Be 28 year old male

>be 28 year old male
>knocked up side chick
>asked her to abort, she refuses
>long-term gf doesn't know she exists, scared to tell her
What do?

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Marry side chick

>she refuses
What is she just going raise the kid by herself or something what a retard

Update your life on this board on a daily basis so I can laugh at your stupidity

Come clean to your gf and take care of your child with the girl you impregnated, you disgusting pile of filth.

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And abandon my current gf whom I love dearly?

She has a job and a few close friends with children of their own, so she's all set. What she wants from me is child support and clout (I'm successful so naturally she's already telling everyone on social media I'm the dad).


You ruined your life there homie. If anything you should have taken a trip with your gf and have threesomes in europe or whatever. Just pay up the child support and talk to your lady, man up! Little bitch.

My sidechick is a terribly manipulative person. She lied, told me she was on the pill so I'd cum inside her. I want her out of my life for good.

You have a huge price to pay so fuck off and take responsibility like a man, coward.

> hey babe, we're going to have to have to move to fiji. like, within the next 9 months

What did you honestly expect? Something better than you deserved?

Here's what you'll do OP

Make a bingo chart and write the following things that will happen in your life
>Paid child support indefinitely
>Girlfriend you loved left you for cheating
>entered depression out of poor life decision
>murdered the girl that you hooked up with
>Family and/or friends disown you
>Entered the state of drug abuse
>Woman won't let you see your child
>Side chick got to live out of your income
>Moved to a 3rd world country
>Contemplated suicide
>Acquired mental health complication
>Became alcoholic
>Kid refuses to call you dad

Of you got a bingo then make sure you let us know

So what should I DO?

what you WILL HAVE TO DO is pay child support if youre not planning to be with your side hoe.

what you WILL HAVE TO DO is tell your girl before she finds out from someone else.

your girl is either gonna stand by you because she has strong family values and be pissed at you and eventually get over it or shes gonna leave your ass.

if your side chick has balls, shes gonna make your life HELL, if you decide not to stick around for the kid she will
- cause trouble in your future relationships
- embarrass the fuck outta you at every opportunity she gets
- force child support on you
- refuse to allow you to see your kid
- convince your kid when he/she is older that you're a piece of shit

youre FUCKED, OP.

1. come clean to your girl now and accept the consequences
2. be a man and be there for your seed, you dont have to be there for your side chick, but your future kid didnt cause these problems, you did.
3. be prepared to be labeled and called a piece of shit by many people, friends, acquaintances, friends and family on side chick's side, and probably even your family.

the best thing you can do is prepare to be a good dad.

or run off and hide in another country, child support will find you eventually if you don't pay it.

lol... you're a dumbass

You get what you deserve, faggot.

Let us know if you get a bingo, is it really that hard?

>whom I love dearly

honesty and responsibility for your mistakes is and always will be the best answer


Don't blame others for your mistake. YOU chose to cheat, YOU chose to risk pregnancy when you came inside, YOU fucked up. Man the fuck up.

>just fuck any random hoe that's gonna fuck a man in a relationship
>Ahurrr DURRR SHE's sUch 4 psYCHO
>why is this happening to me??????
>b-but I love my gf
Wow you must be a nice man OP

I actually know how to get out of that situation clean, but it's not like you deserve it

ask her how much you would have to pay her to get an abortion. There is always a price
do it. get a snippy snippy.

Not OP, but I would like to know

Sidechick lied to me. She's a lying hoe and a manipulator. Can I do ANYTHING to hold her accountable?

Tell me then.

>And abandon my current gf whom I love dearly?
Nothing says I love you like cheating and knocking up your side chick

Grow up.

Sure dickhead. Even if you're not OP you need to grow the fuck up and take some responsability (I don't even mean raising that future child, that's dumb. I mean admiting your mistake and telling your partner about your affair)
You're just pricks who want to hear the easy solution

What the hell do you think? You're gonna take her to court, go in front of a judge and say "You're honor, I am exempt from child support because she told me she was on the pill but she still got pregnant. She's a liar liar pants on fire."

Man up. Support the kid, come clean and accept the consequences. You were man enough to make the kid, be man enough to follow through.

Yep. OP thought a woman who would have no issues with fucking a dude in a relationship would have the morals to be honest about being on birth control. Some people are stupid af.

Neck yourself

Some options:

1. Punch the side-chick in the stomach. The correct term for this is "forced abortion."

2. Kill side-chick and yourself. The correct term for this is "making the world a better place."

They're not mutually exclusive. I love my gf but I use my sidechick for sex.

Having read the thread and the replies:
Bridge, concrete block, rope and jump.

No way someone is this dumb

Yes, they are.
If you love someone, you don't betray them.

Women deserve to be put in their place.

Have fun raising your kid OP.

And then he cannot fathom why his life as he knows is about to crumble

What's OP's place?

The reason you have a sidechick is so you can abadon your current gf at any moment if you need to humble her. Women's biggest fear is abandonment.

And your side chick is about to use you for a free meal ticket.

That doesn't tell me OP's place now that he's about to have a kid with his side bitch.

You do realize she tricked you into impregnating her, right?

I don't know why guys trust that random girls aren't going to fuck them over if they can. Condoms exist for YOUR protection, and it's the only form of birth control we have.

A lot of women are shit at using birth control, intentionally get pregnant, lie about not being able to get pregnant, etc.

You do understand that you can leave someone without cheating on them, right?

Like, you can just walk out the door if you don't want to be with someone anymore.

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I am OP.

Your sidechick is there for WHEN you abandon your current gf.

So what's your place OP? So far it sounds like in a trailer park raising a kid you don't want with a woman you don't care about.

>Your sidechick is there for WHEN you abandon your current gf.
You can keep a girl around as an option, you don't need to get her pregnant.
You don't want to fuck or date a woman who is disgusting enough to fuck a man in a relationship.

