Realistically how often can I drink without developing a physical dependence?

Realistically how often can I drink without developing a physical dependence?

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Either your parents teach you or you develop discipline when drinking

I meant like scientifically
Like there must be some safe limit like once a week for example, most drugs have some.

simple, don't drink on work days

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Scientifically no one on an image board can tell you what’s a safe amount because nobody has a scan of your specific neurology OP lol

So no one can tell you what is safe because we don’t know what will make you physically dependent until you are physically dependent. Try one or two drinks a week and no more than 3 on the weekend if you wanna be safe about it.

What exactly is your endgame here? Is this just curiosity, or are you looking to maximize the amount you drink without it impacting your life?

Not OP but I'm a much happier person when I've had a drink. I'm more sociable, less self conscious, more productive, more focused. It makes me feel like I'm truly "myself". It's like the self-loathing that consumes my life just dissapears and all the qualities I love about myself come to the surface. Should I just embrace the lifestyle of a functioning alcoholic? Is there an alternative? SSRIs haven't helped.

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>or are you looking to maximize the amount you drink without it impacting your life?
Pretty much

So then try cbt or something to practice having or at least expressing those qualities that you enjoy about yourself when you have a drink, rather than using alcohol as a crutch. If the issue is the negative internal monologue you have when you’re sober then learning to talk back to it as a habit will work to eventually silence it.

That's probably a more telling sign that you're at-risk for dependency than finding out how much your body can handle before it shuts down without alcohol. Unless you only have a couple drinks one or two days a week, you should probably already start cutting back, and if you don't drink, you probably shouldn't start.

i mean if you want to kill your liver go right ahead, it's an awful death though.

So you're looking at drinking about every three days minimum to avoid dependency. Meaning every third day. Drink day, sober day, sober day, drinking day, sober day, etc.
Take Thiamine (Vitamin B1)! It will decrease the severity and onset of dependence.
If you're going to drink liquor/spirits, keep to the clear stuff. Vodka really is the best.
Stay hydrated. Seriously, water consumption will make or break your ability to maintain.

So why do you want to drink so much?
I kinda know why I do.
I *think* I know why my wife wants to.

What's your reason?

That's a dumb attitude. Alcohol is an incredible money sink and bad for your heart and liver. Every time you drink you build up your tolerance to alcohol and if you want to get drunk at all, you will require increasing amounts of alcohol to do so (protip: every drug works like this). If you just want to enjoy the taste of beer or wine without getting drunk, drink one a day until one no longer gets you drunk and then maintain that level. Dependence only becomes an issue when you drink substantially more alcohol than that, but drinking to get drunk regularly WILL turn you into a dependent alcoholic.

You should see a psychologist about your self-loathing, not drink your issues away.

>Realistically how often can I drink without developing a physical dependence?

Joke's on you, you were born with those receptors.

But in all seriousness, it's something you train slow and hard. I went through worse pains to develop my alcohol adjustment than a muscleman goes through to develop his muscles - which would you rather have? If you're wondering HOW FAR CAN YOU PUSH IT then you'd might as well just embrace problem drinking.

Keeping it to weekends will leave you entire starsystems away from what we call a drinker.

I drank every night for a month and then just stopped one day. It really depends on you OP

What drinks do people recommend. Not op but all I drink is cider cause I hate the taste of stronger stuff, but it takes ages to get drunk

It's not how often but how regularly. One drink in the evening "to calm down" can be a dependency.

You develop a taste for damn near anything. I turned 21 and got a few different bottles of liquor and it all tasted the same to me, like nail polish. 23 now and anything higher than bottom shelf rum or whiskey is good on me. Beer too. My favorite (reasonably priced) drink is Jim Beam, so you could try that I guess.

If you like the sweet stuff, Crabbie's alchoholic ginger beer is tasty

Wine? Especially white wine is practically just juice.

Try wheat beers like Shock Top if you haven't yet. They're lighter than other beers, but should be heavier than cider. Alternatively, get some flavored liquor (like Pinnacle Whipped vodka) and mix a shot or two with soda or Gatorade. It's really unhealthy and high in calories if you mix it with soda, but if you're looking to get smashed, you probably don't give a shit about that.