What do you think of the names Menlo or Hallux for a fresh baby boy?

What do you think of the names Menlo or Hallux for a fresh baby boy?

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Names for kids to bully them.

Fucking terrible names. Just name the kid John or Robert or Michael. Maybe use your terrible ideas for their middle name if you are so attached. What are the significance of these names?

I heard Menlo as a name for a character on tv and fell in love. Hallux I like because it's unique and because it is the scientific name for the big toe. I'm looking to become a podiatrist one day.

>Hallux I like because it's unique
Literally everyone is going to call him Hall

Unless you homeschool them, their classmates will call them Menblow and Halfux. Your call though.

I want to name my kids after a TV character and a big toe
You're sick, bro

How about:
> Warren
> Vernon
> Eldon
> Amel
> Sullivan
> Horace
> Oliver
> Adrian
> Algernon
> Leland
> Clive
> Lynton
> Guy
> Cole
> Tudor
> Ralph
> Hogarth
> Quentin
> Leslie
> Sue

Maybe if you want him to beat the shit out of you when he's older.


I'm not sure whether you're aknowledging that I got the joke, or you've misunderstood my post and think I haven't got it.

Joe or bob are good names

What about Joe-Bob or Jim-Bob?

Sounds like candy or a disease

I'm particular to the name Azariah. Like Azariah people?

I like Menlo. It’s a simple name. Sounds humble. They’ll probably get laid a lot with that name. Reminds me of Menlo Park. Lots of Thomas Edison references in that kid’s future

Depends, where will they live?

OP here I also particularly like the names "buttocks" and "gluteus maximus"

>Crixus Marcus Aurelius Maximus Biggus Dickus III

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Nah, if you need some special snowflake name, then at least pick one that won't get them bullied. Your names are barely above: Lakischnaka or some alphabet soup African American bullshit.
Maybe pick a character from literature you really like, that has a bit unconventional of a name, because of the values they represent and the sound of the name. I like Atticus.

How is Menlo African American?

*Menlo Atticus American
fixed that for you