Happy Birthday

I'm 30 fucking years old.

Anyone want to give me a pity happy birthday or call me a worthless fuck?


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I wonder what someone better than you is doing.

Happy birthday user. I'm glad that you're still going, even if you think you're worthless.

Happy birthday user. :) welcome to the club.
Im also 30. It's not that bad. If anything you are alive and start living today. This year I'm moving out my parent's house. Leaving state, and likely living with my gf. Scary as fuck, but you can still make things happen.
Do your best!

I wonder, too. I know they're not on Jow Forums, tho.

Happy b day op, keep your hopes up.

Hmm, makes you think huh?

Nobody is worthless . happy birthday OP , i'm 32 , it felt more of a big deal to turn 20 to be honest , I remember thinking "damn i'm not a teenager no more" . You'r life is what you make of it . if you don't already get you'r diet and exercise sorted and you will feel like a millionaire even if you are skint in other ways . learn something new every day and stay upbeat ,

Happy birthday, OP.

Happy birthday user. You've managed to stay successful enough that you have internet access and can form a proper sentence, so you're doing better than many.

Happy birthday.
Everything is just getting started.
Cheer up.

This is Jow Forums. Take your birthday shit to /b/.

Welcome to the funnest decade of your life.

Happy birthday, user Brethren

Honestly who cares about this birthday shit. It's supposed to be depressing when people say no one wished me a happy birthday but past the age of around 16 (when you can start working and get money to buy your own stuff) birthdays have no purpose. It's just another day, stop being so self-centered. If you spent Christmas alone, that's a reason to be depressed, but no other holiday really matters.

I turn 36 in April and I have to say that my 30's have been some of the most amazing adventurous years of my life! I've taken up camping as my hobby and it's been so fun going on road trips, and having the money, time and energy to stop at an antiques store or local pub along the way and just....play.

I've invested a few paychecks into my SUV that turns into a sleeper camper with a little set up and to be able to smoke weed, drink and fuck my boyfriend out in the middle of nowhere is one of the most liberating things about getting older.

My twenty's were a hyper-speed blur and sad due to a divorce. My teens were annoying and my youth felt like it took for fucking ever to grow up. I can honestly say that my third decade has been the best decade. Don't be so hard on yourself. Youth is fun, but it's also a little overrated. There's something very magical about being an adultier-adult. Enjoy it, fren.

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On my 30th b-day my gf at the time invited our friends over and we had a pretty normal dinner party, then some drunk VR competition with Keep Talking and Nobody explodes or whatever that game is called. When it got late my gf drove me and her bi friend to my cabin where she had arranged an anal threesome for me. And that was our weekend. Doubt I’ll have a better b-day ever again.
What are you doing on your 30th?

>pic related
The absolute state of Jow Forums.

Also happy birthday, OP.

You are so cute, you deserve more. There is so much potential in you, but you just havnt found the right way to reveal it. You are 30 now, I wish you a great and happy birthday! 30 years you already spend on this beautiful world. A beautiful world which might struggle at the moment, but in the core is still a bliss. What a bliss that you and me, both at the same time and current age of our planet are allowed to be here together and share a little bit of interaction. But not just our planet struggles, people do just as well. So to keep the bliss in our planet and keep the bliss in your inner self alive, you have to keep trying to heal yourself. Reveal in you what always wanted to get revealed. Do what makes your soul shine again. Like 30 years ago when you were born. No problems. No difficulties. You were on your perfect path, but society, family and other influences made you loose track of you true path you should have gone. Find your path again, OP, deeply inside of you you know where that path is. It is your destiny. Allow yourself to go it again and let the external influences dont interrupt your way to do what you want to do. Cause what you truly want to do is what you have to do. I believe in you, OP. Have a great birthday and a great start on your new journey.

Happy birthday user.

Happy belated birthday, user

>work as bouncer
>see many birthday parties as a result
>all the festivities, friends and family having a great time with them
>first and last time I had a party was when I was 8 or 9
>always alone from then on
>birthdays since I turned 18 was drinking, working or a little bit of unnecessary spending
>only Jow Forums ever wished me happy birthday

I don't think you're happy so I won't wish you happy birthday, but I do hope you do things to get better

Have you gained the wizard powers that come with being a 30 year old virgin.

Hey happy belated birthday wishes man, life can take you down a dark alley sometimes but I'm glad you made it this far

Friendly reminder that nature doesn't count this shit in 10's. You're biologically pretty much the same you were 4 years ago and you will be pretty much the same 4 years from now.


Sorry my voice is absolute shit (but I'm not going to try for much better at 4:50am). Happy birthday OP.

your life is your own user
and there's plenty left
good luck and have fun

Happy goddamn birthday, OP.
I'll also be 30 in about 6 months: I dread the thought.

Happy birthday user .