. She had plenty of fine boyfriend's before, and when they ended it never got my mouth watering, I always just wanted to give her space. I don't really know what made me act so sexually, it is generally quite out of character for me.

A non-confusing friendship to start. Why would I not want to try and relationship a girl if we have similar hobbies/interests, and I'm attracted to her? Why wouldn't I want to upgrade everything I already have with this girl friend to also include exclusive sexual relations and the title of girlfriend? Oh right because instead of spending time finding or having a GF, you have to placate a woman's desire to be one of the guys or be a "bestie" with no advancement. Nobody wants to just work a deadend job, nobody wants to just throw away time on a girl that will end nowhere.

Not everyone sees the sex that they're attracted to as purely sexual ends.

Suck a cock

That's such a childish way of thinking. What you're saying is that the highest tier of a relationship is a romantic one, which is blatantly false. This is a problem with you.

Dude honestly? Who sends full nudes to their platonic friends. I’m a girl and this doesn’t make any sense lol not even to my girl friends would I send nudes. The fuck? I mean he’s not entitled to anything but I’d be confused if somebody sent me nudes too then said they were just friends

>thinking men and women can actually have friendships that are deep and not completely superficial

Lmao, maybe if you're a fucking faggot.
Stop being a beta orbiter and make some guy friends.

And that's fine, there's nothing wrong with that, just as there's nothing wrong with working at McDonald's for 15 years in hopes of that manager slot.
Wife>girlfriend>friend, this is how the ladder works. Anybody can be anyone's friend, whether it's richy rich or your local schizophrenic hobo that screams at the trees, it's entirely up to you to put in the effort. In this scenario, who would likely be the better friend? Richy, or a homeless person with mental dysfunctions?

I feel sorry for the hypothetical women in your life, and also the ladder goes true friend > partner > good pets > SO > general friend

I guess you conveniently ignored the part where it said she may also just be seeking attention from him huh?

In your ladder, somebody other than your partner is the most important person you have. Now, what if I could have my true friend also be my girlfriend or wife? Why would I not want this? Also it's weird you have animals on a relationships ladder.

guys can have two kinds of close relationships with chicks in my opinion without it just being a front for trying to fuck, romantic and familial. Familial doesn't mean by blood though, I have an incredibly close female friend who is like a sister to me. We grew up together and still care about each other deeply. That's familial love, anything short of that is unstable because people want to fuck the other gender generally. Any friendship across genders either turns romantic, falls apart because one person wants it to turn romantic while the other doesn't, or becomes a familial relationship, meanwhile male friendships are perfectly stable as long as neither is gay

Women don't like men. There is no such thing as romance.

Nah i read the whole thing and I think you’re being a bit harsh for the sake of putting him down. It’s completely understandable to think sexual things about somebody who literally sends you nudes lol u fucking wot m8

If my gf or bf told me to get rid of my dog because they were allergic/didn't like it, I would get rid of them before that. I think it is a valuable metric for assessing the value and expected permanency of a relationship. And your partner certainly should be a true friend, but I think that having someone outside of the relationship that you can trust to audit your behavior as well as your partners and speak in your best interest is extremely valuable, and you should trust them enough to question your partner when it is prudent to do so.
Also maybe this

I see what they mean though, it certainly isn't fair for her to do that and out me in a situation where reacting naturally was fucking up, but if I had been wiser or less involved with my own feelings in what she was really asking for I would have responded differently.

Can't mistake friendship with romantic interest if no girl wants to be friends with me.

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Idk if she really knew what she was asking for. She is allowed to change her mind about what she wants from somebody. But listen I had a lesbian friend who would always send me selfies of herself for my approval. Guess what? It’s because she liked me lol none of my platonic friends do that to me. I’ve only known people who like me more than friends to send me selfies of themselves like that. I think that girl was sending you some way mixed messages and you couldn’t have responded the “right” way. In fact I think you responded appropriately because you didn’t keep pushing her or shame her for it

I'm definitely leaving out the part where I told her that she shouldn't have sent me those pictures if she didn't want to kiss me, that's what killed communication I think. I didn't mean it as bad as it sounds I don't think, but it definitely was a very selfish thing to say when clearly she needed some space to decompress after I tried.

Ohhhh I see well yeah that’s not a good thing to say but the fact that you are self aware enough to know that it wasn’t good and to change next time means that you’re still trying to take a good course of action

There's always a gap between intention and action, and it's not particularly impressive.

Yeah but don't assume it's not romantic interest either. Use your mind reading abilities to discern the two.

Tbh even as a guy this mindset has made me mistake romantic interest for friendship more often than the other way around. And even on the off chance I did mistake friendship for romantic interest, I've tried to ask a couple of female friends out, they turned me down, things were weird for a short while, but then they went back to normal. It's upsetting to develop feelings for someone and not have them returned, but I can't really be mad at them for not being interested, you can't force these things.

When I understood this I stopped getting friendzoned. Haven't been friendzoned since 2014. As soon as I smell friendly intent I back the fuck off .

Last person that friendzoned me I ignored her so hard that she wrote me a romantic attention-seeking poem and we ended up doing the dirty in my car.

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great job unironically, it is very liberating

>tfw no gf to write me poetry

Yo it's important to consider why a guy might want to believe in the first place that any positive interaction with a girl is a sign of romantic interest.
What might some of the reasons be?

Women are retards.

Why did get a corner touch me pose. Stupid bitch.

The issue arises mainly from men not having experience with women as friends, the cues aren't the same when you're dating, in fact it's so different that cues don't really work. Like in OP, she turns around at her door to say goodbye without opening it, he would either read that as she wants a kiss or she doesn't want anything but a goodnight, the issue was that he was looking for the kiss because he doesn't get that the rest of the signs aren't there, at least that's my take from personal experience and secondhand.
Literally typing this when this refreshed onto the page.

Men freak out after spending months of you friendzoning them.

>then how about be straight with a girl and tell her there is no platonic interest.
Because then you freak out and call him a sociopath and call the police and file a false rape report.

>Go ahead guys, tell the girl you're just interested in being her boyfriend and not at all in any kind of platonic relation whatsoever. See how it goes.
You're literally LITERALLY saying that like a threat you ugly evil subhuman.

This. I learned my mistake. If she treats you like a friend, then you're both just friends. Move on even if it is fucking painful, she don't deserve someone as great as you.

They don't.
The only people I ever hear complain about women being confusing are dudes who have social problems and trouble with women and read into everything down to the fact her hair was blowing in the wind but one rogue strand was kicking out the other way.

Women are not confusing. They are very straight forward.

Women are confusing. As someone who been around millions of women, they're insane.

It shouldnt take months. She likes you or she doesn't. if you aren't sure, she doesn't like you. Trust me.

>Rare false rape report.
This is extremely rare, and when it happens, they get caught. The police are pretty good at catching false stories. I am not interested in your anecdotal evidence.

That's how you read it because you're playing the part of Jimmy Rustle O'Riledley

>Implying I haven't.

Bruh. I'm not talking about the view.
I'm talking about whether or not they like you. That parts really easy.