She lied to me. She told me she was on the pill when she wasn't. She's a disgusting lying bitch and I want her out of my life ASAP.

Kek. She won't be.
Do you think self respecting, not mental women sleep with taken men?

You're responsible for this, enjoy your 18 years of child support and your relationship ending.

Just because a woman says she's on the pill doesn't mean you shouldn't wrap it up, or at the least, pull out

It's not like you were deeply committed to each other, why would you put that must trust in her? She may be a manipulative bitch, but you're a god damn fool.

>women lie

Nice revelation even if it is too little too late.

Pay someone to kill the sidechick, or hit her in the belly so hard she abort.
A few thousands dollars and problem solved.

Crush up abortion pill.
Slip it in her drink.
Problem solved.

It's ok everyone. OP is rich and retarded, he can afford these hedonism mistakes. His social standing will never recover beyond being a manwhore though, so he'll drink himself to death eventually.

Yes. Yes they do because the men are respectful and sweet, at first, and sometimes don't the reveal the wife/gf, or down play it, or whatever.

What a little bitch


If you loved her dearly you wouldnt have sex with somebody else.

Send your pregnant sidechick pic related. Tell her she will end up as single mother: forever alone with a kid which will remind her the only man who destroyed her life.

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OP is a fool CONFIRMED.

Here's what will happen.

>long-term GF leaves
>no non-damaged woman will ever want you again because half your paycheck goes to some baby mama kid

Either go for the sidechick or embrace Tinder-ing (or eternal celibacy).

just be a man OP tell ur current GF that you love "dearly" the truth. that all that matters

>he actually deluded himself into believing he was a player-chad
>gets played by woman who knows she's got the upper hand
>the fool gets mad

This is hilarious.

Like many other anons said: time to take responsibility for your actions and man the fuck up. Good speed and thanks for making me feel better about my situation.

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Lmao you just torpedoed your life. Serves you right for cheating.

Killing is always an option. It's better than to be a slave for 18 (21?) years.

offing yourself would be a good start

>be shithead
>attract shitheads

>coming inside your side chick no matter what
Honestly dude you deserve this

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This thread is hilarious

The Pill doesn't stop diseases dumass.

abortion is murder faggot

This is exactly why abortion should be illegal.
>be a scum
>pretend you are perfect for the ones you claim to “love”
>fuck up
>run away, not taking responsibility
You lack a spine. Degenerate and a half of what you are. Who cares why you cheat. You decided to do that instead of talking with your gf about your problems w your relationship...if she’s a whore herself what a great way to ruin each other’s life , you both deserve it. Ppl like you r running this economy to the ground

The porn Jew must have gotten to you badly

Friendly reminder:

In an anonymous study 55% of all women said they were perfectly fine with tricking a man into pregnancy by lying about their birth control.

The real number is probably even higher than that since people don't like accepting how shitty they really are.

OP you're gonna have to raise that kid with the woman you knocked up. Otherwise, your kid is gonna have a bad life. That's how it works.

you are scum and bad things should happen to you?

If she lied about bein on the pill you can get out of paying child support.

Lol faggot

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Use a coat hanger on her while she's asleep.


Say hello to court-ordered child support and say buh bye to "Long Term Girlfriend".....She's better off without your immature ass anyway.

>If she lied about bein on the pill you can get out of paying child support.

Um, no you can't skippy, doesn't work that way,

There are 3 choices here...

1. Spike your whore's food with something that would cause her to miscarry (like 2 doses of the Plan B pill in one sitting).

2. Poison her (again, with those same 2 doses of Plan B pills in one sitting).

3. Hope you're actually HIV+ & didn't know it, so that you have the peace of mind ini knowing you gave the bitch AIDS (this would imply that you're already infected because of how much of a douche bag you are, bed-hopping while claiming that you "truly love" your gf).

4. Actually be a man, take responsibility, get your tubes tied, convert to Mormonism & marry the two women.

threaten to take the kid away from her if she doesn't abort. dig up as much shit as you can about her life, put it in a pdf, and say you're going to go to a judge to try and get full custody.
claim she'll be a horrible parent and you cant trust her with your offspring. explain why she'll be a horrible parent. explain that any child would be better off dead than to be raised by her. say that she's incapable of caring for a child more than she cares about herself.

To be honest I'm thinking about suing her for custody and making HER pay child support if I'm able to. I want kids eventually but I don't want that sneaky ass bitch in my life.

I think is actually valid advice. Sneak some pills into her food that will cause her to miscarry, or to at least produce some mutant. That way, even if she does get full custody of the mutant child, it'll be her problem.

lol you'd better start spiking her drinks with a ton of St.Johns Wort

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theres something nice for you to do. you can either cut your penis off, or your balls. how motherfucking ungrateful you are for doing this, fucking americans.


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S H A D I L A Y ~ B R O T H E R S

She lives two hours away from me and refuses to see me in person.

Enjoy your bastard child and the end of your life lol

It's time to grow up loser

>She lives two hours away from me and refuses to see me in person.

That didn't stop you from porking her and implanting your seed. If you found a way before you can find a way now and honestly dumping $5 worth of some plants into a pitcher of kool-aid / sweet tea / or a bottle of scotch seems like a much sweeter solution to your problem rather than forking over money for your bastard kid while also losing your current girlfriend. But hey, at the end of the day it's all up to you brother.

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You dun goffed.

Take responsibility and take care of your kid. Be honest with your gf.

pay for your consequences you fuking chad

>and enjoy time in jail for exhortation! while all his assests for to this girl and he'll never see either of them again

it'd be fun if this wasn't bait

>men are loyal
>men are logical


All cheaters deserve the rope.

How am I being illogical in this situation?